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The following is a list of currently active United States military watercraft grouped by type of watercraft.

Aircraft CarriersEdit

USS Nimitz in Victoria Canada 036

USS Nimitz in Victoria, Canada

Amphibious warfare shipsEdit

Amphibious Assault ShipsEdit

USS Essex Thailand

Wasp class amphibious assault ship takes aboard a Landing Craft Utility

Amphibious Transport DocksEdit

Dock Landing ShipsEdit

Logistics Support VesselEdit

Landing CraftEdit

LCAC-55 maneuvers to enter the well deck




USS Leyte Gulf (Ticonderoga class)



Littoral Combat ShipsEdit

USS Independence (LCS-2) at Naval Air Station Key West, 29 March 2010 (100329-N-1481K-298)

USS Independence

Mine WarfareEdit

Patrol ShipEdit

SubmarinesEdit News Photo 960703-N-00000-001

Seawolf-class submarine

Ballistic Missile SubmarineEdit

Guided Missile SubmarineEdit

Fast Attack SubmarineEdit

Special WarfareEdit

Riverine Squadron 2 Iraq 2007

Small Unit Riverine Craft

Swimmer Delivery VehiclesEdit


See List of Military Sealift Command ships and Maritime Prepositioning ship
USNS Bridge (T-AOE 10)

USNS Bridge (Supply class)

Replenishment shipsEdit

Transport ShipsEdit

USNS Big Horn T-AO-198

USNS Big Horn (Henry J. Kaiser-class oiler)



Surveillance and intelligence vesselsEdit

Hospital ShipsEdit

USNS Comfort Statue of Liberty

The USNS Comfort Hospital ship

Crane ShipsEdit

Various TypesEdit

Historical ShipEdit

Cutters (USCG)Edit

USCG National Security Cutter BERTHOLF (WMSL-750)

USCG Legend class cutter

Patrol ShipsEdit

Patrol BoatsEdit

See alsoEdit


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