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Afghanistan Afghanistan[edit | edit source]

Afghan National Army

Albania Albania[edit | edit source]

Albanian Joint Forces Command
  • Special Forces Battalion
  • Black Tigers
Albanian Navy
  • Naval Commandos

Argentina Argentina[edit | edit source]

Argentine Army
Agrupación de Fuerzas de Operaciones Especiales (Special Operations Forces Group)
Argentine National Gendarmerie
Argentine Naval Prefecture
Argentine Navy
Argentine Marine Corps
Argentine Air Force

Australia Australia[edit | edit source]

Australian Defence Force
Special Operations Command[1]

Armenia Armenia[edit | edit source]

Armenian Army
  • Armenian Army Commandos

Austria Austria[edit | edit source]

Austrian Army

Azerbaijan Azerbaijan[edit | edit source]

Azerbaijani Navy
  • 641st Special Warfare Naval Unit

The Bahamas Bahamas[edit | edit source]

Royal Bahamas Defence Force

Bangladesh Bangladesh[edit | edit source]

Bangladesh Army
Bangladesh Navy
Ministry of Home Affairs

Belarus Belarus[edit | edit source]

Armed Forces of Belarus
  • 5th Separate Spetznaz Brigade
Belarusian Police

Belgium Belgium[edit | edit source]

Belgian Land Component

Special Operations Regiment

Brazil Brazil[edit | edit source]

Military Police
Brazilian Army
Brazilian Navy
  • GRUMEC(Combat Divers Group)- (Unconventional warfare,counter-terrorism and Special reconnaissance).
  • COMANF - Batalhão Tonelero -Especial Operations Battalion -(Brazilian navy commandos).
Brazilian Air Force
  • Para-SAR -Special Pararescue Unit- Highly trained paratrooper, trained in evasion and extraction, tactical rescue and survival in hostile environment.

Brunei Brunei[edit | edit source]

Brunei Army

Bulgaria Bulgaria[edit | edit source]

Cambodia Cambodia[edit | edit source]

Canada Canada[edit | edit source]

Canadian Special Operations Forces Command

Chile Chile[edit | edit source]

Chilean Army
Chilean Navy
Chilean Air Force

ChinaChina[edit | edit source]

People's Liberation Army Ground Force[10]
  • Special Operations Group "Divine Sword"
  • Special Operations Group "Tigers of Northeast"
  • Special Operations Group "Tigers of the Night"
  • Special Operations Group "Eagle"
  • Special Operations Group "Flying Dragons"
  • Special Operations Group "Sharp Sword of Southern China"
  • Special Operations Group "Falcons of Southwest"
  • Special Operations Group "Falcon"
  • Special Operations Group "Oscar"
  • There are also various other Special Operations Groups in Guangzhou MR, Chengdu MR, Beijing MR, Shenyang MR, Nanjing MR, Lanzhou MR, Hong Kong, and Macau.
People's Liberation Army Marine Corps[11]
  • Special Operations Forces Battalion
  • PLA Air Force
15th Airborne Corps

Colombia Colombia[edit | edit source]

Colombian Army
Colombian Navy
Colombian Air Force

Croatia Croatia[edit | edit source]

Croatian Army

Military police

  • Special Military Police Company (SSVP) (Satnija specijalne vojne policije)


Cyprus Cyprus[edit | edit source]

Cypriot National Guard
  • Special Forces Command
Cyprus Navy and Marine Police
  • Underwater Demolition Command

Czech Republic Czech Republic[edit | edit source]

Armed Forces of the Czech Republic (ACR)

Denmark Denmark[edit | edit source]

Royal Danish Army
Royal Danish Navy
Danish Home Guard

Egypt Egypt[edit | edit source]

Egyptian Army
Egyptian Navy

Estonia Estonia[edit | edit source]

Estonian Army

Finland Finland[edit | edit source]

Finnish Army
Finnish Navy
Finnish Border Guard

France France[edit | edit source]

Almost all French special forces are attached to the Commandement des Opérations Spéciales (COS).

First circle:

Second circle:

The COS doesn't recognize the "second circle"; it's a popular expression employed by members of units of that circle. There isn't official text which mentions the second circle.

