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132nd Motorized Infantry Brigade (People's Republic of China)132nd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment132nd Ohio Infantry
132nd Pennsylvania Infantry132nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment132nd Regiment
132nd Wing133 Squadron (Israel)133d Air Refueling Squadron
133d Airlift Wing133d Operations Group133rd (Highland) Regiment of Foot
133rd (Parachute) Field Ambulance133rd Airlift Wing133rd Armoured Division Littorio
133rd Battalion (Norfolk's Own), CEF133rd Division133rd Division (2nd Formation)(People's Republic of China)
133rd Division (Imperial Japanese Army)133rd Engineer Battalion133rd Field Artillery Regiment (United States)
133rd Illinois Infantry Regiment133rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment133rd Indiana Infantry Regiment
133rd Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)133rd Infantry Regiment (United States)133rd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery
133rd New York Volunteer Infantry133rd Ohio Infantry133rd Pennsylvania Infantry
133rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment1345134th (2/1st Hampshire) Brigade
134th (Cornwall) Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery134th (Loyal Limerick) Regiment of Foot134th Air Refueling Wing
134th Battalion (48th Highlanders), CEF134th Cavalry Regiment (United States)134th Division
134th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)134th Fighter Squadron134th Illinois Infantry Regiment
134th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment134th Indiana Infantry Regiment134th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
134th Motor Rifle Division134th New York Volunteer Infantry134th Ohio Infantry
134th Pennsylvania Infantry134th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment135 Geographic Squadron Royal Engineers
135 Squadron (Israel)135 mm /45 Italian naval gun135th (2/1st South Western) Brigade
135th (Limerick) Regiment of Foot135th (Middlesex) Battalion, CEF135th Aero Squadron
135th Airlift Group135th Airlift Squadron135th Aviation Regiment (United States)
135th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)135th Illinois Infantry Regiment135th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
135th Indiana Infantry Regiment135th Infantry Regiment (United States)135th Ohio Infantry
135th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary)136th (2/1st Devon & Cornwall) Brigade136th (2/1st Devon and Cornwall) Brigade
136th (Durham) Battalion, CEF136th Airlift Squadron136th Airlift Wing
136th Armoured Division Centauro II136th Armoured Division Giovani Fascisti136th Civil Engineer Squadron
136th Division136th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)136th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade
136th Illinois Infantry Regiment136th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment136th Indiana Infantry Regiment
136th Infantry Division Giovani Fascisti136th Infantry Regiment (United States)136th New York Volunteer Infantry
136th Ohio Infantry136th Pennsylvania Infantry136th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
136th Rifle Division137th (Calgary) Battalion, CEF137th Air Refueling Wing
137th Airlift Squadron137th Armoured Brigade (United Kingdom)137th Aviation Regiment
137th Aviation Regiment (United States)137th Division137th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
137th Field Artillery Battalion (United States)137th Guards Airborne Regiment137th Illinois Infantry Regiment
137th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment137th Indiana Infantry Regiment137th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
137th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)137th Infantry Regiment (United States)137th Mountain Infantry Regiment (Nazi Germany)
137th New York Volunteer Infantry137th Ohio Infantry137th Operations Group
137th Pennsylvania Infantry137th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment137th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
137th Space Warning Squadron137th Special Operations Wing1383–1385 Portuguese interregnum
1383–85 Crisis138th (Edmonton, Alberta) Battalion, CEF138th (Lincoln and Leicester) Brigade
138th Aero Squadron138th Attack Squadron138th Brigade (People's Republic of China)
138th Division138th Division (1st Formation)(People's Republic of China)138th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
138th Field Artillery Brigade138th Fighter Wing138th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade
138th Illinois Infantry Regiment138th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment138th Indiana Infantry Regiment
138th Infantry Regiment (United States)138th Ohio Infantry138th Pennsylvania Infantry
138th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment138th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)138th Separate Tank Regiment
1394th Transportation Brigade139th (Northumberland) Battalion, CEF139th (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire) Brigade
139th (Sherwood Foresters) Brigade139th Aero Squadron139th Airlift Squadron
139th Airlift Wing139th Division139th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
139th Illinois Infantry Regiment139th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment139th Indiana Infantry Regiment
139th Infantry Regiment (United States)139th Intelligence Squadron139th Medical Brigade
139th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment139th Ohio Infantry139th Pennsylvania Infantry
139th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment139th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)13 Air Assault Regiment RLC
13 Field Squadron, Royal Australian Engineers13 Gemotorizeerde (Motorized) Brigade13 JG 52
13 June 2012 Iraq attacks13 May 1945 German deserter execution13 May Incident
13 May incident (Malaysia)13 September 2008 Delhi bombings13 Signal Squadron
13 Squadron13 Strategic Missile Division13 Vendémiaire
13 mm caliber13 steps13th/18th Royal Hussars
13th "Shavnabada" Light Infantry Battalion13th (Lancashire) Parachute Battalion13th (Service) Battalion (Wandsworth), East Surrey Regiment
13th (Western) Division13th Aero Squadron13th Air Defense Division
13th Air Expeditionary Group13th Air Force Corps (People's Republic of China)13th Air Support Operations Squadron
13th Air Transport Squadron13th Airborne Division13th Airborne Division (United States)
13th Airborne Division Artillery13th Airlift Squadron13th Airlift Squadron (Polish Air Force)
13th Airmobile Battalion (Ukraine)13th Arkansas Infantry Regiment13th Armored Division (United States)
13th Armoured Regiment (India)13th Army (RSFSR)13th Army (Russian Empire)
13th Army (Soviet Union)13th Army Band (United States)13th Army Corps (Russian Empire)
13th Army Division13th Aviation Regiment13th Aviation Regiment (United States)
13th Battalion13th Battalion (Australia)
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