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A house used as a weapons cache as blown up in New Ubaydi, Iraq during Operation Matador, May 2005.

Coalition and Iraqi government forces continue to battle Iraqi militants and other fighters. During early and mid-May 2005, the U.S. also launched Operation Matador, an assault by around 1,000 marines in the ungoverned region of western Iraq. Coalition and Iraqi soldiers, Iraqi fighters and civilians have been killed in these conflicts. As of late July 2007, nearly 3,700 U.S. soldiers have been killed, and around ten times this many have been wounded. The number of Iraqi citizens who have fallen victim to the fighting has risen. The Iraqi government, with some holdovers from the CPA, engaged in securing control of the oil infrastructure (a source of Iraq's foreign currency) and control of the major cities of Iraq. The insurgency, the developing the New Iraqi Army, disorganized police and security forces, as well as a lack of revenue have hampered efforts to assert control. In addition, former Baathist elements and militant Shia groups have engaged in sabotage, terrorism, open rebellion, and establishing their own security zones in all or part of a dozen cities. The Allawi government vowed to crush the insurgency.

An election for a government to draft a permanent constitution took place during this time (ed. see Politics of Iraq for more information on the political state of Iraq). Although some violence and lack of widespread Sunni participation marred the event, much of the eligible Kurd and Shia populace participated. Sectarian violence has also been prominent part of the militant and guerrilla activity. Targets here where often Shia gatherings or civilian concentrations mainly of Shias. As a result, over 700 Iraqi civilians died in the month.

2005 Iraq operations[edit | edit source]

Battle/Operation name From date To date Location Purpose and result
Operation Matador (Battle of Al Qaim) 7 May 2005 14 May 2005 northwestern Anbar province It was focused on eliminating insurgents and foreign fighters in a region known as a smuggling route and a sanctuary for foreign fighters[1][2][3][4][5]
Battle of Haditha 1 August 2005 3 August 2005 Haditha Was a battle fought over two days that were under insurgent control in the Euphrates River valley during 2005
Battle of Tal Afar 1 September 2005 18 September 2005 Tal Afar The city was temporarily cleared for elections in 2005, but was not secured in a long-term view.
Operation Attleboro (Iraq) 2005 2005 Delivered a variety of much-needed supplies and equipment to the Iraqi Police of Ash Sharqat
Operation Able Rising Force 8 December 2005 9 December 2005 Khadisia Locate and detain suspected terrorists[6][7]
Operation Able Warrior 4 August 2005 4 August 2005 Baghdad, west of the Baghdad International Airport Was conducted in order to disrupt car bombing cells and roadside bomb emplacers, and prevent them from planning, preparing and carrying out terrorist attacks in the area.[5]
Operation Badlands 12 April 2005 12 April 2005 Saqlawiyah Security and stability operations designed to root out insurgent activity and illegal weapons caches[5]
Operation Big Dig 23 January 2005 2005 Latifiyah Collected and destroyed weapons caches
Operation Block Party 7 April 2005 7 April 2005 Fallujah More than 100 Marines, side-by-side with three companies of Iraqi soldiers, cordoned and searched a targeted area of the city.
Operation Block Party II 9 May 2005 14 May 2005 Fallujah Only a small amount of ordnance was found during the operation, most of it pointed out by the local residents
Operation Bow Country 5 July 2005 5 July 2005 Baghdad, areas in the far-east portion Counterinsurgency and reconnaissance: To find weapons and ammunition caches, and to develop intelligence on insurgent activity.[5]
Operation Bowie 2 October 2005 4 October 2005 Ar Ramadi, southern portion While sweeping through the mostly rural area, the ISF assisted the Marines in identifying people who were not from here and helped in searching homes and buildings for weapons caches and insurgent propaganda.