Georgia (country) Georgia[edit | edit source]

Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Presidential Guard ( special assign, Task Force )
  • Omega Special Task Force
  • Alpha group
  • Adjara Naval Commando divers
  • K.U.D (Constitutional Security Department)[15]
  • S.O.D (Special Operative Department)[16]
Georgian Army
  • Commando Battalion
  • Special Operations Forces, Alpha Company
  • Special Operations Forces, Bravo Company
  • Special Operations Forces, Charlie Company
  • Special Operations Forces, Delta Company
  • 'Vashlijvari' Special Operations Group

Germany Germany[edit | edit source]

German Army (Deutsches Heer)
German Navy
German Federal Police

Greece Greece[edit | edit source]

Hellenic Army
  • E.T.A (Special Paratrooper Detachment)
  • Z MAK (Zeta Amphibious Raider Squadron)
Hellenic Navy
Hellenic Air Force

Guatemala Guatemala[edit | edit source]

Guatemalan Army

Hong Kong Hong Kong[edit | edit source]

Hong Kong Police Force

Hungary Hungary[edit | edit source]

Hungarian Defence Forces

Republic of Ireland Ireland[edit | edit source]

Irish Army
Garda Síochána

India India[edit | edit source]

Paramilitary forces of India
Indian Army
Indian Air Force
Indian Navy

Indonesia Indonesia[edit | edit source]

Indonesian Army
Indonesian Navy
Indonesian Air Force
Indonesian National Police

Iran Iran[edit | edit source]

Iranian Army

Iraq Iraq[edit | edit source]

Iraqi Army

Israel Israel[edit | edit source]

Israeli Army
Israeli Air Force
Israeli Navy
Israel Border Police
Israel Police

Italy Italy[edit | edit source]

Italian Army
Italian Navy
Italian Air Force

Japan Japan[edit | edit source]

Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (Army)
Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (Navy/Marine Corps )

South Korea Korea, Republic of[edit | edit source]

Republic of Korea Army
Republic of Korea Navy
  • Ship Salvage Unit (SSU)
  • 56 Special Warfare Corps
    • UDT/SEALs
    • ROKN Special Missions Group (Maritime Counter-terrorism)
  • Underwater Demolition Unit (UDU)
Republic of Korea Air Force
  • Combat Control Team (CCT)
  • Office of Special Investigation (OSI)
  • Special Air Rescue Team (SART)
Republic of Korea Marine Corps (ROKMC)
  • 1st Special Reconnaissance Battalion "Sharkmen"

Latvia Latvia[edit | edit source]

Latvian Army

Lithuania Lithuania[edit | edit source]

Lithuanian Special Operations Force
  • Special Purpose Service (SPS);
  • Vytautas the Great Jaeger Battalion (VGJB);
  • Combat Divers Service (CDS);
  • Special Operations Element (SOE)
  • Anti-terrorism Force squad (ARAS)
Lithuanian Navy
  • Povandeninių Veiksmų Komanda (Underwater Warfare team-EOD Diving unit);
Lithuanian Air Force
  • Special Operations Unit

Lebanon Lebanon[edit | edit source]

Lebanese Armed Forces
Lebanese Army
Lebanese Navy

Malaysia Malaysia[edit | edit source]

Royal Malaysian Police.svgRoyal Malaysian Police[edit | edit source]

Malaysian Armed Forces[edit | edit source]

Malaysian Special Operations Force[edit | edit source]
30pxMalaysian Army
Crest of The Royal Malaysian Navy.pngRoyal Malaysian Navy
30pxRoyal Malaysian Air Force

Maldives Maldives[edit | edit source]

Maldives National Defence Force

Malta Malta[edit | edit source]

Armed Forces of Malta
  • C (Special Duties) Company
  • Rapid Deployment Team

Mexico Mexico[edit | edit source]

Mexican Army
Mexican Navy

Nepal Nepal[edit | edit source]

Nepalese Army
  • Shree Bhairavnath Battalion [Air Borne Specialist] (Para Commando)
  • Shree Mahabir Battalion [The Ranger]
  • Shree Yuddha Bhairav Battalion [Special Forces]

Netherlands Netherlands[edit | edit source]

Royal Netherlands Army

New Zealand New Zealand[edit | edit source]

New Zealand Army

Nigeria Nigeria[edit | edit source]

Norway Norway[edit | edit source]

Ministry of Defence

Oman Oman[edit | edit source]

Pakistan Pakistan[edit | edit source]

Inter-Services Intelligence (Other Government Agency (OGA))
  • Joint Intelligence Miscellaneous - An ISI Wing that is responsible for espionage, including offensive intelligence operations, special operations, in other countries.
Paramilitary forces of Pakistan
Pakistan Army
Pakistan Navy
Pakistan Air Force
Pakistan Police

Peru Peru[edit | edit source]

Peruvian Army
  • 1st Special Forces Brigade (1ra Brigada de Fuerzas Especiales)
  • 3rd Special Forces Brigade (3ra Brigada de Fuerzas Especiales)
  • 26th Special Forces Group "Quevedo"
  • Special Forces Group "Puma"
Peruvian Navy
Peruvian Air Force

