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Mower Hospital 1863

Mower Army General Hospital, Philadelphia, in an 1863 lithograph. Note passenger train in foreground.

The following is a list of former (deactivated or decommissioned) U.S. Army medical units – both fixed and deployable – with date when last active.

Fixed-facility hospitalsEdit

Civil War eraEdit

Note: an asterix (*) denotes a civilian hospital temporarily commandeered by the Union Army.

World War IIEdit

World War IIEdit


Deployable hospitalsEdit

General hospitals/field hospitalsEdit

Portable Surgical HospitalsEdit

Mobile Army Surgical HospitalsEdit

8162nd Itazuke Air base, Japan, In the Korean War

Combat Support HospitalsEdit

Evacuation HospitalsEdit

Medical research unitsEdit

Other unitsEdit

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