Operation Bruins (Dibbah) 19 November 2005 20 November 2005 Ramadi Part of a series of disruption operations in Ramadi and is designed to set the conditions for successful elections in December[5][8]
Operation Bull Dawg Chariot 8 December 2005 8 December 2005 Baqubah, near The operation reportedly netted four suspected terrorists[6][7]
Operation Carentan October 2005 December 2005 Diyala and Salah ad Din Governorate] Was responsible for detaining over 700 suspected insurgents and clearing 120 weapons caches[5]
Operation Centaur Showdown 8 February 2005 8 February 2005 Mufrek Searched for unregistered weapons and illegal bomb-making materials
Operation Checkmate 18 January 2005 2005 Jabella, 50 mi (80 km) south of Baghdad Successfully detained 15 insurgents including a suspected former intelligence officer in Saddam Hussein’s regime[9]
Operation Chepultepec 24 May 2005 24 May 2005 Lutafiyah, the southern Ubaydah region The Iraqi Army detained 12 suspects and captured several weapons
Operation Clear Decision 3 May 2005 3 May 2005 Al Karmah It was a success because the operation was conducted safely, insurgents were detained, and the relationship with the local populace improved
Operation Clean Sweep 18 November 2005 18 November 2005 Al Buetha, 15KM South of Baghdad along the Tigris River Clean out an area that was known to be used as a way for insurgents to come towards Baghdad from the south as well as an area that a lot of VBIEDs and IEDs were coming from," said U.S. Army Lt. Col. Everett Knapp, commander of the 1st Battalion, 184th Infantry Regiment.

In anticipation of the, 15 December nationwide elections, U.S. soldiers assigned to 1st Battalion, 184th Infantry Regiment, as well as Iraqi forces from the 4th Public Order Brigade and 1st Commando Brigade, raided about 350 homes and detained 49 suspected terrorists. Military officials said ten of the suspects were forwarded to detention facilities.[5]

Operation Clydesdale October 2005 October 2005
Operation Cobweb (MND-CS) 6 May 2005 10 May 2005 Wasit province Twenty-nine individuals were detained while forty kinds of guns were confiscated in addition to explosive materials being found[5][10]
Operation Constitution Hammer October 2005 October 2005 Fallujah Was conducted to disrupt insurgent activity along the main supply routes in Fallujah, find and capture weapons caches, and kill or capture insurgents
Operation Copperas Cove 12 January 2005 12 January 2005 Al-Karkh, the neighborhoods of Karkh and Sheik Marruf Raided a mechanic’s shop suspected of being used by insurgents and found 35 mortars which had to be removed by hand[9]
Operation Cornhusker 1 November 2005 1 November 2005 Mohawla cordon and search in Mohawla 953 and clearing operations in Mohawla 955
Operation Cotton Bowl 22 November 2005 22 November 2005 Zafaraniya clear Mohawla 961 in Zafaraniya
Operation Cyclone (Zoba) 11 September 2005 11 September 2005 Rutbah Against al-Qaida fighters[5]
Operation Dagger (Khanjar) 18 June 2005 18 June 2005 Anbar province The operation is focused on locating hidden weapons caches and denying terrorists sanctuary in the Southern Lake Thar-Thar region, in an area 85 kilometers northwest of Baghdad that is a suspected logistical hub.[5][11]
Operation Demon Digger 1 July 2005 1 July 2005 Al Rashid district, near seized three weapons caches
Operation Determined Fury 6 June 2005 7 June 2005 [5]
Operation Doctor 25 October 2005 25 October 2005 Ar Ramadi, the Women's and Children's Hospital The operation, led by Civil Affairs Group 6, supplied the hospital and the local Ministry of Health with more than $500,000 in medical supplies and equipment that was sorely needed by the citizens of the Al Anbar provincial capital.
Operation Dragons Breath 15 May 2005 15 May 2005 Ramadi Was designed to target insurgents in Ramadi neighborhoods
Operation Dunlap 2005 2005
Operation East Lansing 2005 2005
Operation Fiesta Bowl 11 October 2005 11 October 2005 Mohawla search in Mohawla 964
Operation Fiesta Bowl II 9 November 2005 9 November 2005 Diyala clear M964.
Operation Flea Flicker 14 September 2005 14 September 2005 Zafaraniya Was designed to disrupt insurgent activity in the area in preparation for the, 15 October constitutional referendum[5][12]
Operation Fontana 2 April 2005 6 April 2005 the Babil and Wasit provinces Was to eliminate places where terrorists trained to carry out their activities[9]
Operation Fosyth Park 17 April 2005 [5]
Operation Great Lakes November 2005 November 2005 Army National Guard, Army and USMC units from FOB Grizzly were charged with disrupting insurgent activity south of Udame. SFC Kyle B. Wehrly of the 2nd Battalion, 123rd Field Artillery was killed in the Operation.
