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A list of aircraft used by the British Royal Air Force, Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm, Army Air Corps and British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC)[1] during the Second World War.

Fighters[edit | edit source]

Brewster Buffalo Mk I

Supermarine Spitfire Mk I

Hawker Hurricane Mk I

Fighter bombers, Torpedo bombers, Army Cooperation and Ground attack[edit | edit source]

de Havilland 98 Mosquito

Bombers[edit | edit source]

Avro Manchester Mk IA

Avro Lancaster

Maritime Patrol and Coastal Reconnaissance[edit | edit source]

Short Sunderland

Consolidated Catalina Mk II

Photo Reconnaissance[edit | edit source]

Trainers and Target Tugs[edit | edit source]

Avro Anson trainer

North American Harvard Mk.I

Transport and Communications aircraft[edit | edit source]

De Havilland Dominie

Gliders[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  • Owen Thetford: Aircraft of the Royal Air Force since 1918 6th edition. Putnam & Co., London 1976, ISBN 0-370-10056-5.
  1. Used for logistics support with RAF crews.

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