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The following is a list of people who served in the United States Coast Guard and have gained fame through previous or subsequent endeavors, infamy, or successes:

A[edit | edit source]

John C. Acton

  • John C. Acton is a retired Rear Admiral who serves as the Director of Operations Coordination for DHS.[1] Acton formerly served as Director of the DHS Presidential Transition Team.[2][3]
  • Derroll Adams — Folk Musician
  • Nick Adams — Actor (Served 1952-1955)
  • Thad Allen — former Commandant and Incident Commander for Deep Water Horizon oil spill and Hurricane Katrina disaster recovery operations.
  • Gerald Arpino — Choreographer

B[edit | edit source]

Humphrey Bogart

  • Al Barlick — Professional Baseball Umpire, National Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee (Served during World War II)
  • Edward T. Barry — American Professional Hockey Player
  • Panayiota Bertzikis — Executive Director, Military Rape Crisis Center
  • Humphrey Bogart — Actor (In 1944 Bogart volunteered his yacht Santana (as well as himself) for service with the Coast Guard Temporary Reserve)
  • Lee Bonnell — Actor (Served during World War II)[4]
  • Milton H. Bren — Producer ("Tars and Spars"), Writer, Director
  • Beau Bridges — Actor (Served from 1959 to 1967 in the Reserves)
  • Jeff Bridges — Actor (Served from 1967 to 1975 in the Reserves)
  • Lloyd Bridges — Actor (He was a member of Coast Guard Auxiliary and did a number of public service announcements for the Coast Guard)
  • Frank Brimsek — Professional Hockey Player, National Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee (Served from 1943 to 1945)
  • Aaron Brown — Broadcast journalist, Professor of Journalism at Arizona State
  • Danny Joe Brown — Original lead singer in Molly Hatchet southern rock group
  • Erroll M. Brown, the first USCG African-American admiral
  • Nathan Bruckenthal, the only Coast Guardsman killed in action in Iraq, and the first KIA since the Vietnam War
  • Daniel C. Burbank, second Coast Guard astronaut, Captain, USCG

C[edit | edit source]

Walter Cronkite

D[edit | edit source]

E[edit | edit source]

F[edit | edit source]

William R. Flores

G[edit | edit source]

Charles Gibson

H[edit | edit source]

Alex Haley

I[edit | edit source]

J[edit | edit source]

K[edit | edit source]

L[edit | edit source]

M[edit | edit source]

Frank Murkowski

N[edit | edit source]

Sam Nunn

  • Frank Newcomb — Commodore, USCG and Congressional Gold Medal recipient
  • Sam Nunn — former Senator (GA)

O[edit | edit source]

P[edit | edit source]

Q[edit | edit source]

R[edit | edit source]

S[edit | edit source]

Carlton Skinner

T[edit | edit source]

Ted Turner

U[edit | edit source]

V[edit | edit source]

Rudy Vallee

W[edit | edit source]

Henry Wilcoxon

Y[edit | edit source]

Gig Young

Z[edit | edit source]

Sources[edit | edit source]

Coast Guard History

References[edit | edit source]

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