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This is a complete list of female United States Air Force generals. It includes both active duty and Air National Guard female generals.

United States Air Force generals[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rank Notes/References
Anslow, Patricia M.Patricia M. Anslow Major general Air National Guard[1]
Aragon, LaRita A.LaRita A. Aragon Major general Air National Guard[2]
ELIZABETH E. ARLEDGE.JPG Arledge, Elizabeth E.Elizabeth E. Arledge Brigadier general [3]
Nina M. Armagno.jpg Armagno, Nina M.Nina M. Armagno Major general [4]
Ashenhurst, DeborahDeborah Ashenhurst Major general Air National Guard[5]
Auclair, Frances M.Frances M. Auclair Brigadier general Air National Guard[6]
Austin, Elizabeth D.Elizabeth D. Austin Major general Air National Guard[7]
BGEN Rosanne Bailey.jpg Bailey, RosanneRosanne Bailey Brigadier general [8]
Bair, Margaret H.Margaret H. Bair Brigadier general Air National Guard[9]
Sharon Bannister.JPG Bannister, SharonSharon Bannister Brigadier general [10]
Baumann, Kimberly A.Kimberly A. Baumann Brigadier general Air National Guard[11]
LeeAnn T. Bennett.JPG Bennett, Lee Ann T.Lee Ann T. Bennett Brigadier general [12]
Bentz, Julie A.Julie A. Bentz Major general Air National Guard[13]
Berg, Kathleen F.Kathleen F. Berg Brigadier general Air National Guard[14]
Berry, Karen A.Karen A. Berry Brigadier general Air National Guard[15]
Best, Sandra L.Sandra L. Best Brigadier general Air National Guard[16]
Patty Beyer.JPG Beyer, Patricia N.Patricia N. Beyer Brigadier general [17]
Birckhead, Janeen L.Janeen L. Birckhead Brigadier general Air National Guard[18]
Bissell, Marti J.Marti J. Bissell Brigadier general Air National Guard[19]
Blader, Robyn J.Robyn J. Blader Brigadier general Air National Guard[20]
Bolden, Barbaranette T.Barbaranette T. Bolden Brigadier general Air National Guard[21]
Born BGen Dana USAF.jpg Born, Dana H.Dana H. Born Brigadier general The first woman to be Dean of the Faculty at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado[22]
Barbara Brannon USAF.jpg Brannon, Barbara C.Barbara C. Brannon Major general [23]
Briscoe, Carole A.Carole A. Briscoe Brigadier general Air National Guard[24]
Britt, Maria L.Maria L. Britt Major general Air National Guard[25]
COL Norma Brown.jpg Brown, Norma ElaineNorma Elaine Brown Major general [26]
Burckle, Christine M.Christine M. Burckle Brigadier general Air National Guard[27]
Burke, Rosetta Y.Rosetta Y. Burke Brigadier general Air National Guard[28]
DeAnna M. Burt.JPG Burt, DeAnna M.DeAnna M. Burt Brigadier general [29]
Angela M. Cadwell.JPG Cadwell, Angela M.Angela M. Cadwell Brigadier general [30]
Theresa C. Carter.JPG Carter, Theresa C.Theresa C. Carter Major general [31]
Theresa M. Casey.JPG Casey, Theresa M.Theresa M. Casey Brigadier general [32]
Catherine A. Chilton.jpg Chilton, Catherine A.Catherine A. Chilton Brigadier general [33]
Clark th1.jpg Clark, Trudy H.Trudy H. Clark Major general [34]
Kathleen D. Close.JPG Close, Kathleen D.Kathleen D. Close Major general [35]
Sharla J. Cook.JPG Cook, Sharla J.Sharla J. Cook Brigadier general [36]
