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This is a list of uprisings by Irish people against English and British claims of sovereignty in Ireland. These uprisings include attempted counter-revolutions and rebellions, though some can be described as either depending upon perspective. After the United Irishmen Rebellion such uprisings became more revolutionary and republican in nature. Following the War of Independence, the partition of Ireland and the creation of the autonomous Irish Free State in 26 of the island's 32 counties in 1922, most but not all subsequent insurgent activity occurred within the six counties of Northern Ireland, which was retained in the United Kingdom.

Year(s) Location(s) Conflict Organiser(s)
1534 Ireland (Dublin) Silken Thomas Rebellion FitzGeralds of Kildare
1569–73 Ireland First Desmond Rebellion FitzGeralds of Desmond and allied clans
1579–83 Ireland Second Desmond Rebellion FitzGeralds of Desmond and allied clans
1594–1603 Ireland Nine Years' War Hugh Ó Neill, Hugh Ó Donnell and allied clans
1641 Ireland Irish Rebellion of 1641 Phelim Ó Neill, Rory Ó Moore, Conor Maguire, Hugh Óg MacMahon
1642–52 Ireland Irish Confederate Wars Irish Catholic Confederation
1798 Ireland Irish Rebellion of 1798 Society of United Irishmen
1799–1803 Ireland (County Wicklow) Michael Dwyer's Guerrilla campaign Michael Dwyer and his followers (Society of United Irishmen)
1800 Newfoundland, British North America United Irish Uprising Society of United Irishmen
1803 Ireland (Dublin) Irish Rebellion of 1803 Society of United Irishmen
1804 Castle Hill, Colony of New South Wales Castle Hill Rebellion Society of United Irishmen
1848 Ireland Young Irelander Rebellion of 1848 Young Ireland
1866–71 British North America Fenian Raids Fenian Brotherhood
1867 Ireland Fenian Rising Fenian Brotherhood
1867–85 Great Britain Fenian Dynamite Campaign Fenian Brotherhood
1882–83 Ireland (Dublin) and British Cape Colony (Cape Town) The Invicibles' Assassinations Irish National Invincibles
1916 Ireland Easter Rising Irish Republican Brotherhood, Irish Citizen Army, Irish Volunteers
1919–22 Ireland War of Independence Irish Republican Army
1939–40 England "Sabotage Campaign" Irish Republican Army (1922-1969)
1942–44 Northern Ireland Northern Campaign Irish Republican Army (1922-1969)
1956–62 Northern Ireland Border Campaign Irish Republican Army (1922-1969)
1969–98 Northern Ireland (mostly), Republic of Ireland and Great Britain The Troubles Official Irish Republican Army, Provisional Irish Republican Army, Irish National Liberation Army
1998–present Northern Ireland (mostly), Republic of Ireland and Great Britain Dissident Irish republican campaign 1998 – present Real Irish Republican Army, Continuity Irish Republican Army

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