Operation Green Light September 2005 September 2005 Baghdadi 3rd Battalion 504th Infantry Regiment cleared a military housing compound[13]
Operation Green Trident December 2005 December 2005 Fallujah, south of U.S. Marines discovered more than ten metric tons of munitions hidden at 72 cache sites 39 km south of Fallujah[14]
Operation Grey Wolf II 10 April 2005 10 April 2005 Shakarta A surprise operation to catch suspected terrorists and criminals
Operation Guardian Sword 6 June 2005 15 August 2005 Ramadi Designed to neutralize insurgents in the area[13]
Operation Hedgehog 10 January 2005 14 January 2005 Hīt Discovered numerous caches of insurgent ordnance and weaponry
Operation Home Run 17 November 2005 17 November 2005 Zafaraniya clear Mohawla 959 in Zafaraniya
Operation Hudson May 2005 May 2005 Focused on disrupting enemy activities[1][5]
Operation Hunter (Sayeed) June 2005 December 22, 2005 along the Euphrates River Valley and the broder of Syria Aimed at denying Al Qaeda in Iraq the ability to operate in the Euphrates River Valley and at preventing the terrorists from continuing their campaign of murder and intimidation against the local population[4][5][13][15][16][17][18][19]
Operation Hunter (Sayeed) II 2005 2005 [13]
Operation Iron Fist (Kabda Bil Hadid) 1 October 2005 6 October 2005 Sadah approximately 12 km. from the Syrian border In order to root out al Qaeda in Iraq terrorists operating in the area and to disrupt terrorist support systems in and around the city[5][15][16]
Operation Iron Hammer (Matraqa Hadidia) 30 November 2005 3 December 2005 Hai al Becker region The completion of construction of a long-term base on the eastern side of the Euphrates River across from Hīt and about 170 kilometers west of Baghdad.[5][20]
Operation Kennesaw Dragon 14 November 2005 15 November 2005 Dawr Conducted an air assault into landing zones outside the town and moved in to search for insurgents, insurgent activity and weapons caches.[5]
Operation Keystone Sweep 14 January 2005 14 January 2005 As Siniyah To conduct raids, capture or kill insurgents and eliminate bombs and other illegal weapons
Operation Knockout 12 November 2005 12 November 2005 Ba'qubah A division-size raid designed to destroy or disrupt all of their cells in a large locality in a single night[5]
Operation Lanthonid 9 January 2005 January 2005 Baqubah, near Nine targeted AIF members were detained along with two other suspected AIF members and numerous weapons[9]
Operation Liberty Express 13 December 2005 15 December 2005 Fallujah Transportation of election supplies from the printer to the camp, where Iraqi Police and members of the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq picked up and escorted the supplies, including ballots, and dispersed them to various polling sites in the city of Fallujah.[21]
Operation Lightning (Al Barkh) 26 February 2005 25 June 2005 Baghdad Shifting the new government from a defensive to an offensive posture in its efforts to disrupt terrorist activities in Baghdad[5][22]
Operation Lightning South June 2005 June 2005 South Baghdad Detained several suspected terrorists[22]
Lightning Strike 25 August 2005 25 August 2005 [5][13]
Operation Lions (Asad) 22 November 2005 24 November 2005 Ar Ramadi, the Tammim area This operation involved Iraqi Army and Coalition Forces clearing sections of the city in order to disrupt the insurgency and set conditions for successful elections on 15 December[5][8]
Operation Mongoose 13 May 2005 13 May 2005 south of Diyarah To capture individuals responsible for recent attacks against Coalition forces and local residents
Operation Moon 2005 2005
Operation Moonlight 19 December 2005 21 December 2005 [7]
Operation Moon River Dragon 29 May 2005 29 May 2005 the village of Al Julaam More than 40 individual males were interrogated about insurgent activities[5]
Operation Mountaineers (Hiba) October 2005 October 2005 southern Ramadi Which consists of 400 ISF soldiers and 500 U.S. service members, is to disrupt insurgents[5]
Operation Moving Forward 2005 2005
Operation Mustang September 16, 2005 September 16, 2005 al-Ash 4th squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment, cleared the village of insurgents and weapons caches[13]
Operation Muthana Strike 4 July 2005 4 July 2005 Baghdad International Airport, neighborhoods next to Over 100 individuals were detained as a result of the operation, including reportedly foreign fighters from Egypt[5]
Operation National Unity 29 September 2005 14 September 2005, at least until Baghdad Charged with the objective of detecting and halting insurgent activity.[5][19]
Operation Neighborhood Watch 2005 2005
Operation New Market (Souk Jadeed) 25 May 2005 29 May 2005 The city of Haditha A raid on the city of Haditha to disrupt insurgents.[1][2][2][5]