Kathleen A. Cook.JPG Cook, Kathleen A.Kathleen A. Cook Brigadier general [37]
Maralin K. Coffinger.JPG Coffinger, Maralin K.Maralin K. Coffinger Brigadier general [38]
Capozzella, Dana M.Dana M. Capozzella Brigadier general Air National Guard[39]
Carcana, MartaMarta Carcana Brigadier general Air National Guard[40]
Carter, Deborah L.Deborah L. Carter Brigadier general Air National Guard[41]
Cleckley, Julia J.Julia J. Cleckley Brigadier general Air National Guard[42]
Clellan, Laura L.Laura L. Clellan Brigadier general Air National Guard[43]
Clyborne, Johanna P.Johanna P. Clyborne Brigadier general Air National Guard[44]
Major General Amy S. Courter, CAP-USAFX.jpg Courter, Amy S.Amy S. Courter Major general [n 1]
Kimberly A. Crider.jpg Crider, Kimberly A.Kimberly A. Crider Major general [45]
Crockett, Sylvia R.Sylvia R. Crockett Brigadier general Air National Guard[46]
Deener, Annette M.Annette M. Deener Brigadier general Air National Guard[47]
Dawne L. Deskins.JPG Deskins, Dawne L.Dawne L. Deskins Brigadier general Air National Guard[48]
Desjardins sy4.jpg Desjardins, Susan Y.Susan Y. Desjardins Major general [49]
Dittig, Sandra W.Sandra W. Dittig Brigadier general Air National Guard[50]
Djuric 2013.jpg Djuric, Teresa A.H.Teresa A.H. Djuric Brigadier general [49]
Bobbi J. Doorenbos (2).jpg Doorenbos, Bobbi J.Bobbi J. Doorenbos Brigadier general Air National Guard. First female commander of the 188th Wing.[51][52]
Maj. Gen. Sharon K.G. Dunbar.JPG Dunbar, Sharon K.G.Sharon K.G. Dunbar Major general [53] First female in Air Force history to command the Air Force District of Washington and 320th Aerospace Expeditionary Wing.
Gretchen S. Dunkelberger.JPG Dunkelberger, Gretchen S.Gretchen S. Dunkelberger Major general Air National Guard[54]
Dawn M. Dunlop.JPG Dunlop, Dawn M.Dawn M. Dunlop Major general [55]
Jan D. Eakle.JPG Eakle, Jan D.Jan D. Eakle Brigadier general [56]
Sally Ann Eaves.JPG Eaves, Sally AnnSally Ann Eaves Brigadier general [57]
Michele C. Edmondson.JPG Edmondson, Michele C.Michele C. Edmondson Brigadier general [58]
Carol C. Elliott.JPG Elliott, Carol C.Carol C. Elliott Brigadier general [59]
Barbara J. Faulkenberry (2).jpg Faulkenberry, Barbara J.Barbara J. Faulkenberry Major general [60]
Fedder, Judith.jpg Fedder, JudithJudith Fedder Lieutenant general [61]
Kathleen E. Fick.jpg Fick, Kathleen E.Kathleen E. Fick Major general [n 1]
Sandra Finan 2017.jpg Finan, Sandra E.Sandra E. Finan Major general [62]
TWGabreski.jpg Gabreski, TerryTerry Gabreski Lieutenant general [63]
Anita R. Gallentine.JPG Gallentine, Anita R.Anita R. Gallentine Major general [64]
Barbara A. Goodwin.JPG Goodwin, Barbara A.Barbara A. Goodwin Brigadier general [65]
Kristin E. Goodwin (3).jpg Goodwin, Kristin E.Kristin E. Goodwin Brigadier general [66]
Sandra A. Gregory, Brig Gen, USAF,.JPG Gregory, Sandra A.Sandra A. Gregory Brigadier general [67]
LIEUTENANT GENERAL GINA M. GROSSO.JPG Grosso, GinaGina Grosso Lieutenant general The first female personnel chief in Air Force history[68]
Elizabeth A. Grote.JPG Grote, Elizabeth A.Elizabeth A. Grote Brigadier general [69]
Anne B. Gunter.JPG Gunter, Anne B.Anne B. Gunter Brigadier general [70]
