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This is a list of destroyers of the United States Navy, sorted by hull number. It includes all of the series DD, DL, DDG, DLG, and DLGN.

CG-47 Ticonderoga and CG-48 Yorktown were approved as destroyers (DDG-47 and DDG-48) and redesignated cruisers before being laid down; it is uncertain whether CG-49 Vincennes and CG-50 Valley Forge were ever authorized as destroyers by the United States Congress (though the fact that the DDG sequence resumes with DDG-51 Arleigh Burke argues that they were).

See also List of destroyer classes of the United States Navy. For destroyer escorts, see List of destroyer escorts of the United States Navy, and for destroyer minelayers, see List of mine warfare vessels of the United States Navy.

By hull number


DD-1 to DD-444Edit

USS Bainbridge DD-1-650px

USS Bainbridge (DD-1)

Wickes dd75

USS Wickes (DD-75)

USS Buchanan 1936

USS Buchanan (DD-131)

USS Elliot (DD-146)

USS Elliot (DD-146)

USS Cowell (DD-167)

USS Cowell (DD-167)

USS Whitney (AD-4) at anchor with USS Stewart (DD-224), USS Pope (DD-225), USS Pillsbury (DD-227), USS John D. Ford (DD-228), USS Truxtun (DD-229) and USS Peary (DD-226), in the 1930s

DD-224 through DD-229


USS Reuben James (DD-245)

USS Farragut (DD-300) underway, circa in 1925 (NH 82561)

USS Farragut (DD-300)

USS Farragut (DD-348) - 19-N-14753

USS Farragut (DD-348)

USS Helm (DD-388) NH67686

USS Helm (DD-388)

DD-445 to DD-997Edit

USS Fletcher (DD-445) underway at sea, circa the 1960s (NH 68912)

USS Fletcher (DD-445)

USS Stephen Potter (DD-538) underway at sea in the 1950s

USS Stephen Potter (DD-538)

USS Charles Ausburne (DD-570) underway at sea on 23 March 1944 (80-G-232122)

USS Charles Ausburne (DD-570)

USS Killen (DD-593) underway off Richmond Beach, Washington (USA), on 8 June 1944 (19-N-69368)

USS Killen (DD-593)

USS Braine (DD-630) underway in the Pacific Ocean, in 1944

USS Braine (DD-630)

USS Wedderburn (DD-684) underway in San Francisco Bay, California (USA), circa in 1951 (NH 94310)

USS Wedderburn (DD-684)

USS Ault (DD-698)

USS Ault (DD-698)

USS Aaron Ward (DM-34)

USS Aaron Ward (DM-34)

USS Hawkins (DD-873) in 1945 (19-N-78937)

USS Hawkins (DD-873)

USS Spruance (DD-963) underway in the Atlantic Ocean on 11 June 2004 (6655386)

USS Spruance (DD-963)


USS Kinkaid (DD-965)

Destroyer LeadersEdit

The DLG sequence was deactivated in the 1975 fleet realignment. DL-1 through DL-5 had been decommissioned prior to this time; DLG-6 Farragut through DLG-15 Preble became DDG-37 through DDG-46. DLG-16 Leahy through DLGN-40 Mississippi became CG-16 through CGN-40.

USS Arkansas CGN41

USS Arkansas (CGN-41)

(CGN-41 Arkansas was authorized after the 1975 fleet reorganization and was never designated with or carried the hull classification symbol DLGN)

Guided Missile DestroyersEdit

The guided missile destroyer sequence has three irregularities: four DDGs are numbered as if they were Destroyers in the main sequence (DDG-993, -994, -995 and -996), two were redesignated as guided missile cruisers (CG) (DDG-47 and DDG-48), and two numbers were skipped (DDG-49 and DDG-50). The Zumwalt class picks up at DDG-1000.

USS Decatur (DDG-31);h98177

USS Decatur (DDG-31)

By name

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