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Below is a list of missiles, sorted alphabetically by name.

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Types of missiles:

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G[edit | edit source]

  • Gabriel missile (Ship-to-ship and air-to-ship variant
  • GAF Malkara
  • Ghauri-I (Pakistani)
  • Ghauri-II (Pakistani)
  • Ghauri-III
  • Global Rocket 1 fractional orbital bombardment system missile (Russia; Cold War) (NATO reporting name SS-X-10 Scrag)
  • Gorodomlya G-1 - Developed by a German team at Gorodomlya island (57°12'0.06"N, 33° 4'0.02"E) in 1948, based on the V-2 with detachable warhead and integral propellant tanks. (a.k.a. R-10).
  • Gorodomlya G-1M - The G-1 with a more powerful engine proposed in 1949.
  • Gorodomlya G-2 - (a.k.a. R-12) Developed as far as preliminary design the G-2 first stage was to have been powered by a cluster of three engines from the G-1 with a thrust of approx 100tons, the second stage being capable of delivering the warhead 2,000 to 2,500 kilometres. Insurmountable problems with control of the second stage forced abandonment.
  • Gorodomlya G-3 - The G-3 project was to have been a two-stage, G-1 derived rocket, with a winged upper stage similar to the A9 developed by Wernher Von Braun's team at Peenemünde, for a projected range of 8,000 to 10,000 kilometres
  • Gorodomlya G-4 - In April 1949 the Gorodomlya group were given the same requirements as the team at NII-88 (which produced the R-3). The German group designed a 24m (78 ft 9in) tall cone shaped rocket with an empty weight (including a three-ton warhead) of seven tons and a launch weight of 70.85 tons, (a.k.a. R-14).
  • Gorodomlya G-5 - Designed in parallel with the G-4, (a.k.a. R-15), another group at Gorodomlya proposed a ramjet powered unmanned bomber boosted by a G-1 or A4 rocket, cruising at 15 km (9 mi) altitude for a range of 3,000 kilometres.
  • Green Cheese (missile)
  • Green Flash (missile)
  • AGM-176 Griffin
  • Grom (missile)

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