Diann A. Hale.JPG Hale, Diann A.Diann A. Hale Brigadier general [71]
Elizabeth Ann Harrell.JPG Harrell, Elizabeth AnnElizabeth Ann Harrell Major general [72]
Harris mj.jpg Harris, Marcelite J.Marcelite J. Harris Major general The first African-American female general officer of the United States Air Force[73]
Lt. Gen. Stayce D. Harris.jpg Harris, StayceStayce Harris Lieutenant general The First African-American female to be promoted to Lieutenant general in the United States Air Force.[74]
Michelle L. Hayworth.JPG Hayworth, Michelle L.Michelle L. Hayworth Brigadier general [75]
Helms sj4.jpg Helms, SusanSusan Helms Lieutenant general NASA astronaut and along with Jim Voss conducted the longest recorded space walk (8 hours and 56 minutes)[76]
Linda S. Hemminger.JPG Hemminger, Linda S.Linda S. Hemminger Major general [77]
Mary Kay Hertog.JPG Hertog, Mary KayMary Kay Hertog Major general [78]
Allison A. Hickey.JPG Hickey, Allison A.Allison A. Hickey Brigadier general [79]
Mary Higley Hittmeier.JPG Hittmeier, Mary HigleyMary Higley Hittmeier Brigadier general [80]
LIEUTENANT GENERAL DOROTHY A. HOGG.jpg Hogg, Dorothy A.Dorothy A. Hogg Lieutenant general [81]
MajGenJMHolm.jpg Holm, Jeanne M.Jeanne M. Holm Major general The first female one-star general of the United States Air Force and the first female two-star general in any service branch of the United States[82]
Tamhra L. Hutchins-Frye.jpg Hutchins-Frye, Tamhra L.Tamhra L. Hutchins-Frye Brigadier general [83]
VeraLinn Jamieson (3).jpg Jamieson, VeraLinnVeraLinn Jamieson Lieutenant general [84]
Jenkins, Constance L.Constance L. Jenkins Brigadier general [85]
Johnson, Kathryn J.Kathryn J. Johnson Major general [86]
Michelle D. Johnson (3).jpg Johnson, Michelle D.Michelle D. Johnson Lieutenant general [87]
Wendy K. Johnson.JPG Johnson, Wendy K.Wendy K. Johnson Brigadier general [88]
Leslie Kenne.jpg Kenne, Leslie F.Leslie F. Kenne Lieutenant general [89]
Tiiukera.JPG Kera, TiiuTiiu Kera Major general [90]
Jean E. Klick.JPG Klick, Jean E.Jean E. Klick Brigadier general [91]
Elaine L. Knight.JPG Knight, Elaine L.Elaine L. Knight Brigadier general [92]
Kubinec, Tanya R.Tanya R. Kubinec Brigadier general [93]
Lannan, JillJill Lannan Brigadier general [94]
Leah G. Lauderback.JPG Lauderback, Leah G.Leah G. Lauderback Brigadier general [95]
Jeannie M. Leavitt.jpg Leavitt, JeannieJeannie Leavitt Brigadier general Became the United States Air Force's first female fighter pilot in 1993, and was the first woman to command a USAF combat fighter wing[96]
Carol A. Lee.JPG Lee, Carol A.Carol A. Lee Major general [97]
Laura L. Lenderman.JPG Lenderman, Laura L.Laura L. Lenderman Brigadier general [98]
Patricia C Lewis.jpg Lewis, Patricia C.Patricia C. Lewis Brigadier general [99]
Pamela Lincoln.JPG Lincoln, PamelaPamela Lincoln Major general [100]
Mailey, Sharon K.Sharon K. Mailey Brigadier general [101]
Chris C. Mann.JPG Mann, Chris C.Chris C. Mann Brigadier general [102]
Linda S. Marchione.JPG Marchione, Linda S.Linda S. Marchione Brigadier general [103]
Linda M. Marsh.JPG Marsh, Linda M.Linda M. Marsh Major general [104]
Mary A. Marsh.JPG Marsh, Mary A.Mary A. Marsh Brigadier general [105]
