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104th Infantry Division (United States)104th Infantry Division Mantova104th Infantry Regiment (United States)
104th Jäger Division (Wehrmacht)104th Logistic Support Brigade (United Kingdom)104th Motorised Division Mantova
104th New York Volunteer Infantry104th Ohio Infantry104th Regiment
104th Regiment Royal Artillery104th Regiment Royal Artillery (Volunteers)104th Regiment of Foot (Bengal Fusiliers)
104th Regiment of Foot (King's Volunteers)104th Regiment of Foot (disambiguation)104th Technical & Administrative Services Group (Reserve)
104th Training Aviation Regiment104th Wellesley's Rifles1051st Technical & Administrative Services Unit (Ready Reserve)
105 Squadron105 Squadron (Israel)105 Squadron SAAF
105 mm105 mm Indian Field Gun105 mm Modèle F1
105 mm MÁVAG 40/43M105 mm gun T5E1105mm Gun T8
105th (Scottish and Ulster) Regiment Royal Artillery105th Air Refueling Squadron105th Airlift Squadron
105th Airlift Wing105th Armored Division (North Korea)105th Attack Squadron
105th Aviation Brigade105th Battalion (Prince Edward Island Highlanders), CEF105th Brigade (United Kingdom)
105th Cavalry Regiment105th Cavalry Regiment (United States)105th Division
105th Division (1st Formation)(People's Republic of China)105th Division (2nd Formation)(People's Republic of China)105th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
105th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Regiment105th Guards Vienna Airborne Division105th Illinois Infantry Regiment
105th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment105th Infantry Division (German Empire)105th Infantry Division Rovigo
105th Infantry Regiment (United States)105th Mahratta Light Infantry105th Medium Battery, Royal Australian Artillery
105th Motorised Division Rovigo105th New York Volunteer Infantry105th Ohio Infantry
105th Pennsylvania Infantry105th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment105th Regiment Royal Artillery
105th Regiment of Foot (1794)105th Regiment of Foot (Madras Light Infantry)105th Regiment of Foot (Queen's Own Royal Regiment of Highlanders)
105th Regiment of Foot (disambiguation)105th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery105th Squadron (JASDF)
105th Technical & Administrative Services Group (Reserve)106 Squadron (Israel)106 Squadron SAAF
106th (Yeomanry) Regiment Royal Artillery106th Air Refueling Squadron106th Aviation Regiment (United States)
106th Battalion (Nova Scotia Rifles), CEF106th Brigade (United Kingdom)106th Cavalry Regiment
106th Division106th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)106th Division (People's Republic of China)
106th Field Battery, Royal Australian Artillery106th Fighter-Interceptor Wing106th Guards Airborne Division
106th Hazara Pioneers106th Illinois Infantry Regiment106th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
106th Infantry Division (United States)106th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)106th Infantry Regiment (United States)
106th New York Volunteer Infantry106th Ohio Infantry106th Pennsylvania Infantry
106th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment106th Regiment of Foot (1794)106th Regiment of Foot (Black Musqueteers)
106th Regiment of Foot (Bombay Light Infantry)106th Regiment of Foot (disambiguation)106th Rescue Wing
106th Signal Brigade (United States)1077th Anti-Aircraft Regiment (Soviet Union)1079th Garrison Support Unit
107 Squadron107 Squadron (Israel)107 Squadron SAAF
107 mm divisional gun M1940 (M-60)107 mm gun M1910107 mm gun M1910/30
107mm M1938 mortar107th (Bengal Infantry) Regiment of Foot107th (Ulster) Brigade
107th Airlift Wing107th Attack Wing107th Aviation Regiment (United States)
107th Battalion (Winnipeg), CEF107th Brigade (United Kingdom)107th Cavalry Regiment
107th Cavalry Regiment (United States)107th Division107th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
107th Engineer Battalion107th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)107th Fighter Squadron
107th Illinois Infantry Regiment107th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment107th Indiana Infantry Regiment
107th Infantry Division (German Empire)107th Infantry Memorial107th Infantry Regiment (France)
107th Infantry Regiment (United States)107th Mixed Aviation Regiment107th New York Volunteer Infantry
107th Ohio Infantry107th Pennsylvania Infantry107th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
107th Pioneers107th Regiment107th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
107th Regiment of Foot (1794)107th Regiment of Foot (Bengal Light Infantry)107th Regiment of Foot (Queen's Own Royal Regiment of British Volunteers)
107th Regiment of Foot (disambiguation)107th Rocket Artillery Regiment107th Rocket Artillery Regiment (Ukraine)
107th Rocket Brigade (Russia)108 Martyrs of World War II108 Squadron SAAF
108th (Madras Infantry) Regiment of Foot108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade (United States)108th Air Refueling Squadron
108th Aviation Regiment (United States)108th Battalion (Selkirk), CEF108th Brigade (United Kingdom)
108th Cavalry Regiment108th Division108th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
108th Division (People's Republic of China)108th Field Artillery Regiment108th Guards Kuban Cossack Air Assault Regiment
108th Illinois Infantry Regiment108th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment108th Infantry
108th Infantry Division (German Empire)108th Infantry Regiment (United States)108th Motor Rifle Division
108th New York Volunteer Infantry108th Ohio Infantry108th Operations Group
108th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps108th Regiment of Foot (1761)108th Regiment of Foot (1794)
108th Regiment of Foot (Madras Infantry)108th Regiment of Foot (disambiguation)108th Sustainment Brigade (United States)
108th Training Command (Initial Entry Training)108th Wing109 Squadron (Israel)
109 Squadron SAAF109th (Aberdeenshire) Regiment of Foot109th Airlift Squadron
109th Airlift Wing109th Battalion (Victoria & Haliburton), CEF109th Brigade (United Kingdom)
109th Division109th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)109th Division (People's Republic of China)
109th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)
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