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This is a list of mine warfare vessels of the United States Navy.

Auxiliary Minelayers (ACM)Edit

Minesweepers (AM)Edit

Auxiliary Base Minesweepers (AMb)Edit

Coastal Minesweepers (AMc)Edit

Coastal Minesweepers (Underwater Locator) (AMCU)Edit

Ocean Minesweepers (AMS)Edit

British Minesweepers (BAM)Edit

For more vessels of this class see Catherine class minesweeper

Minelayers (CM)Edit

Coastal Minelayers (CMc)Edit

Light Minelayers (DM)Edit

High Speed/Destroyer Minesweepers (DMS)Edit

Wickes classEdit

Clemson classEdit

Gleaves classEdit

Mine Countermeasures Ships (MCM)Edit

Mine Countermeasures Support Ships (MCS)Edit

Coastal Minehunters (MHC)Edit

Coastal Minelayers (MMC)Edit

Fast Minesweepers (MMD)Edit

Fleet Minelayers (MMF)Edit

Minesweepers, Coastal (MSC)Edit

Minesweepers, Coastal (Old) (MSC(O))Edit

Minesweepers, Steel Hulled (MSF)Edit

Inshore Minesweepers (MSI)Edit

Minesweepers, Ocean (MSO)Edit

Minesweepers (Special Device) (MSS)Edit

Yard Minesweepers (YMS)Edit

Littoral Combat Ships (LCS)Edit

The Littoral Combat Ships can carry Mine Warfare Modules which operate unmanned vehicles of various types for mine clearance operations.

See alsoEdit

Commander Mine Squadron SEVEN


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