Operation Open Window November 2005 2005 the south central region of Iraq To prepare the area for transfer to the responsibility of the Iraqi 8th Division.[5]
Operation Outer Banks 1 April 2005 3 May 2005 Hit-Haditha Corridor Counterinsurgency
Operation Panthers (Numur) 16 November 2005 18 November 2005 Ramadi, the Sophia district Discovered weapons caches and detained suspected terrorists[5][8]
Operation Paradise City II 12 November 2005 12 November 2005 Around Rasheed Airfield Clearing operation in Zone 11W
Operation Peninsula (MND-CS) 19 May 2005 19 May 2005 As Suwaryah To round up terrorists and eliminate their base of operations
Operation Philadelphia 22 April 2005 24 April 2005 the Babil and Wasit provinces Was designed to prevent terrorists from mounting and resulted in several people being detained and questioned.[23]
Operation Pitchfork June 2005 June 2005 The area east of the Lake Thar-Thar region Marines located over 50 hidden weapons caches and an underground bunker in the vicinity of a rock quarry.[11]
Operation Powder River 31 December 2004 14 January 2005 Started in 2004 and ended in 2005[9]
Operation Quickstrike 3 August 2005 10 August 2005 Haditha, Haqliniyah, and Barwanah An offensive operation aimed at disrupting insurgent activities and recovering a missing Marine sniper.[5][8]
Operation Quicksweep May 2005 May 2005 Baghdad Resulted in the capture of several individuals identified as insurgents and the discovery of a weapons stash totaling 3,000 pounds of large caliber explosive munitions in a rural area northwest of Baghdad.[24]
Operation Rams (Tallie) 4 December 2005 4 December 2005 Ramadi The forces have discovered four weapons[5][25]
Operation Restoring Rights 26 August 2005 2005 the northern city of Tall Afar, located 30 mi (50 km) west of MosulIraq Was a massive military push to engage and destroy the heavy insurgent contingent located there.[5]
Operation River Blitz 20 February 2005 20 February 2005 Al Anbar province Targeted insurgents in cities along the Euphrates River including Hit, Ramadi, and Baghdad[9][26][27]
Operation River Bridge 12 March 2005 25 March 2005 Hit-Haditha Corridor Counterinsurgency, follow on to Operation River Blitz
Operation River Gate (Bawwabatu Annaher) 4 October 2005 5 October 2005 Haditha, Haqlaniyah and Barwana The operation's goal is to deny the al Qaeda in Iraq terrorist network the ability to operate in the three Euphrates River Valley cities and to free the local citizens from the insurgents' campaign of murder and intimidation[5][15][16][28][29][30]
Operation River Walk 2 January 2005 3 January 2005 Latifiyah Found over 9 significant weapons caches, detained 43 suspected insurgents and discovered and destroyed several bombs[31]
Operation Rose Bowl 29 September 2005 29 September 2005 Mohawla, Diyala search in Mohawla 952.
Operation Royalty September 6, 2005 September 2005 northwest of Baghdad Captured bomb makers in the process of planting a car bomb[32]
Operation San Juan 31 May 2005 4 June 2005 Security and Humanitarian: A five-day operation repairing Alternate Supply Route San Juan, making it safer for convoys and local civilians traveling the road on a daily basis
Operation Saratoga 2 October 2005 October 2005 North Central Iraq To provide a safe observance of Ramadan and security for the upcoming referendum[15]
Operation Scrimmage 14 April 2005 16 April 2005 Kubaysa, Al Anbar Province Unofficial name for a sub-part of operation Outerbanks
Operation Seahorse July 2005 August 2005 British-led Multi-National Division Southeast with a mission to detect and deter illicit activity along the Iraqi border
Operation Scimitar 7 July 2005 July 2005 Zaidan, approximately 20 mi (30 km) southeast of Fallujah At least 22 suspected insurgents were detained[5]
Operation Sergeant Thea'a July 2005 July 2005 Baqubah Was to capture, or kill, terrorists in the city
Operation Shadyville 29 June 2005 29 June 2005 Saqlawiyah Searched 244 houses and netted several suspected insurgent supporters, two bombs, and 50 AK-47 assault rifles
Operation Shank (Harba) 2 November 2005 3 December 2005 Ramadi, central and southern portions Was the fifth in a series by the Iraqi army and coalition forces engaged in combined clearing operations to disrupt terrorism and set conditions for a successful, 15 December election in the provincial capital of Anbar[5][33]
Operation Skinner (Gashshaa) 7 December 2005 10 December 2005 central Ramadi The operation netted four weapons caches and several detainees and also two command initiated rocket systems designed to ambush passing convoys in central Ramadi. The combined forces also discovered a roadside bomb that the insurgents planned to use in the rocket attack.[7]
Operation Slapshot 6 November 2005 6 November 2005 near Sindabad targets in M979 and clear Bania Farm.
