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100th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)100th Troop Carrier Squadron101 (City of London) Engineer Regiment
101 Air Supply Unit SAOSC101 Battalion101 Battalion (Libya)
101 Battalion (South Africa)101 Squadron101 Squadron (Israel)
101 Squadron (Portugal)101 Squadron SAAF101st (Northumbrian) Regiment Royal Artillery
101st (Northumbrian) Regiment Royal Artillery (Volunteers)101st Air Refueling Wing101st Airborne Division
101st Airborne Division Artillery101st Aviation Regiment101st Aviation Regiment (United States)
101st Battalion101st Battalion (Winnipeg Light Infantry), CEF101st Bombardment (Photographic) Squadron
101st Brigade101st Brigade (United Kingdom)101st Brigade for the Protection of the General Staff
101st Cavalry Regiment101st Cavalry Regiment (United States)101st Combat Aviation Brigade
101st Division (1st Formation)(People's Republic of China)101st Division (Imperial Japanese Army)101st Division (Philippines)
101st Division (Syrian rebel group)101st Division (disambiguation)101st Engineer Battalion
101st Engineer Battalion (United States)101st Field Artillery Regiment101st Fighter-Training Aviation Regiment
101st Grenadiers101st Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery101st Home Air Defence Fighter Wing
101st Illinois Infantry Regiment101st Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment101st Indiana Infantry Regiment
101st Infantry Battalion101st Infantry Battalion (United States)101st Infantry Division (France)
101st Infantry Division (German Empire)101st Infantry Regiment (United States)101st Intelligence Squadron
101st Jäger Division (Wehrmacht)101st Logistic Brigade101st Logistic Brigade (United Kingdom)
101st Military Intelligence (CEWI)101st Military Intelligence Battalion101st Motorised Division Trieste
101st New York Volunteer Infantry101st Ohio Infantry101st Panzer Brigade
101st Regiment101st Regiment of Foot (1760)101st Regiment of Foot (1780)
101st Regiment of Foot (Duke of York's Irish)101st Regiment of Foot (Royal Bengal Fusiliers)101st Regiment of Foot (disambiguation)
101st Rescue Squadron101st Rifle Division (Soviet Union)101st SS Heavy Panzer Battalion
101st Signal Battalion101st Signal Battalion (United States)101st Squadron (JASDF)
101st Sustainment Brigade101st Sustainment Brigade (United States)101st Technical & Administrative Services Group (Reserve)
101st Troop Command102 Squadron (Israel)102 Squadron SAAF
102d Intelligence Wing102d Rescue Squadron102d Security Forces Squadron
102nd (Tyneside Scottish) Brigade102nd (Ulster) Air Defence Regiment Royal Artillery102nd Battalion, CEF
102nd Brigade102nd Cavalry Regiment102nd Cavalry Regiment (United States)
102nd Division102nd Division (1st Formation) (People's Republic of China)102nd Division (2nd Formation)(People's Republic of China)
102nd Division (Imperial Japanese Army)102nd Division (Philippines)102nd Field Artillery Regiment
102nd Field Artillery Regiment (United States)102nd Fortress Division (France)102nd Illinois Infantry Regiment
102nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment102nd Indiana Infantry Regiment102nd Infantry Battalion (Ready Reserve)
102nd Infantry Division (United States)102nd Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)102nd Infantry Regiment (France)
102nd Infantry Regiment (Imperial Japanese Army)102nd Infantry Regiment (United States)102nd Logistic Brigade (United Kingdom)
102nd Medium Battery, Royal Australian Artillery102nd Motorised Division Trento102nd New York Volunteer Infantry
102nd Ohio Infantry102nd Panzer Brigade102nd Pennsylvania Infantry
102nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment102nd Prince of Wales's Own Grenadiers102nd Reconnaissance Battalion of General Karel Palecek
102nd Reconnaissance Battalion of General Karel Paleček102nd Regiment102nd Regiment United States Colored Troops
102nd Regiment of Foot (Irish Rangers)102nd Regiment of Foot (Royal Madras Fusiliers)102nd Regiment of Foot (disambiguation)
102nd Rifle Division102nd SS Heavy Panzer Battalion102nd Security Forces Squadron
102nd Squadron102nd Squadron (Israel)102nd Squadron (JASDF)
102nd Squadron (Portugal)102nd Technical & Administrative Services Group (Reserve)1033 program
103 (Tyne Electrical Engineers) Field Squadron103 ISTAR battalion103 Search and Rescue Squadron
103 Squadron (Israel)103 Squadron (Portugal)103d Aero Squadron
103d Airlift Wing103d Fighter Squadron103d Rescue Squadron
103rd (Lancashire Artillery Volunteers) Regiment Royal Artillery103rd (Tyneside Irish) Brigade103rd Air Control Squadron
103rd Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery103rd Armor Regiment103rd Armor Regiment (United States)
103rd Battalion, CEF103rd Cavalry Regiment103rd Cavalry Regiment (United States)
103rd Division103rd Division (1st Formation)(People's Republic of China)103rd Division (2nd Formation)(People's Republic of China)
103rd Division (Imperial Japanese Army)103rd Engineer Battalion (United States)103rd Field Artillery Regiment
103rd Guards Airborne Division103rd Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery103rd ISTAR Battalion
103rd Illinois Infantry Regiment103rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment103rd Indiana Infantry Regiment
103rd Infantry Division (German Empire)103rd Infantry Division (United States)103rd Infantry Division Piacenza
103rd Infantry Regiment (United States)103rd Mahratta Light Infantry103rd Medium Battery, Royal Australian Artillery
103rd Military Intelligence Battalion103rd Motorised Division Piacenza103rd New York Volunteer Infantry
103rd Ohio Infantry103rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry Association Barracks103rd Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment
103rd Regiment103rd Regiment (Calgary Rifles)103rd Regiment of Foot (1794)
103rd Regiment of Foot (1806)103rd Regiment of Foot (King's Irish Infantry)103rd Regiment of Foot (Royal Bombay Fusiliers)
103rd Regiment of Foot (Volunteer Hunters)103rd Regiment of Foot (disambiguation)103rd Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
103rd SS Heavy Panzer Battalion103rd Squadron (JASDF)103rd Sustainment Command (Expeditionary)
103rd Technical & Administrative Services Group (Reserve)104 Squadron SAAF104th Aero Squadron
104th Aviation Regiment (United States)104th Battalion, CEF104th Brigade
104th Brigade (Croatia)104th Brigade (United Kingdom)104th Cavalry Regiment
104th Cavalry Regiment (United States)104th Company of Syndicalists104th Division
104th Division (1st Formation)(People's Republic of China)104th Division (2nd Formation)(People's Republic of China)104th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
104th Field Battery, Royal Australian Artillery104th Fighter Squadron104th Fighter Wing
104th Guards Airborne Division104th Illinois Infantry Regiment104th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
104th Indiana Infantry Regiment104th Infantry (SULTAN) Brigade104th Infantry Brigade (Philippines)
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