Philippines Philippines[edit | edit source]

Philippine Army
Philippine Navy
Philippine Marine Corps
Philippine Air Force
Philippine National Police

Poland Poland[48][edit | edit source]

Polish Special Forces

Portugal Portugal[edit | edit source]

Portuguese Army
Portuguese Navy

Romania Romania[edit | edit source]

Ministry of Defense

Russia Russia[edit | edit source]

Russian Ground Forces
  • Spetsnaz GRU
  • RKSOD special forces
  • Federal Security Service
  • Alpha Group
  • Vympel
  • Special Operations Service
Russian Airborne Troops
  • Russian Airborne Troops
  • 7th Guards Airborne Division
  • 76th Air Assault Division
  • 98th Guards Airborne Division
  • 106th Guards Airborne Division
  • 45th Detached Reconnaissance Regiment
  • 31st Guards Airborne Brigade
Russian Navy
Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • OMON
  • SOBR
  • Rus
  • Vityaz
  • Rosich
  • Ratnik
  • Vyatich
  • Skif
  • OMSN
  • Federal Drug Control Service of Russia

Serbia Serbia[edit | edit source]

Serbian Police
  • SAJ - special anti-terorist unit
Serbian Armed Forces

Singapore Singapore[edit | edit source]

Singapore Army
Republic of Singapore Navy

Syria Syria[edit | edit source]

Syrian Army
  • 14th Special Forces Division

Slovenia Slovenia[edit | edit source]

Slovenian Armed Forces
Slovenian Police

Spain Spain[edit | edit source]

Spanish Army
Spanish Air Force
Spanish Navy
Guardia Civil

South Africa South Africa[edit | edit source]

South African National Defence Force
South African Police Service

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka[edit | edit source]

Sri Lanka Army
Sri Lanka Navy
Sri Lanka Air Force
Sri Lanka Police Service

Sweden Sweden[edit | edit source]

Category:Special forces of Sweden

Swedish Armed Forces

Switzerland Switzerland[edit | edit source]

Swiss Army

Thailand Thailand[edit | edit source]

Royal Thai Army
Royal Thai Navy
Royal Thai Marine Corps
  • Marine Reconnaissance Battalion
Royal Thai Air Force
  • Royal Thai Air Force Commando Company
  • Royal Thai Air Force Pararescue

Taiwan Taiwan[edit | edit source]

R.O.C. Army
  • 101st Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion
  • Airborne Special Service Company (ASSC)
  • Army Aviation and Special Forces Command
R.O.C. Navy
  • Underwater Demolition Units (UDU) - Incorporated into the ARPU
R.O.C. Marine Corps
  • Amphibious Reconnaissance and Patrol Unit
  • CMC Special Service Company
R.O.C. Military Police

Turkey Turkey[edit | edit source]

Özel Kuvvetler Komutanlığı (Special Forces Command)
  • Özel Kuvvetler Komutanlığı "Bordo Bereliler" - (Special Forces Command Special Operations Units "Maroon Berets")
  • Muharebe Arama Kurtarma (MAK) - (Combat Search and Rescue)
  • Doğal Afetler Arama Kurtarma Tabur Komutanlığı (DAK) - (Natural Disasters Search and Rescue Battalion (NDSAR)) [62]
Kara Kuvvetleri Komutanlığı (Turkish Army)
  • Piyade Komando (Infantry Commando)
    • Piyade Hava Indirme Komando (Airborne Commando)
Jandarma Genel Komutanlığı (Turkish Gendarmerie)
  • Jandarma Komando (Gendarmerie Commando)
  • Jandarma Özel Harekat (Gendarmerie Special Operations)
  • Jandarma Özel Asayiş Komutanlığı (JÖAK) (Gendarmerie Special Security Command)
Türk Deniz Kuvvetleri (Turkish Navy)

Ukraine Ukraine[edit | edit source]

Security Service of Ukraine (SBU)
Ukrainian Navy

United Kingdom United Kingdom[edit | edit source]

British Army
  • BKSOD Special ops

Special Air Service (SAS)[63]

Royal Navy

United States United States[edit | edit source]

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)
United States Air Force (AFSOC)
United States Army (USASOC)
Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)
Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC)
United States Naval Special Warfare Command (NAVSPECWARCOM)

Vietnam Vietnam[edit | edit source]

  • Đăc Công Brigades
  • Airborne Brigade

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Miscellaneous Notes
  1. ^ The Japanese Special Forces Group is the current name of the former Japanese Special Operations Group, following a name change.

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