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This article is a list of known military operations of the Vietnam War in 1964, conducted by the armed forces of the Republic of Vietnam, the United States and their allies.

Date Duration Operation Name Unit(s) – Description Location VCNVA KIA's Allied KIA's
64 – 65 Operation DeSoto I[1] US Navy and Republic of Vietnam Navy operation along the coast of North Vietnam to provoke coastal radar installations so electronic intelligence (ELINT) ships could record the resulting transmissions South China Sea
Jan 5 Unnamed[2] ARVN operation supported by U.S. aircraft to encircle a Vietcong battalion Long An Province
Jan 18 Unnamed[3] 115 helicopters carry 1,100 ARVN troops in the largest air assault of the war to date north of Biên Hòa, Long Khánh Province
Apr 18 Operation Lam Son 115[4] ARVN 32nd Ranger Battalion and HMM-364 operation A Shau Valley
Apr 27 – May 25 Operation Quyet Thang 202[5] ARVN and HMM-364 air assault Do Xa area, 46 km west of Quảng Ngãi, border of Quảng Ngãi and Kon Tum Provinces 62 23
May 4 Operation Chuong Duong 10[6] ARVN operation Pleiku Province
May 15 – Oct 1 Operation Leaping Lena[7] ARVN, CIDG and 5th Special Forces long-range patrolling to provide the groundwork for the formation of a combined American-South Vietnamese special reconnaissance unit capable of conducting the most hazardous and critical missions inside the country as required by MACV and the Vietnamese Joint General Staff. Renamed Project DELTA in October 1964 throughout South Vietnam
May 19 Operation Yankee Team[1] USAF reconnaissance Laos
May 24 Unnamed[6] ARVN operation Can Giao, Gia Định Province
May 29 Operation Dan Chi 132[6] ARVN operation Chuong Thien
May 30 Operation Chinh Nghia[6] ARVN operation 14 km southeast of Biên Hòa, Biên Hòa Province
May 31 Operation Quyet Thang 303[6] ARVN operation 40 km northeast of Toumorong, Kon Tum Province
Jun 2 Unnamed[6] ARVN operation northwest of Phuoc Vinh, Tây Ninh Province
Jun 16 – Jul 12 Operation Quyet Thang 404[6] ARVN operation Phú Yên Province
Jun 17 Operation 33-64 [6] ARVN operation Rung Sat Special Zone, Gia Định Province
Jul 9 Unnamed[6] ARVN operation 13 km southeast of Thu Duc, Gia Định Province
Jul 10 Operation Chinh Nghia 36[6] ARVN operation 6 km south of Duc Hoa, Hậu Nghĩa Province
Jul 14 – 16 Operation Quang Ngai 16[6] ARVN operation 14 km west-southwest of Son Tinh, Quảng Ngãi Province
Jul 23 - 30 Operation Le Loi 9[6] ARVN operation 24 km southwest of An Tuc, Pleiku Province
Jul 26 Unnamed[6] ARVN operation 46 km east of Lac Thien, Darlac Province
Aug 2 Unnamed[6] ARVN operation 7 km west of Tuy An, Phú Yên Province
Aug 4 Unnamed[6] ARVN operation 17 km southeast of Gò Công
Aug 5 Operation Pierce Arrow[8] US Navy airstrikes against North Vietnamese torpedo boat bases and POL facilities in response to the Gulf of Tonkin Incident Hon Gai, Loc Chao, Quang Khe, Ben Thuy, and Vinh 1
Aug 11 – 17 Operation Chinh Nghia[9] ARVN assault on a Viet Cong base area III Corps
Aug 12 Unnamed[6] ARVN operation 30 km northeast of Le Trung, Pleiku Province
Aug 13 Operation Tu Cuong 124[6] ARVN operation 5 km east of Duc Pho, Quảng Ngãi Province
Aug 15 Operation Dan Chi 54[6] ARVN operation Thừa Thiên Province
Aug 17 Operation Quyet Thang 606[6] ARVN operation 43 km northwest of Cheo Reo, Phu Bon Province
Aug 19 – 22 Operation Lien Lu 7[6] ARVN operation 11 km north of Tây Ninh city
Aug 20 – 29 Operation Thang Long 18[6] ARVN operation 27 km northwest of Le Trung, Pleiku Province
Aug 27 – 29 Operation Binh Thuan 39[6] ARVN operation 11 km north of Muong Man, Bình Thuận Province
Sep 1 – mid 1965 Operation Hop Tap[10] ARVN operation in an effort to push government control outward from Saigon into the surrounding six provinces of. Forces included the ARVN 5th Division and the Airborne and Marine Brigades. Two regiments of the ARVN 25th Division provided local security along with Regional Forces and Popular Forces, National Police and hamlet militia Gia Dinh, Biên Hòa, Bình Dương, Hậu Nghĩa, Long An, and Phước Tuy Provinces
Oct 1 – Jun 30 1970 Operation Project Delta[11] Project DELTA operated country-wide under the direction of MACV as approved by the South Vietnamese Joint General Staff throughout South Vietnam
Oct 17 – 19 Operation Dan Chi 80[12] ARVN operation Ba Xuyen Province 123
Nov 18 Unnamed[13] U.S.-Vietnamese air and ground search for a supposed VC stronghold Bình Dương and Tây Ninh Provinces
Dec 14 – Mar 29 1973 Operation Barrel Roll[14][15] The bombing of Laos by U.S. forces, to support the Royal Lao Army and CIA-trained Hmong Laos
Dec 27 – 29 Operation Dan Chi 100-50[16] ARVN operation against the VC 207th, 303rd, 306th, and U Minh I Battalions 15 km east of Sóc Trăng, Ba Xuyen Province

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