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1254th Air Transport Wing125 Squadron, Republic of Singapore Air Force125 Squadron (Israel)
125 mm smoothbore ammunition125th (Lancashire Fusiliers) Brigade125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada Medal
125th Battalion, CEF125th Battalion (1st Overseas Battalion of 38th Regiment Dufferin Rifles), CEF125th Brigade Support Battalion (United States)
125th Division125th Division (2nd Formation)(People's Republic of China)125th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
125th Division (People's Republic of China)125th Field Artillery Regiment125th Fighter Squadron
125th Fighter Wing125th Guards Dive Bomber Regiment125th Illinois Infantry Regiment
125th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment125th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)125th Infantry Regiment (United States)
125th Napier's Rifles125th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment125th Ohio Infantry
125th Pennsylvania Infantry125th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment125th Regiment of Foot
125th Special Tactics Squadron125th Weather Flight1269th Engineer Combat Battalion (United States)
126 Squadron, Republic of Singapore Air Force126th (East Lancashire) Brigade126th Air Refueling Squadron
126th Air Refueling Wing126th Armed Police Mobile Division (People's Republic of China)126th Aviation Regiment
126th Aviation Regiment (United States)126th Baluchistan Infantry126th Battalion (Peel), CEF
126th Cavalry Regiment126th Division126th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
126th Division (People's Republic of China)126th Field Artillery Regiment126th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)
126th Guards Rifle Division126th Illinois Infantry Regiment126th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
126th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)126th Infantry Regiment (France)126th Infantry Regiment (United States)
126th Intelligence Squadron126th Machine Gun Artillery Division126th New York Volunteer Infantry
126th Ohio Infantry126th Pennsylvania Infantry126th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
126th Regiment of Foot126th SS-Standarte127 Squadron, Republic of Singapore Air Force
127th (Manchester) Brigade127th (Parachute) Field Ambulance127th Air Refueling Group
127th Baluch Light Infantry127th Battalion (12th York Rangers), CEF127th Command and Control Squadron
127th Division127th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)127th Division (People's Republic of China)
127th Illinois Infantry Regiment127th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment127th Infantry Regiment (United States)
127th Machine Gun Artillery Division127th Mechanized Infantry Division (People's Republic of China)127th New York Volunteer Infantry
127th Regiment of Foot127th SS-Standarte127th Wing
128th (Moose Jaw) Battalion, CEF128th Air Control Squadron128th Air Refueling Wing
128th Airborne Command and Control Squadron128th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)128th Illinois Infantry Regiment
128th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment128th Indiana Infantry Regiment128th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
128th Infantry Regiment (United States)128th Mechanized Brigade (Ukraine)128th Mountain Assault Brigade (Ukraine)
128th Mountain Brigade (Ukraine)128th New York Volunteer Infantry128th Ohio Infantry
128th Pennsylvania Infantry128th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment128th Pioneers
128th Regiment of Foot129 (Dragon) Battery Royal Artillery129th (Wentworth) Battalion, CEF
129th Division (2nd Formation)(People's Republic of China)129th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)129th Duke of Connaught's Own Baluchis
129th Field Artillery Regiment129th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)129th Illinois Infantry Regiment
129th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment129th Indiana Infantry Regiment129th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
129th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)129th Infantry Regiment (United States)129th Ohio Infantry
129th Pennsylvania Infantry129th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment129th Regiment of Foot
129th Rescue Squadron129th Rescue Wing12 (Force Support) Engineer Group
12 (Vancouver) Field Ambulance12 (Vancouver) Service Company12 April 1993 Srebrenica shelling
12 February 2007 Baghdad bombings12 Flight AAC12 Flight Army Air Corps
12 Motorised Infantry Brigade (Namibia)12 Regiment RLC12 South African Infantry Battalion
12 Squadron12 Squadron SAAF12 cm/45 10th Year Type naval gun
12 cm/45 3rd Year Type naval gun12 cm Luftminenwerfer M 1612 cm Minenwerfer M 15
12 cm felthaubits/m3212 cm tornautomatpjäs m/7012 gauge
12 mm caliber12e Régiment blindé du Canada12th-13th Battalion of the Line
12th/16th Hunter River Lancers12th (Eastern) Division12th (Howitzer) Brigade Royal Field Artillery
12th (Otago) Mounted Rifles12th (Yorkshire) Parachute Battalion12th Aero Squadron
12th Air Base12th Air Corps (Germany)12th Air Division
12th Air Force Group (Ready Reserve)12th Airborne Command and Control Squadron12th Airlift Flight
12th Alpini Regiment12th Amurskaya Rifle Division12th Anti-Aircraft Division (United Kingdom)
12th Arkansas Cavalry Regiment12th Arkansas Infantry Battalion12th Arkansas Infantry Regiment
12th Armored Brigade (People's Republic of China)12th Armored Division (United States)12th Armoured Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
12th Armoured Regiment (Australia)12th Armoured Regiment (India)12th Army (Austria-Hungary)
12th Army (German Empire)12th Army (People's Republic of China)12th Army (RSFSR)
12th Army (Russian Empire)12th Army (Soviet Union)12th Army (Wehrmacht)
12th Army Aviation Brigade (Ukraine)12th Army Corps12th Army Corps (France)
12th Army Corps (Russian Empire)12th Aviation Battalion12th Battalion
12th Battalion, CEF12th Battalion (Australia)12th Brigade
12th Brigade (Australia)12th Brigade (Japan)12th Cavalry (Frontier Force)
12th Cavalry Brigade12th Cavalry Brigade (British Indian Army)12th Cavalry Division (Russian Empire)
12th Cavalry Regiment
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