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This page is a list of all past and present minesweepers of the Royal Netherlands Navy, including shallow water, coastal and oceangoing minesweepers of the Mine Service. Auxiliary minesweepers which have aided the Royal Netherlands Navy are not included.

M class minesweepersEdit

A class minesweepersEdit



Jan van Amstel classEdit

HMAS-HRMS Abraham Crijnssen

Abraham Crijnssen in service with the RAN

Type MMSEdit

105 feetEdit

126 feetEdit

Batjan classEdit

Borndiep classEdit

Beemster classEdit

Aggressive classEdit

Hr. Ms. Mercuur (1973) 1

Hr. Ms. Onverschrokken as Mercuur
source:Koninklijke Marine.

Wildervank classEdit

Dokkum classEdit

Bow view of mineweeper Hoogeveen October 2011

The former Hoogeveen in 2011

Van Straelen classEdit

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