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List of modern equipment of the German Army is a list of equipment currently in service with the German Army.

Infantry weaponsEdit


Gewehr G36

Heckler & Koch G36

Machine gun M2 1


Anti-tank, anti-structure weaponsEdit


Panzerfaust 3

Combat knivesEdit


Name Type Quantity Notes Picture
Armoured vehicles
Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank 225[1] 125 Leopard 2A6s in reserve/to be sold Leopard 2A6, PzBtl 104
Marder 1 A3/A5 Infantry fighting vehicle ~100[1] Being phased out Marder1A3.6
Schützenpanzer Puma Infantry fighting vehicle 5 Replacing the Marder in the Mechanized Infantry. 350 on order[1] SPz Puma Mobilitätsversuchfahrzeug VS2
TPz Fuchs Armoured personnel carrier 765[1] 144 upgraded TPz 1 Fuchs NBC reconnaissance vehicle
GTK Boxer Armoured personnel carrier 272 Replacing TPz Fuchs. GTK Boxer side
BV 206S Specialist vehicle Protected all-terrain vehicle Hägglunds Bv206S ambulance
Wiesel 1/2 Armored fighting vehicle 272 Wiesel120mm2
Eagle IV/Eagle V MRAP 495 495 ordered, 20 will be armored ambulances Bundeswehr mowag eagle IV front
Enok Armored car 247 Bundeswehr LAPV Enok
Dingo 1/2 Infantry mobility vehicle ~550 Dingo 2
Fennek Light armored reconnaissance vehicle 222 178 reconnaissance, 24 combat engineer, 20 joint fire support teams (JFST). Fennek 2
KMW Grizzly MRAP 200px
AGF Serval Light armored utility vehicle Serval 2
DURO III MRAP Kdo DURO M2+M1 o. 2xM2+ - Schweizer Armee - Steel Parade 2006
Mungo ESK MRAP, NBC vehicle > 400 [2] Krauss Maffai Mungo
YAK Armoured ambulance 296 Based on DURO III. Duro3 MSPO2004
Artillery and air defence
M270 MLRS Multiple rocket launcher 50 38 are planned to remain in service.[3] MLRS in REFORGER 1985
PzH 2000 Self-propelled artillery 154 PzH2000 houwitser
Mortar "R" Mortar 120mm mortar based artillery.
Flakpanzer Gepard Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun 94 94 from an original 377 remain in service. Being phased out. Gepard 1a2 overview
LeFlaSys Anti-aircraft missile system Ozelot
Engineering vehicles
Dachs Engineering vehicle Based on Leopard 2 chassis. Pionierpanzer Dachs (2008)
Büffel Armoured recovery vehicle Based on Leopard 2 chassis. Bergepanzer Bueffel
Mine Skorpion Mine-laying vehicle Tracked chassis M548G (MSM-Fz) with an automatic mine-launching system Minenwerfer Skorpion 04
Keiler Mine-clearing vehicle Minenräumpanzer Keiler
Biber Armoured vehicle-launched bridge Panzerschnellbruecke Biber auf Brueckenleger
Panzerschnellbrücke 2 Armoured vehicle-launched bridge Replacing the Biber. PSB 2 with bridge
M3 Amphibious Rig Amphibious Bridge layer M3G ferry 2
SLT 50 Elefant Tank transporter
Slt Elefant
Zetros Truck Mercedes-Benz Zetros GTF 6x6
Unimog Truck Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 5000
Volkswagen T3/T4 Utility van VW T5 Transporter front 20080811
Mercedes-Benz 250 GD "Wolf" Utility car Bundeswehr MB Wolf


Name Type Quantity[4] Notes Picture
Eurocopter Tiger Attack helicopter 27 57 ordered.[5] One lost on 4 March 2013.[6] Only 40 are planned to stay in service.[3][7] Eurocopter Tiger 2
NHI NH90 Transport helicopter 22 62 planned.[8] 18 NH90 TTH of originally ordered total of 80 will be changed to NH90 NFH helicopter type for German Navy. NH-90 ILA-2006 2
UH-1 Iroquois Utility helicopter 82 Built by Dornier, being phased out and replaced by NH90 TTH. UH-1D Luftwaffe A29 Ahlhorn 1984
Bölkow Bo 105 Utility helicopter 104 Mostly Anti-Tank-Helicopter version, being replaced by Eurocopter Tiger. Bölkow Bo 105 (aka)
Eurocopter EC 135 Utility helicopter 15 Eurocopter EC 135 Bundeswehr


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