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This is a list of castles, palaces and manors in Jelenia Góra valley and the surrounding area.

  • Chojnik castle ruin (German: Kynast) near Sobieszów – formerly Count of Schaffgotsch
  • Stara Kamienica castle ruin (German: Kemnitzburg) – original family seat of the Count of Schaffgotsch
  • castle ruin (German: Lausepelz) near Rybnica
  • castle ruin (German: Bolzenschloss) near Janowice – formerly Count of Stolberg-Wernigerode
  • castle ruin (German: Molkenschloss) near Dąbrowica
  • castle ruin (German: Falkenstein) near Karpniki
  • Siedlçin castle (German: Boberröhrsdorf) – formerly comital manor Schaffgotsch family
  • Plakowice palace (German: Plagwitz) near Lwówek Sląski – Renaissance palace, now sanatorium
  • Wleń palace (German: Lähn) – now private
  • Wleński Gródek castle ruin and palace (German: Lehnhaus)
  • Nielestno palace (German: Waltersdorf) – formerly Count of Reden, now hospital
  • Czernica palace (German: Langenau) – now private
  • Maciejowiec palace (German: Matzdorf) – palace and manor, ruinous
  • Barcinek manor (German: Berthelsdorf) – ruinous
  • Dziwiszów palace and manor (German: Berbisdorf) – manor, ruinous
  • Grabary manor (German: Hartau) – ruinous
  • palace (German: Paulinum) in Jelenia Gora – built by family Kramst, now hotel
  • Czarne palace (German: Schwarzbach) in Jelenia Gora – Renaissance palace, now ecological center
  • Dąbrowica palace (German: Eichberg) – ruinous
  • Łomnica palace (German: Lomnitz) – great palace and widow palace with park, now cultural center and palace hotel of family von Küster
  • Wojanów palace (German: Schildau) – former comital palace Wied, princess Louise of the Netherlands, renovated 2007
  • Bobrów palace (German: Boberstein) – ruinous
  • Mysłakowice palace (German: Erdmannsdorf) – palace and church by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, park by Peter Joseph Lenné, owner August Neidhardt von Gneisenau and Frederick William III of Prussia, now school
  • Milków palace (German: Arnsdorf) – formerly Counts of Schmettau and Count Matuschka–Topolczan, now palace hotel
  • castle ruin (German: Galgenberg) (478 m) near Dolny Sciegny
  • Trzcińsko palace (German: Rohrlach) – demolished
  • Miedzianka palace (German: Kupferberg) – demolished
  • Maciejowa palace (German: Maiwaldau) – demolished
  • Janowice palace (German: Jannowitz) – formerly Counts of Stolberg–Wernigerode
  • Mniszków Dwor manor (German: Waltersdorf) near Janowice
  • Radomierz manor (German: Seiffersdorf) – ruinous
  • Komarno palace (German: Kammerswaldau) – moated castle
  • Karpniki palace (German: Fischbach) – moated castle with park, formerly prince Wilhelm I. of Hessen-Darmstadt, now private
  • Bukowiec palace (German: Buchwald) – formerly Countess von Reden, now academy, with park und Belvedere
  • Kowary palace (German: Neuhof bei Schmiedeberg) – formerly von Reuß-Köstritz, now private
  • Kowary palace (German: Ruhberg in Schmiedeberg) – Palais Radziwill, princess Radziwill and prince Wilhelm I., now clinical center
  • Staniszów palace and manor (German: Stonsdorf) – formerly von Reuss Junior Line, now palace hotel, manor demolished
  • castle ruin (German: Heinrichsburg) near Sosnówka – artificial ruin, formerly von Reuß
  • Podgórzyn manor (German: Nieder-Giersdorf) – demolished
  • Sobieszów palace (German: Hermsdorf) – formerly Count of Schaffgotsch
  • Pakoszów palace (German: Wernersdorf)
  • Cieplice Sląski Zdrój (German: Bad Warmbrunn) – palace Count of Schaffgotsch and Zietenschloss, formerly Hans Ernst Karl von Zieten)

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