Susan K. Mashiko.jpg Mashiko, Susan K.Susan K. Mashiko Major general [106]
LIEUTENANT GENERAL WENDY M. MASIELLO.JPG Masiello, Wendy M.Wendy M. Masiello Lieutenant general [107]
McCarthy, Muriel R.Muriel R. McCarthy Brigadier general [108]
McClain, K. C.K. C. McClain Major general [109]
McKenzie, Kimber L.Kimber L. McKenzie Brigadier general [110]
Medler, Linda R.Linda R. Medler Brigadier general [111]
Meeker, Martha A.Martha A. Meeker Brigadier general [112]
Melançon, Patrice A.Patrice A. Melançon Brigadier general [113]
Meyeraan, JessicaJessica Meyeraan Brigadier general [114]
Milligan, PamelaPamela Milligan Brigadier general [115]
General Maryanne Miller (AMC).jpg Miller, MaryanneMaryanne Miller General [116]
Moore, Ellen M.Ellen M. Moore Brigadier general [117]
Morrow, Dixie A.Dixie A. Morrow Major general [118]
Betty mullis.jpg Mullis, BettyBetty Mullis Major general [119]
Eden J. Murrie.JPG Murrie, Eden J.Eden J. Murrie Brigadier general [120]
Lisa Naftzger-Kang.JPG Naftzger-Kang, LisaLisa Naftzger-Kang Brigadier general [121]
Mary F. O’Brien.JPG O'Brien, Mary F.Mary F. O'Brien Major general [122]
Maria C. Owens.JPG Owens, Maria C.Maria C. Owens Brigadier general [123]
2003 USAF photograph of Maj. Gen. Susan Pamerleau.jpg Pamerleau, SusanSusan Pamerleau Major general [124]
Gen Ellen Pawlikowski 2015.JPG Pawlikowski, Ellen M.Ellen M. Pawlikowski General [125]
Peyer, Polly A.Polly A. Peyer Major general [126]
040728-F-JZ509-011 Maj. Gen. Teresa Marné Peterson.jpg Peterson, Teresa MarnéTeresa Marné Peterson Major general [127]
Pietrykowski, Susan J.Susan J. Pietrykowski Major general [128]
Poore, Margaret B.Margaret B. Poore Major general [129]
LorrainePotter.jpg Potter, Lorraine K.Lorraine K. Potter Major general [130]
Pringle, Heather L.Heather L. Pringle Brigadier general [131]
Quisenberry, Patricia A.Patricia A. Quisenberry Brigadier general [132]
Rainville official.jpg Rainville, MarthaMartha Rainville Major general [133]
Rank, Melissa A.Melissa A. Rank Major general [134]
Rankin, Karen S.Karen S. Rankin Brigadier general [135]
Rizzuti, Karen A.Karen A. Rizzuti Major general [136]
Roberts, Katherine E.Katherine E. Roberts Brigadier general [137]
Robinson NORTHCOM.jpg Robinson, LoriLori Robinson General The first female officer in the history of the United States Armed Forces to command a major Unified Combatant Command[138]
Rohr, Jane C.Jane C. Rohr Major general [139]
Patricia A Rose.jpg Rose, PatriciaPatricia Rose Major general Was the first openly LGBT officer to be promoted to the rank of Major General in the United States armed forces.[140]
Sanborn, Jarisse J.Jarisse J. Sanborn Brigadier general [141]
Saunders, MaryMary Saunders Major general [142]
Scarisbrick, Stacey L.Stacey L. Scarisbrick Brigadier general [143]
Carmelita Schimmenti.JPG Schimmenti, CarmelitaCarmelita Schimmenti Brigadier general [144]
Debra A. Scullary.JPG Scullary, Debra A.Debra A. Scullary Brigadier general [145]
Jocelyn M. Seng.JPG Seng, Jocelyn M.Jocelyn M. Seng Major general [146]
Sharon A. Shaffer.JPG Shaffer, Sharon A.Sharon A. Shaffer Brigadier general [147]
Lyn D. Sherlock.JPG Sherlock, Lyn D.Lyn D. Sherlock Brigadier general [148]