Operation Spear (Romhe) 11 June 2005 22 June 2005 Karabilah Aimed at rooting out terrorists, foreign fighters and disrupting terrorist support systems in and around Karabilah[11][11][34]
Operation Spider Web 2005 2005
Operation Squeeze Play 22 May 2005 23 May 2005 Baghdad, the western suburbs Almost 300 suspects were detained in the first day of the operation[1][5]
Operation Steel Curtain (Al Hajip Elfulathi) 5 November 2005 22 November 2005 Karabilah A Continued effort to clear the town of insurgent activity and weapons[4][5][17][18][19]
Operation Stocking Stuffer 4 December 2005 4 December 2005 Diyala raid on 3 Ansar-al-Sunna targets in M964
Operation Strategic Separation (al Azil al Sitrateegi) 25 June 2005 June 2005 Babil province, northern portion Two hundred and nineteen suspected insurgents were detained
Operation Swashbuckle 26 March 2005 26 March 2005 Ar Ramadi The four-man comedy show, presented by Hack and Slash, provided an explosive round of entertainment for more than 100 Marines
Operation Sword(Saif) 27 June 2005 5 July 2005 The city of Hit To occupy the city of Hit and establish a permanent presence there by coalition and Iraqi forces.[5][20][35]
Operation Syrian Round-up 5 November 2005 5 November 2005 Zafaraniya clear Mohawla 965. A car was confiscated.
Operation Teddy Drop 15 July 2005 15 July 2005 Baghdad A humanitarian mission geared to give teddy bears to Iraqi children[36]
Operation Therapist 9 January 2005 9 January 2005 near Tikrit During the series of raids, 11 were detained. Three of the detainees were on the target list. Also confiscated were 120 mm mortars and assorted ammunition[9]
Operation Thunder July 2005 July 2005 Baghdad Found at least 1 weapons cache and detained several suspects[5]
Operation Thunder Cat 26 July 2005 30 July 2005 [5]
Operation Tigers (Numur) November 2005 December 2005 Ramadi Resulted in the capture of several weapons caches and several terrorist suspects[5][8]
Operation Trailblazer 9 February 2005 9 February 2005 near Baqubah To clear the roads and supply routes around the city of IED's[37]
Operation Trifecta 14 November 2005 18 November 2005 [5]
Operation Triple Play 31 December 2004 2 January 2005 Started in 2004 and ended in 2005[9]
Operation Turkey Bowl 28 November 2005 28 November 2005 Zafaraniya clear Mohawla 951.
Operation Tyche Round-up 26 November 2005 26 November 2005 Diyala capture/kill AIF targets in Mohawla 964.
Operation Uhaser June 2005 6 June 2005 throughout Northern Babil province, south of Baghdad They conducted continuous patrols, vehicle checkpoints, raids, and searches
Operation Unforgiven 22 March 2005 24 March 2005 Albu Hatim The operation uncovered five weapons caches including more than 7,000 rounds of ammunition, an improvised explosive device factory and 39 members of anti-Iraqi forces
Operation Vacant City 2005 2005
Operation Vandguard Tempest 11 April 2005 11 April 2005 the Baghdad neighborhood of al-Dora Designed to locate nearly 90 known terrorist ringleaders that were thought to be living in that area[38]
Operation Warriors Rage 15 July 2005 15 July 2005 Baghdad, the Ameriyah district The search found 10 to 12 122/130-millimeter rounds enhanced with propane to make a larger fireball in the explosion[5]
Operation White Shield 13 June 2005 14 June 2005 northern Babil province Discovered a weapons cache and detained seven terror suspects
Operation Wolf Stalk II November 2005 November 2005 Ninevah Soldiers were charged with disrupting insurgent activity and responding to the needs of local citizens.[5]
Operation Woodstock June 2005 6 June 2005 throughout Northern Babil province, south of Baghdad They conducted continuous patrols, vehicle checkpoints, raids, and searches

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