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This is a list of Escadres (Wings) of the French Air Force.

Escadres (wings) are commanded by a Lieutenant-colonel or Colonel, known as the "Chief de corps". The term Escadre replaced "regiment" in 1932. Until 1994, it meant a unit composed of several squadron-sized units (Escadron/Squadron or Groups), generally equipped with the same type of equipment, or at least the same type of mission (e.g. fighter, reconnaissance, bombing, transport) as well as wing maintenance and support units or sub-units.

Between 1993-1995, under the « Armées 2000 » reorganisation, the Escadre (wing) level of command was withdrawn from use. In 2014 it was reintroduced, with additions.[1]

Former and active French Air Force escadrilles (squadrons) form the following former and active Escadres, as of June 14, 2015, (Script error):

Active EscadresEdit

The list of active Escadres as of 2018 includes:[2]

Strategic Air Forces Command

Air Forces Command

Former EscadresEdit

Escadres de Bombardement/ Bombardment EscadresEdit

91e EB


Escadres de Chasse/Hunter SquadronEdit

13e EC

insignia of the 13e EC.

30e EC

insginia of the 30e EC.

Escadre de Missiles/ Missiles EscadresEdit

Escadres de Reconnaissance/ Reconnaissance EscadresEdit

Escadres de Transport/ Transport EscadreEdit

Escadres d'Hélicoptères/ Helicopter EscadresEdit

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