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This is a list of North Carolina Confederate Civil War units. The list of North Carolina Union Civil War regiments is shown separately.

Flag of North Carolina (1861–1865).svg


  • 1st Infantry
  • 2nd Infantry
  • 3rd Infantry
  • 4th Infantry
  • 5th Infantry
  • 6th Infantry
  • 7th Infantry
  • 8th Infantry
  • 11th (Bethel Regiment) Infantry
  • 12th Infantry
  • 13th Infantry
  • 14th Infantry
  • 15th Infantry
  • 16th Infantry
  • 17th Infantry
  • 18th Infantry
  • 20th Infantry
  • 21st Infantry
  • 22nd Infantry
  • 23rd Infantry
  • 24th Infantry
  • 25th Infantry
  • 26th Infantry
  • 27th Infantry
  • 28th Infantry
  • 29th Infantry
  • 30th Infantry
  • 31st Infantry
  • 32nd Infantry
  • 33rd Infantry
  • 34th Infantry
  • 35th Infantry

Flag of the 18th North Carolina Infantry Regiment (obverse)

Flag of the 18th North Carolina Infantry Regiment (reverse)

Flag of the 39th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

Flag of the 49th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

  • 37th Infantry
  • 38th Infantry
  • 39th Infantry
  • 42nd Infantry
  • 43rd Infantry
  • 44th Infantry
  • 45th Infantry
  • 46th Infantry
  • 47th Infantry
  • 48th Infantry
  • 49th Infantry
  • 50th Infantry
  • 51st Infantry
  • 52nd Infantry
  • 53rd Infantry
  • 54th Infantry
  • 55th Infantry
  • 56th Infantry
  • 57th Infantry
  • 58th Infantry engaged in Campbell County, Tennessee with more than 100 burials in Delap Cemetery.
  • 60th Infantry
  • 61st Infantry
  • 62nd Infantry
  • 64th Infantry (11th Battalion, Allen's Regiment)
  • 66th Infantry (8th Battalion, Partisan Rangers; 13th Battalion)
  • 67th Infantry
  • 68th Infantry
  • 2nd Infantry Battalion
  • 13th Infantry Battalion

Junior Reserves[]

  • 1st Junior Reserves
  • 2nd Junior Reserves
  • 3rd Junior Reserves
  • 1st Battalion, Junior Reserves
  • 4th Battalion, Junior Reserves
  • 7th Battalion, Junior Reserves
  • 8th Battalion, Junior Reserves

Senior Reserves[]

  • 4th Senior Reserves
  • 5th Senior Reserves
  • 6th Senior Reserves
  • 7th Senior Reserves
  • 8th Senior Reserves
  • McCorkle's Battalion, Senior Reserves


  • 1st Cavalry (9th State Troops)
  • 2nd Cavalry (19th State Troops)
  • 3rd Cavalry (41st State Troops)
  • 4th Cavalry (59th State Troops)
  • 5th Cavalry (63rd State Troops)
  • 6th Cavalry (65th State Troops)
  • 5th Battalion, Cavalry
  • 7th Battalion, Cavalry
  • 12th Battalion, Cavalry
  • 14th Battalion, Cavalry
  • 15th Battalion, Cavalry, State Service
  • 16th Battalion, Cavalry


  • 1st Artillery (10th State Troops)
  • 2nd Artillery (36th State Troops)
  • 3rd Artillery (40th State Troops)

Light Artillery[]

Heavy Artillery[]

  • 1st Battalion, Heavy Artillery
  • 10th Battalion, Heavy Artillery



  • 1st Detailed Men
  • 2nd Conscripts
  • 2nd Detailed Men
  • 8th Battalion, Partisan Rangers
  • 9th (1st) Battalion, Sharp Shooters
  • Bank's Company (Currituck Guard)
  • Bass' Company
  • Brown's Company
  • Conscripts, Unassigned
  • Cumberland County Battalion, Detailed Men
  • Doughton's Company (Alleghany Grays)
  • Galloway's Company, Coast Guards
  • Giddins Company (Detailed and Petitioned Men)
  • Hill's Battalion, Reserves
  • Home Guards
  • Howard's Company, Prison Guards
  • Jones' Company (Supporting Force)
  • Mallett's Company
  • Mallett's Battalion (Camp Guard)
  • McDugald's Company
  • McLean's Battalion, Light Duty Men
  • McMillan's Company
  • McRae's Battalion, Cavalry
  • Miscellaneous
  • Moseley's Company (Sampson Artillery)
  • Townsend's Company (State Troops)
  • Wallace's Company (Wilmington Railroad Guard)

Partisan Rangers[]

  • Lawrence's Company, Volunteers (Wilson Partisan Rangers)
  • Swindell's Company, Partisan Rangers


  • 1st Regiment, Militia
  • 33rd Militia
  • 51st Militia
  • Clark's Special Battalion, 16th Militia
  • Whitman's Company, 66th Battalion, Militia

Local Defense Troops[]

  • 2nd Battalion, Local Defense Troops
  • Allen's Company (Local Defense)
  • Cox's Company, Local Defense (Provost Guard, Kingston)
  • Croom's Company, Local Defense (Kingston Guards, Kingston Provost Guard)
  • Gibb's Company (Local Defense)
  • Griswold's Company, Local Defense (Provost Guard, Goldsboro)
  • Hoskins' Company (Local Defense)
  • Howard's Company (Local Defense), Cavalry
  • Lee's Company, Local Defense (Silver Greys)
  • Nelson's Company (Local Defense)
  • Snead's Company (Local Defense)

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