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10th Ohio Infantry10th Panzer Division10th Panzer Division (Bundeswehr)
10th Panzer Division (Wehrmacht)10th Parachute Brigade (Malaysia)10th Parachute Division
10th Parachute Division (France)10th Parachute Division (Germany)10th Pennsylvania Regiment
10th Pennsylvania Reserve Regiment10th Press Camp Headquarters10th Princess Mary's Own Gurkha Rifles
10th Queen's Own Canadian Hussars10th Reconnaissance Squadron10th Regiment
10th Regiment (Denmark)10th Regiment Alabama Infantry10th Regiment Indiana Cavalry
10th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Infantry10th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry10th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
10th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry10th Regiment Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry10th Regiment Tennessee Volunteer Infantry
10th Regiment of Bombay Native Infantry10th Regiment of Foot (Poland)10th Regional Support Group
10th Reserve Division (German Empire)10th Reserve Division (People's Republic of China)10th Rhode Island Battery
10th Rhode Island Infantry10th Rifle Corps10th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
10th Royal Hussars10th Royal Tank Regiment10th SS Panzer Division Frundsberg
10th SS Police Regiment10th School Group10th South Carolina Infantry
10th Space Warning Squadron10th Special Forces Group (United States)10th Squadron (JASDF)
10th Submarine Squadron (United Kingdom)10th Supply and Transportation Battalion10th Sustainment Brigade
10th Tactical Reconnaissance Group10th Tactical Squadron10th Tactical Wing
10th Tank Corps10th Tennessee Infantry Regiment10th Terek-Dagestan Army
10th Transportation Battalion (United States)10th U-boat Flotilla10th United States Colored Heavy Artillery Regiment
10th United States Colored Infantry10th Vermont Infantry10th Virginia Cavalry
10th Virginia Infantry10th Virginia Regiment10th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment
10th Wing10th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment10º Regimento de Cavalaria Mecanizado
11.35mm Schouboe11.3×36mmR1103rd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion
1108th Signal Brigade110 Squadron110 Squadron (Israel)
110 Squadron SAAF110th Airlift Wing110th Attack Wing
110th Aviation Brigade (United States)110th Battalion (Perth), CEF110th Bomb Squadron
110th Brigade (United Kingdom)110th Cavalry Regiment110th Cavalry Regiment (United States)
110th Division110th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)110th Division (People's Republic of China)
110th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)110th Illinois Infantry Regiment110th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
110th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)110th Infantry Regiment (United States)110th Information Operations Battalion
110th Mahratta Light Infantry110th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade110th New York Volunteer Infantry
110th Ohio Infantry110th Pennsylvania Infantry110th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
110th Regiment110th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps110th Regiment United States Colored Infantry
110th Regiment of Foot110th Regiment of Foot (1794)110th Regiment of Foot (Queen's Royal Musqueteers)
110th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)110th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery1113–15 Balearic Islands expedition
111 Battalion111 Brigade (Sri Lanka)111 Squadron
111 Squadron, Republic of Singapore Air Force111 Squadron SAAF111th (EOD) Ordnance Group (United States)
111th Aviation Regiment (United States)111th Battalion (South Waterloo), CEF111th Brigade (United Kingdom)
111th Cavalry Regiment111th Division111th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
111th Division (People's Republic of China)111th Engineer Brigade (United States)111th Field Artillery Battalion
111th Field Artillery Regiment111th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)111th Fighter Escadrille (Poland)
111th Fighter Wing111th Helicopter Regiment111th Illinois Infantry Regiment
111th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment111th Indian Infantry Brigade111th Infantry Brigade (Pakistan)
111th Infantry Division (German Empire)111th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)111th Infantry Regiment (United States)
111th Mahars111th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade111th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade (United States)
111th Military Intelligence Brigade111th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment111th Ohio Infantry
111th Pennsylvania Infantry111th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment111th Reconnaissance Squadron
111th Regiment111th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps111th Regiment United States Colored Infantry
111th Regiment of Foot111th Regiment of Foot (1761)111th Regiment of Foot (Loyal Birmingham Volunteers)
111th Rifle Corps111th Space Operations Squadron111th Sustainment Brigade (United States)
111th Tank Division (Soviet Union)112 Gripes About the French112 Signals Unit RAF
112 Signals Unit Stornoway112th "Revolutionary Mongolia" Tank Brigade112th Air Refueling Group
112th Aviation Regiment (United States)112th Battalion (Nova Scotia), CEF112th Brigade (United Kingdom)
112th Cavalry Regiment112th Cavalry Regiment (United States)112th Division
112th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)112th Division (People's Republic of China)112th Field Artillery Regiment
112th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)112th Fighter Squadron112th Guards Missile Brigade
112th Illinois Infantry Regiment112th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment112th Infantry
112th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)112th Infantry Regiment (United States)112th Mechanized Infantry Division (People's Republic of China)
112th New York Volunteer Infantry112th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps112th Regiment United States Colored Infantry
112th Regiment of Foot112th Regiment of Foot (1794)112th Regiment of Foot (King's Royal Musqueteers)
112th Special Operations Signal Battalion112th Special Operations Signal Battalion (Airborne)112th United States Colored Infantry
1138th Military Police Company113 Battalion113 Squadron
113 Squadron (Israel)113th Air Support Operations Squadron113th Battalion (Lethbridge Highlanders), CEF
113th Brigade (United Kingdom)113th Cavalry Regiment113th Cavalry Regiment (United States)
113th Division113th Division (People's Republic of China)113th Engineer Battalion (United States)
113th Field Artillery Regiment113th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)
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