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Below is a partial list of selected villages and towns (shtetls) depopulated of Jews during the Holocaust. The liquidation actions were carried out mostly by the Nazi Einsatzgruppen through mass killings. The German "pacification" units of the Einsatzkommando were paramilitary forces within the Schutzstaffel, under the high command of the Obergruppenführer. The Einsatzgruppen operated primarily in the years 1941–45.

This list is incomplete. It does not include Estonia, Germany itself, or Hungary. The only settlement depopulated of Jews in the Czech Republic listed is Olomouc. The shtetls depopulated in Belarus are also selective.

Belarus[edit | edit source]

Lithuania[edit | edit source]

The following Jewish communities in Lithuania were destroyed during the Holocaust. Note that the list includes places in modern, post-1991 Lithuania, some of which were in German-occupied Poland during the war.[1][2][3][4]

Poland[edit | edit source]

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