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A full list of United States Navy LSTs. The Landing Ship Tanks (LSTs) built for the United States Navy during and immediately after World War II were only given an LST-number hull designation, but on 1 July 1955, county or Louisiana-parish names were assigned to those ships which remained in service. More recent LSTs were named on launching.

By numberEdit

USS LST-1 – USS LST-84Edit

USS LST-117 – USS LST-199Edit

USS LST-200 – USS LST-299Edit

USS LST-300 – USS LST-399Edit

USS LST-400 – USS LST-499Edit

USS LST-500 – USS LST-599Edit

USS LST-600 – USS LST-699Edit

USS LST-700 – USS LST-799Edit

USS LST-800 – USS LST-899Edit

USS LST-900 – USS LST-999Edit

USS LST-1000 – USS LST-1099Edit

USS LST-1100 – USS LST-1198Edit

By nameEdit

USS Addison County – USS Curry CountyEdit

USS Daggett County – USS King CountyEdit

USS Lafayette County – USS Pulaski CountyEdit

USS Racine County – USS York CountyEdit

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