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This section of the list of United States Navy ships contains all ships of the United States Navy with names beginning with M.

For a list exclusively of currently commissioned ships, see the list of US Navy ships currently in commission.

For ships with unique names, "USS Shipname" redirects to the ship article. For reused names, "USS Shipname" is an index page for the ships of that name; the links after the name lead to the specific ship pages.

M–Mai[edit | edit source]

Maj–Maq[edit | edit source]

Mar[edit | edit source]

Mas–Maz[edit | edit source]

Mc–Mem[edit | edit source]

Men–Mey[edit | edit source]

Mia–Min[edit | edit source]

Mir–Miz[edit | edit source]

Moa–Mon[edit | edit source]

Moo–Mou[edit | edit source]

Mu–My[edit | edit source]

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