Donna Shipton.JPG Shipton, DonnaDonna Shipton Brigadier general [149]
Tracey A. Siems.JPG Siems, Tracey A.Tracey A. Siems Brigadier general [150]
Kimberly A. Siniscalchi.JPG Siniscalchi, Kimberly A.Kimberly A. Siniscalchi Major general [151]
Toreaser A. Steele.JPG Steele, Toreaser A.Toreaser A. Steele Brigadier general [152]
Erika C. Steuterman.JPG Steuterman, Erika C.Erika C. Steuterman Major general [153]
Linda J. Stierle.JPG Stierle, Linda J.Linda J. Stierle Brigadier general [154]
Therianos, Janet A.Janet A. Therianos Brigadier general [155]
Thomas, Kathy E.Kathy E. Thomas Major general [156]
Thornhill, Paula G.Paula G. Thornhill Brigadier general [157]
Carol A. Timmons (3).jpg Timmons, Carol A.Carol A. Timmons Major general [n 1]
Trevino, Alice W.Alice W. Trevino Brigadier general [158]
Tullos, Andrea D.Andrea D. Tullos Brigadier general [159]
Turner, Christine M.Christine M. Turner Brigadier general [160]
Turner, Sue EllenSue Ellen Turner Brigadier general [161]
Urrutia-Varhall, Linda R.Linda R. Urrutia-Varhall Major general First female hispanic USAFA graduate and Air Force officer to achieve Major General rank
Van Ovost, Jacqueline D.Jacqueline D. Van Ovost Lieutenant general [162]
Wilma Vaught 1997.jpg Vaught, WilmaWilma Vaught Brigadier general The first woman to deploy with an Air Force bomber unit and the first woman to reach the rank of Brigadier General from the comptroller field[163]
Suzanne M. Vautrinot.jpg Vautrinot, Suzanne M.Suzanne M. Vautrinot Major general [164]
McCauley von Hoffman.JPG von Hoffman, C. McCauleyC. McCauley von Hoffman Brigadier general [165]
Walter, Jennifer L.Jennifer L. Walter Brigadier general Air National Guard[166]
Washburn, Margaret S.Margaret S. Washburn Brigadier general Air National Guard[167]
Watson, Marianne E.Marianne E. Watson Brigadier general Air National Guard[168]
Sarah P. Wells.JPG Wells, Sarah P.Sarah P. Wells Brigadier general [169]
Wenke, Wendy BrennanWendy Brennan Wenke Brigadier general Air National Guard[170]
Wheeling, Deborah C.Deborah C. Wheeling Major general Air National Guard[171]
Wilz, Giselle M.Giselle M. Wilz Major general Air National Guard[172]
GEN Wolfenbarger 2013.JPG Wolfenbarger, Janet C.Janet C. Wolfenbarger General The first woman to achieve the rank of four-star general in the Air Force[173]
Wong, Martha N.Martha N. Wong Brigadier general Air National Guard[174]
Wong, Ruth A.Ruth A. Wong Brigadier general Air National Guard[175]
Margaret H. Woodward (3).jpg Woodward, Margaret H.Margaret H. Woodward Major general The first woman to oversee a U.S. combat air campaign[176]
Works, Delilah R.Delilah R. Works Major general Air National Guard[177]
Woyak, Shanna M.Shanna M. Woyak Brigadier general Air National Guard[178]
Wright, Jessica L.Jessica L. Wright Major general Air National Guard[179]
Wright, Kathy J.Kathy J. Wright Brigadier general Air National Guard[180]
Young, JannetteJannette Young Major general Air National Guard[181]
Sarah E. Zabel.JPG Zabel, Sarah E.Sarah E. Zabel Major general [182]
Sheila Zuehlke.JPG Zuehlke, SheilaSheila Zuehlke Major general [183]

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