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113th Mechanized Infantry Division (People's Republic of China)113th Ohio Infantry113th Operations Group
113th Panzer Brigade113th Regiment United States Colored Infantry113th Regiment of Foot
113th Regiment of Foot (1794)113th Regiment of Foot (Royal Highlanders)113th Sustainment Brigade (United States)
113th United States Colored Infantry113th United States Colored Infantry Regiment113th Wing
114 Squadron114 Squadron (Israel)114th Armed Police Mobile Division
114th Aviation Regiment114th Aviation Regiment (United States)114th Battalion (Haldimand), CEF
114th Brigade (United Kingdom)114th Division114th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
114th Division (People's Republic of China)114th Engineer Battalion (United States)114th Engineer Combat Battalion (United States)
114th Field Artillery Regiment114th Fighter Squadron114th Fighter Wing
114th Guards Airborne Division114th Illinois Infantry Regiment114th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
114th Infantry Regiment (United States)114th Jäger Division (Wehrmacht)114th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery
114th Mahrattas114th New York Volunteer Infantry114th Ohio Infantry
114th Pennsylvania Infantry114th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment114th Range Operations Squadron
114th Regiment of Foot114th Regiment of Foot (1794)114th Regiment of Foot (Royal Highlander Volunteers)
114th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)114th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery114th Space Control Squadron
115 Battalion115 Squadron (Israel)115th (North Midland) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery
115th Airlift Squadron115th Battalion (New Brunswick), CEF115th Brigade (United Kingdom)
115th Brigade Support Battalion115th Combat Support Hospital (United States)115th Division
115th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)115th Division (People's Republic of China)115th Field Artillery Brigade
115th Fighter Wing115th Illinois Infantry Regiment115th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
115th Indian Infantry Brigade115th Indiana Infantry Regiment115th Infantry Division (German Empire)
115th Infantry Regiment (Imperial Japanese Army)115th Infantry Regiment (United States)115th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (People's Republic of China)
115th New York Infantry115th Ohio Infantry115th Operations Group
115th Pennsylvania Infantry115th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment115th Regiment of Foot
115th Regiment of Foot (Prince William's)115th Regiment of Foot (Royal Scotch Lowlanders)1160th Transportation Company
116 Battalion116 Squadron (Israel)116th (Perthshire Highlanders) Regiment of Foot
116th Air Control Squadron116th Air Control Wing116th Air Refueling Squadron
116th Battalion (Ontario County), CEF116th Brigade (United Kingdom)116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team
116th Division116th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)116th Division (People's Republic of China)
116th Field Artillery Regiment116th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)116th Fighter Aviation Regiment
116th Illinois Infantry Regiment116th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment116th Independent Field Battery, RCA
116th Indiana Infantry Regiment116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (United States)
116th Infantry Brigade Royal Marines116th Infantry Regiment (United States)116th Mahrattas
116th Mechanized Infantry Division (People's Republic of China)116th Military Intelligence Brigade (United States)116th New York Volunteer Infantry
116th Ohio Infantry116th Operations Group116th Panzer Division (Wehrmacht)
116th Pennsylvania Infantry116th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment116th Regiment Infantry U.S. Colored Troops
116th Regiment of Foot117 Battalion117 Squadron (Israel)
117th (Eastern Townships) Battalion, CEF117th Air Control Squadron117th Air Refueling Squadron
117th Air Refueling Wing117th Armed Police Mobile Division117th Armed Police Mobile Division (People's Republic of China)
117th Brigade (United Kingdom)117th Division117th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
117th Division (People's Republic of China)117th Field Artillery Regiment117th Fighter Aviation Regiment
117th Illinois Infantry Regiment117th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment117th Infantry Brigade Royal Marines
117th Infantry Division (German Empire)117th Jäger Division (Wehrmacht)117th Mahrattas
117th Military Police Battalion117th New York Volunteer Infantry117th Ohio Infantry
117th Operations Group117th Regiment of Foot117th Regiment of Foot (1794)
117th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)1181 Forward Support Company1181st Forward Support Company
118 Battalion118 Squadron (Israel)118th (North Waterloo) Battalion, CEF
118th Air Support Operations Squadron118th Airlift Squadron118th Brigade (United Kingdom)
118th Division118th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)118th Division (People's Republic of China)
118th Field Artillery Regiment118th General Hospital (United States Army)118th Guards Rifle Division
118th Illinois Infantry Regiment118th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment118th Infantry Regiment (United States)
118th Jäger Division (Wehrmacht)118th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (People's Republic of China)118th New York Volunteer Infantry
118th Ohio Infantry118th Pennsylvania Infantry118th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
118th Regiment118th Regiment of Foot118th Regiment of Foot (1794)
118th SS-Standarte118th Wing1198th Operational Evaluation and Training Squadron
119 Squadron119 Squadron (Israel)119th (Algoma) Battalion, CEF
119th (The Prince's Own) Regiment of Foot119th Assault Helicopter Company119th Brigade (United Kingdom)
119th Command and Control Squadron119th Division119th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
119th Division (People's Republic of China)119th Field Artillery Regiment119th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)
119th Fighter Squadron119th Helicopter Brigade119th Illinois Infantry Regiment
119th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment119th Infantry (The Mooltan Regiment)119th Infantry Division (German Empire)
119th Infantry Regiment (United States)119th Motorized Infantry Brigade (People's Republic of China)119th New York Volunteer Infantry
119th Pennsylvania Infantry119th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment119th Regiment
119th Regiment of Foot119th Regiment of Foot (1794)119th Rifle Division
119th SS-Standarte119th Wing11 (Victoria) Field Ambulance
11 April 2007 Algiers bombings11 Commando (South African)11 EOD Regiment RLC
11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment11 Gorkha Rifles
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