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This is an incomplete list of corps and Aviation Divisions of the Russian Air Force and Russian Air Defence Force (PVO) active from 1992 to the present.

Corps/Division Type Headquarters Formation Equipment Remarks
1st Air Defence Corps KPVO Balashikha 16th Air Army surface-to-air missiles only
1st Guards Composite Aviation Division SAD Krasnodar 4th Air Army Su-24/Su-25/L-39 Disbanded c.2009?
7th Air Defence Division дПВО ? Moscow District of the PVO [1]
8th Special Purpose Aviation Division адон Chkalovsky Airport, Moscow Oblast HQ VVS transport aircraft [1]
5th Separate Air Defence Corps Urals HQ VVS Redesignation of 4th Air Defence Army, 1994. Amalgamated into 5th Army of VVS and PVO, 1998.
8th Air Defence Corps KPVO Komsomolsk-na-Amure 11 OA PVO (Far East) Fighters, radars, SAMs 2001 renamed 25th Air Defence Division; 2009 11th Aerospace Defence Brigade.
9th Fighter Aviation Division IAD Kubinka (air base) 16th Air Army Fighters Activated 1950-51. Disbanded in 2000s.
9th Air Defence Division дПВО Moscow Military District 1st Air Defence Corps Surface to air missiles May include S-400 units
12th Military Transport Aviation Division VTAD Migalovo 61st Air Army Il-76/An-22/An-124
16th Guards Fighter Aviation Division IAD Millerovo 4th Air Army Fighters - arrived from GSFG 1993
19th Air Defence Corps KPVO Chelyabinsk 4th Air Defence Army Fighters, radars, SAMs Disbanded 1994[2]
20th Air Defence Corps KPVO Perm 4th Air Defence Army Disbanded 1994.
21st Air Defence Corps KPVO Severomorsk 6th Air Army SAMs, radars, Su-27/MiG-31 2009 renamed 1st Aerospace Defence Brigade.
21st Composite Air Division SAD Dzhida 14th Air Army Su-24M/Su-25/Su-24MR
22nd Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Division TBAD Engels-2, Engels 37th Air Army Tu-22M3/Tu-95MS/Tu-160
22nd Air Defence Corps KPVO Arkhangelsk 10 OA PVO Murmansk 1993 renamed 22 AD Corps; 1994 renamed 22 AD Div. Disbanded 1.5.02.[3]
23rd Air Defence Corps KPVO Vladivostok 11th Air Army Su-27/MiG-25PU/MiG-31 2001 renamed 93rd ADD; 2009 renamed 12th Aerospace Defence Brigade.
25th Air Defence Division дПВО Komsomolsk-on-Amur 11th Air Army Su-27
32nd Air Defence Corps KPVO Rzhev Special Purpose Command Su-27/MiG-31/MiG-25U Also SAMs, radars
38th Air Defence Corps KPVO Novosibirsk 14th Air Defence Army Fighters, SAMs, radars 1994 renamed 41st Air Defence Division
50th Guards Air Defence Corps KPVO Atamanovka, Chita Oblast 14th Air Defence Army 1.12.98 renamed 26th Guards ADD; 2009 renamed 10th Gds Aerospace Defence Brigade.
51st Air Defence Corps KPVO Rostov on Don 4th Air Army Su-27/MiG-29 1992 renamed 51st Air Defence Corps. Also SAMs, radars
54th Air Defence Corps KPVO Taytsy, Leningrad Oblast 6th Air Army Su-27 2009 renamed 2nd Aerospace Defence Brigade.
56th Air Defence Corps KPVO Semipalatinsk 14 OA PVO Fighters, SAMs, radars Disbanded 1994.
94th Air Defence Division KPVO Irkutsk 14th Air Defence Army Fighters, SAMs, radars Fmr 39 ADC (2/88). 1998 merged with 50th Gds ADC, became 26 Gds ADD.
105th Composite Aviation Division SAD Voronezh Special Purpose Command Su-24/Su-25
326th Heavy Bomber Aviation Division TBAD Ukrainka 37th Air Army Tu-22M3/MR, Tu-95MS

Index of abbreviations[edit | edit source]

  • дПВО (dPVO) - Air Defence Division (Diviziya Protivo-Vozdushnaya Oborona)
  • KPVO - Air Defence Corps (Korpus Protivo-Vozdushnaya Oborona)
  • OA PVO - Independent Army of the Air Defence Forces
  • SAD - Composite Aviation Division (Smeshannaya Aviatsionnaya Diviziya)
  • TBAD - Heavy Bomber Aviation Division (Tiazholaya Bombardirovochnaya Aviatsionnaya Diviziya)
  • VTAD - Military Transport Aviation Division (Voyenno-Transportnaya Aviatsionnaya Diviziya)

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References[edit | edit source]

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  • Feskov, V.I., et al. The Soviet Army in the Years of the Cold War: 1945-91, Tomsk University Publishing House, Tomsk, 2004

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