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15th Bombardment Squadron (VH)15th Bombardment Training Wing15th Brigade
15th Brigade (Australia)15th Brigade (Japan)15th Brigade Support Battalion (United States)
15th Carrier Air Group15th Cavalry Division (Russian Empire)15th Cavalry Division (United States)
15th Cavalry Regiment15th Cavalry Regiment (United States)15th Coast Artillery (United States)
15th Connecticut Infantry Regiment15th Cruiser Squadron15th Destroyer Flotilla
15th Division15th Division (German Empire)15th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
15th Division (North Korea)15th Engineer Battalion (United States)15th Expeditionary Mobility Task Force
15th Field Artillery Regiment15th Field Artillery Regiment (Canada)15th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)
15th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery15th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron15th Fighter Aviation Division (People's Liberation Army Air Force)
15th Fighter Division (China)15th Fighter Division (People's Republic of China)15th Georgia Volunteer Infantry
15th Group15th Illinois Cavalry Regiment15th Illinois Infantry Regiment
15th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment15th Independent Battery Indiana Light Artillery15th Indian Division
15th Indian Infantry Brigade15th Indiana Infantry Regiment15th Infantry Brigade (Greece)
15th Infantry Brigade (Hungary)15th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)15th Infantry Division (France)
15th Infantry Division (Iraq)15th Infantry Division (Philippines)15th Infantry Division (Poland)
15th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)15th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)15th Infantry Division Bergamo
15th Infantry Division Search and Rescue Unit (Philippines)15th Infantry Regiment (Greece)15th Infantry Regiment (Portugal)
15th Infantry Regiment (United States)15th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment15th Kansas Militia Infantry Regiment
15th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry Regiment15th Kenya Rifles Battalion15th Lancers
15th Lancers (Cureton's Multanis)15th Landwehr Division (German Empire)15th Light Horse Regiment (Australia)
15th Ludhiana Sikhs15th Madras Native Infantry15th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment
15th Marine Expeditionary Unit15th Marine Regiment (United States)15th Massachusetts Regiment
15th Mechanized Brigade (Romania)15th Medical Battalion15th Medical Battalion (German Army)
15th Medical Battalion (United States Army)15th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment15th Military Police Brigade
15th Missouri Volunteer Infantry15th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry15th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry
15th Northern River Lancers15th Ohio Battery15th Ohio Infantry
15th Operational Weather Squadron15th Operations Group15th Panzer Division (Wehrmacht)
15th Panzergrenadier Division (Wehrmacht)15th Pennsylvania Cavalry15th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment
15th Poznań Uhlans Regiment15th Punjab Regiment15th Reconnaissance Squadron
15th Reconnaissance Squadron (disambiguation)15th Regiment15th Regiment Alabama Infantry
15th Regiment Illinois Volunteer Cavalry15th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Cavalry15th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry
15th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Infantry15th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry15th Regiment of Light Dragoons
15th Reserve Division (German Empire)15th Rifle Corps15th Rifle Division
15th SS Police Regiment15th Signal Brigade (United States)15th South Carolina Infantry Regiment
15th Special Forces Division15th Special Operations Squadron15th Strike Wing, Philippine Air Force
15th Sustainment Brigade15th Tank Corps15th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
15th Test Squadron15th The King's Hussars15th Transport Aviation Brigade (Ukraine)
15th United States Colored Infantry15th Vermont Infantry15th Virginia Cavalry
15th Virginia Infantry15th Virginia Regiment15th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Latvian)
15th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment15th Wing15th Wing (disambiguation)
15th Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment15th Wolves Infantry Regiment (Poland)16"/45 caliber Mark 6 gun
16"/45 caliber gun16"/50 caliber M1919 gun16"/50 caliber Mark 2 gun
16"/50 caliber Mark 7 gun16-inch gun M189516-inch howitzer M1920
1600th Air Transport Group1607th Air Transport Wing1608th Air Transport Wing
160 Squadron (Israel)160 Transport Regiment RLC160mm Mortar M1943
160th (Bruce) Battalion, CEF160th (Wales) Brigade160th Air Refueling Group
160th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Brigade (Ukraine)160th Division (2nd Formation)(People's Republic of China)160th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
160th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)160th Fighter Squadron160th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters Wales
160th Infantry Regiment (United States)160th Motorized Infantry Brigade (People's Republic of China)160th New York Volunteer Infantry
160th Ohio Infantry160th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps160th Regiment State Armory
160th Signal Brigade (United States)160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne)1611th Air Transport Wing
161 Squadron (Israel)161st (Essex) Brigade161st (Huron) Battalion, CEF
161st Air Refueling Wing161st Division161st Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
161st Division (People's Republic of China – 1st Formation)161st Independent Reconnaissance Flight (Australia)161st Indian Infantry Brigade
161st Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)161st Infantry Regiment (United States)161st Intelligence Squadron
161st Mechanised Brigade (Ukraine)161st New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment161st Ohio Infantry
162 Movement Control Regiment162 Regiment RLC162d Combat Communications Group
162d Depot Brigade (United States)162d Fighter Wing162d Reconnaissance Squadron
162nd (East Midland) Brigade162nd (Parry Sound) Battalion, CEF162nd Division (1st Formation)(People's Republic of China)
162nd Division (IDF)162nd Division (Israel)162nd Fighter Wing
162nd Infantry Brigade (United States)162nd Infantry Regiment (United States)162nd Motorized Infantry Division (People's Republic of China)
162nd New York Volunteer Infantry162nd Ohio Infantry162nd Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
162nd Turkoman Division163d Aero Squadron163d Combat Communications Group
163d Fighter Squadron163d Reconnaissance Wing163rd Battalion (French-Canadian), CEF
163rd Division (1st Formation)(People's Republic of China)163rd Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)163rd Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
163rd Infantry Regiment (United States)163rd New York Volunteer Infantry163rd Ohio Infantry
163rd Regiment Royal Armoured Corps164 Squadron164th (North Lancashire) Brigade
164th Air Defense Artillery Brigade (United States)164th Airlift Squadron164th Airlift Wing
164th Battalion (Halton and Dufferin), CEF164th Division (1st Formation)(People's Republic of China)164th Division (2nd Formation)(People's Republic of China)
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