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Air Expeditionary Wings/Groups (AEW/AEG) are a Wing/Group concept used by the United States Air Force. These units are activated under temporary orders by the owning MAJCOM for a specific purpose or mission. Once the subject mission is completed, these units are inactivated.

Air Expeditionary UnitsEdit

Unit Shield Location Reports to Status Aircraft Notes
13 AEG
13th Air Expeditionary Group - Emblem
Christchurch IAP, New Zealand PACAF Joint Task Force-Support Forces Antarctica[1]
16 AEW
USAF - 16th Air Expeditionary Wing
USAFE Inactive
40 AEW
40th Air Expeditionary Wing
Diego Garcia PACAF Inactive B-52, B-1
64 AEG
64th Air Expeditionary Group
Eskan Village, Saudi Arabia AFCENT Active
320 AEW
320th Air Expeditionary Wing
Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, DC AFDW Inactive
321 AEW
321st Air Expeditionary Wing
New Al Muthana Air Base, Iraq AFCENT Inactive
322 AEG
AFCENT Inactive
323 AEW
323d Air Expeditionary Wing
Balotesti, Romania USAFE Inactive Activated from 14 Mar to 30 Apr 2008.
332 AEW
332d Expeditionary Operations Wing - Emblem
Ahmed Al Jaber AB, Kuwait AFCENT Inactive A-10, C-130,
F-16CG/C+, HH-60G,
Predator UAV
363 AEW
USAF - 363rd Air Expeditionary Wing
Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia ACC Inactive Redesignated 363 FTG
370 AEAG
370th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group
ACC Inactive
376 AEW
376th Air Expeditionary Wing
Transit Center at Manas, Kyrgyzstan AFCENT Active KC-135
379 AEW
379th Air Expeditionary Wing color
Al-Udeid Air Base, Qatar AFCENT ActiveKC-135, C-130
380 AEW
380th Air Expeditionary Wing
Al Dhafra Air Base, UAE AFCENT Active U-2, RQ-4, KC-135, KC-10
384 AEW
USAF - 384th Air Expeditionary Wing
ACC Inactive
385 AEG Incirlik AB, Turkey AMC Active
386 AEW
386th Air Expeditionary Wing
Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait AFCENT Active C-130
387 AEG
387th Air Expeditionary Group - Emblem
Kuwait City IAP, Kuwait AFCENT Active
398 AEG
ACC Inactive
401 AEW
401st Air Expeditionary Wing
USAFE Inactive
404 AEG
404th Air Expeditionary Group
Ramstein AB, Germany USAFE Active C-130 Supports contingencies for 3 AF
405 AEW
405th Air Expeditionary Wing
ACC Inactive B-1
406 AEW
406th Air Expeditionary Wing
ACC Inactive
407 AEG
407th Air Expeditionary Group
Ali Air Base, Iraq AFCENT Inactive C-130H
409 AEG
USAFE Inactive
410 AEW
410th Air Expeditionary Wing
ACC Inactive
416 AEG
USAF - 416th Air Expeditionary Group
ACC Inactive
432 AEW
432d Wing
Creech Air Force Base, Nevada ACC Active MQ-1, MQ-9
438 AEW
438th Air Expeditionary Wing
Kabul IAP, Afghanistan AFCENT Active
444 AEW ACC Inactive
447 AEG
USAF - 447th Air Expeditionary Group 2
Iraq USAFE Inactive
449 AEG
449th Bombardment Wing
Camp Lemonier, Djibouti USAFE Active
451 AEW
Kandahar Air Base, Afghanistan AFCENT Active HH-60, C-130, A-10
455 AEW
455th Air Expeditionary Wing
Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan AFCENT Active F-16C
457 AEG
AFCENT Inactive
466 AEG
466th Air Expeditionary Group
Transit Center at Manas, Kyrgyzstan AFCENT Active
467 AEG
467th Air Expeditionary Group
Iraq AFCENT Inactive Inactivated Dec 2011
484 AEW
484th Air Expeditionary Wing
ACC Inactive
485 AEW
485th Air Expeditionary Wing
Iraq AFCENT Inactive C-130
486 AEW
486th Air Expeditionary Wing
ACC Inactive C-130
487 AEW
ACC Inactive
506 AEG
506th Air Expeditionary Group
Joint Base Balad, Iraq AFCENT Inactive C-130
651 AEG [2] Camp Bastion, Afghanistan AFCENT Active HH-60 Activated 29 June 2011


  1. 13AF Public Affairs: "13th Air Expeditionary Group adopts new emblem"

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