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Summary per type

Bell 212: 9
Mil Mi-24: 9
Mil Mi-17: 7
Bell 206: 2
Bell 412: 2
Total: 29
Fixed-wing aircraft:
IAI Kfir: 5
Nanchang CJ-6: 4
Antonov An-32: 3
K-8 Karokorum: 3
Aermacchi SF.260: 3
FMA IA 58 Pucará: 3
Shaanxi Y-8: 2
Harbin Y-12: 2
Hawker Siddeley HS 748: 2
MiG-27: 1
Total: 28

The following is a list of Sri Lanka Air Force aircraft losses during the Sri Lankan Civil War (1983-2009). It covers both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, and both accidents and hostile fire losses.

Eelam War IEdit

  • May 18, 1984: A SLAF Bell 212 helicopter crashed near Batticaloa, probably due to sabotage.[1]
  • November 20, 1984: A Bell 212 written off under unknown circumstances.[1]
  • 1985: A SLAF a Bell 206 was shot down during fierce fighting with the LTTE near Jaffna.[1]
  • October 11, 1986: A Bell 212 written off under unknown circumstances.[1]
  • June 3, 1988: A Bell 212 written off under unknown circumstances.[1]

Eelam War IIEdit

  • May 5, 1990: A Bell 212 written off under unknown circumstances.[1]
  • September 13, 1990: A SLAF Aermacchi SF.260TP was shot down near Palay. The pilot was killed.[1]
  • July 5, 1992: A Chinese Shaanxi Y-8M chartered by the SLAF crashed near Iyakatchitchy, killing all 20 crew and passengers.[1]
  • July 14, 1992: A SLAF Aermacchi SF.260TP was shot down by LTTE. Pilot killed.[1]
  • October 13, 1993: A SLAF FMA IA 58 Pucará crashed near Jaffna. The wreckage was towed away by the SLA.[1]
  • August 2, 1994: A SLAF Bell 212 shot down during fire-fight with LTTE.[1]
  • April 28, 1995: A SLAF Hawker Siddeley HS 748 was hit with an SA-7while on approach to Palay. The transport crashed outside the base perimeter, killing 43, mostly SLAF personnel. Only few hours later, another HS.748 was hit by an SA-7 only a few kilometres before landing in Palay. This time 52 crewmembers and passengers were killed, again most of these SLAF personnel.[1]
  • July 14, 1995: A SLAF FMA IA 58 Pucará was shot down by the LTTE. The pilot died.[1]
  • September 13, 1995: An-32 CR-861 crashed into the sea near Negombo, 75 killed.[1]
  • November 18, 1995: A SLAF Y-8 crashed on Palay runway after being hit, with four crewmwmbers dead.[1]
  • November 18, 1995: A SLAF MI-24 was shot down by the LTTE near Palaly .[1]
  • November 22, 1995: A Kazakh An-32 chartered by the SLAF was shot down during a landing in Jaffna, and all 63 troops aboard killed.[1]

Eelam War IIIEdit

  • January 22, 1996: A SLAF Mi-17 crashed into sea near Vettilakerny, 39 missing.Along with a Lieutenant Colonel [1]
  • March 19, 1996: A SLAF Mi-24 was shot down into the Bay of Bengal off Mullaittivu, killing seven passengers.[1]
  • March 1996: A SLAF Kfir C.2 crashed.[1]
  • December 7, 1996: A SLAF Bell 212 that took off from Jaffna carrying a number of generals landed on territory controlled by LTTE due to technical problems; crew and passengers were evacuated by another helicopter, while the aircraft was destroyed by the Sri Lankan Army on the ground.[1]
  • January 20, 1997: A Y-12 crashed, four dead.[1]
  • January 21, 1997: After experiencing unknown technical difficulties and a SLAF Kfir C.7 crashed into the Negombo Laguna.[1]
  • February 21, 1997: A An-32 crashed at Ratmalana following aborted take-off, 3 or 4 KIA.[1]
  • March 2, 1997: Two SLAF Mi-17s collided near Anuradhapura.[1]
  • March 5, 1997: Two LTTE suicide bombers penetrated the airfield at China Bay and exploded one of the Y-12 transports stationed there.[1]
  • March 15, 1997: A SLAF FMA IA 58 Pucará crashed after a bomb exploded immediately upon release, in Kaudala area, the pilot ejected and was recovered later.[1]
  • June 14, 1997: SF.260 crashed during training flight near Talawa, instructor dead.[1]
  • November 10, 1997. A SLAF Mi-24 was shot down, two dead. A Mi-17 crash-landed in the same incident.[1]
  • November 25, 1997: A SLAF Bell 212 crashed near Puliyankulam during a MEDEVAC mission, crew of four killed.[1]
  • January 7, 1998: Mi-17 damaged beyond repair by RPG and mortar hits while attempting to evacuate 20 injured soldiers.[1]
  • June 26, 1998: Mi-24 shot down south of Vavunia, killing four. LTTE claimed the helicopter to have been shot down, but SLAF sources credited the loss to technical problems.[1]
  • December 17, 1999: Mi-24 shot down near Parantan, four crewmembers killed.[1]
  • February 18, 2000: A Bell 412 on a MEDEVAC sortie claimed shot down by LTTE over the Thenmaradchi Division of the Jaffna Peninsula. Two SLAF crewmembers were killed, four Army casualties on board, pilot, and another crewmember were recovered.[1]
  • May 24, 2000: A SLAF Mi-24 was shot down by a MANPAD, with 2 people dead.[1]
  • September 15, 2000: A Mi-17 crashed in the eastern region of Sri Lanka, killing all on board including a minister in SL government.[1]
  • October 19, 2000: A SLAF Mi-24 was shot down near Nogar Covil.[2]
  • October 23, 2000: A SLAF Mi-24 was shot down near the Trincomalee harbour.[3]
  • July 24, 2001: Bandaranaike Airport attack; eight aircraft were attacked on ground: two Kfir C.7s, two K-8s, one MiG-27M, one Mi-24V, two Mi-17s, and one Bell 412 were completely destroyed; one MiG-27M was badly damaged.[1]

Eelam War IVEdit


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