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16th Regiment Illinois Volunteer Cavalry16th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Cavalry16th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry
16th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Infantry16th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry16th Regiment New York Volunteer Cavalry
16th Regiment Royal Artillery16th Reserve Division (German Empire)16th Rifle Corps
16th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)16th SS Panzergrenadier Division Reichsführer-SS16th SS Police Regiment
16th Space Control Squadron16th Special Operations Squadron16th Special Troops Battalion
16th Sustainment Brigade16th Tank Division (Soviet Union)16th The Queen's Lancers
16th United States Colored Infantry16th Vermont Infantry16th Virginia Cavalry
16th Virginia Infantry16th Vojvodina Division16th Vojvodina Division (Yugoslav Partisans)
16th Weapons Squadron16th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment16th Wing
16th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment1700 Naval Air Squadron1700th Air Transport Group
1701 Naval Air Squadron1701st Air Transport Wing1702 Naval Air Squadron
1703 Naval Air Squadron1703d Air Transport Group1705th Air Transport Group
1706 Establishment1707th Air Transport Wing170th (2/1st North Lancashire) Brigade
170th Battalion (Mississauga Horse), CEF170th Division (People's Republic of China)170th Fighter Squadron
170th Group170th Infantry Brigade (United States)170th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
170th Infantry Regiment (Imperial Japanese Army)170th New York Volunteer Infantry170th Ohio Infantry
170th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)170th Tunnelling Company1710 Naval Air Squadron
1711 Karamanli coup1712 Huilliche rebellion1717 Omani invasion of Bahrain
1719 Establishment171st (2/1st Liverpool) Brigade171st Air Refueling Squadron
171st Air Refueling Wing171st Aviation Regiment (United States)171st Aviation Squadron (Australia)
171st Battalion (Quebec Rifles), CEF171st Division (People's Republic of China)171st Field Artillery Regiment
171st Field Artillery Regiment (United States)171st Infantry Brigade (United States)171st Ohio Infantry
171st Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery171st Tunnelling Company172d Air Support Squadron
172d Airlift Squadron172d Airlift Wing172nd (2/1st South Lancashire) Brigade
172nd Air Support Squadron172nd Battalion (Rocky Mountain Rangers), CEF172nd Division (People's Republic of China)
172nd Infantry Brigade172nd Infantry Brigade (United States)172nd Infantry Regiment (United States)
172nd Ohio Infantry172nd Rifle Division172nd Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery
172nd Tunnelling Company173d Air Refueling Squadron173d Fighter Wing
173rd (3/1st London) Brigade173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team173rd Aviation Squadron (Australia)
173rd Battalion (Canadian Highlanders), CEF173rd Division (People's Republic of China)173rd Fighter Wing
173rd New York Volunteer Infantry173rd Ohio Infantry173rd Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery
173rd Support Battalion (United States)173rd Tunnelling Company1740 Batavia massacre
1745 Establishment174th (2/2nd London) Brigade174th Air Defense Artillery Brigade (United States)
174th Air Refueling Squadron174th Attack Wing174th Battalion (Cameron Highlanders of Canada), CEF
174th Brigade174th Division (People's Republic of China)174th Infantry Brigade (United States)
174th Infantry Regiment (United States)174th New York Volunteer Infantry174th Ohio Infantry
174th Reserve Division (Wehrmacht)174th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery174th Tunnelling Company
1757 Berlin raid1757 Hajj caravan raid1757 raid on Berlin
175th (2/3rd London) Brigade175th (Medicine Hat) Battalion, CEF175th Fighter Squadron
175th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery175th Infantry Regiment (United States)175th Mixed Brigade
175th New York Volunteer Infantry175th Ohio Infantry175th Tunnelling Company
175th Wing176 (Abu Klea) Battery Royal Artillery176th (2/1st Staffordshire) Brigade
176th Air Control Squadron176th Air Defense Squadron176th Battalion (Niagara Rangers), CEF
176th Fighter Squadron176th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment176th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
176th New York Volunteer Infantry176th Ohio Infantry176th Perevolochensky Infantry Regiment
176th Perevolochensky Regiment176th Perevolochna Infantry Regiment176th Tunnelling Company
176th Wing1770 Naval Air Squadron1771 Naval Air Squadron
1772 Naval Air Squadron1775–82 North American smallpox epidemic177th (2/1st Lincoln and Leicester) Brigade
177th Airlift Squadron177th Armored Brigade (United States)177th Battalion (Simcoe Foresters), CEF
177th Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO177th Fighter Wing177th Information Warfare Aggressor Squadron
177th Military Police Brigade (United States)177th New York Volunteer Infantry177th Ohio Infantry
177th Tunnelling Company1780 Black Camp Rebellion1782-1783 unrest in Bahrain
1782–83 unrest in Bahrain1788 Doctors' riot178th (2/1st Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire) Brigade
178th (Canadien-Français) Battalion, CEF178th Battalion (Canadien-Français), CEF178th Division (1st Formation)(People's Republic of China)
178th Division (2nd Formation)(People's Republic of China)178th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)178th Infantry Regiment (United States)
178th Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing178th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment178th Ohio Infantry
178th Panzer Division (Wehrmacht)178th Reconnaissance Squadron178th Tunnelling Company
178th Wing1790 Footprints1790 Naval Air Squadron
1791 Naval Air Squadron1792 Naval Air Squadron1792 contract rifle
1793–95 Tripolitanian civil war1794 razees1796 Heavy Cavalry Sword
1796 Pattern British Infantry Officer's Sword1798 Revolt of the Alfaiates179th (2/4th London) Brigade
179th Airlift Wing179th Battalion (Cameron Highlanders of Canada), CEF179th Fighter Squadron
179th Infantry Regiment (United States)179th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment179th Ohio Infantry
179th Reserve Panzer Division (Germany)179th Reserve Panzer Division (Wehrmacht)179th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
179th Tunnelling Company17 August 2005 Baghdad bombings17 August 2010 Baghdad bombings
17 Brigade (Nigeria)17 December 2013 Ukrainian–Russian action plan17 Field Artillery
17 July Revolution17 June 2008 Baghdad bombing17 Parachute Infantry Brigade (Bangladesh)
17 Port and Maritime Regiment RLC17 Squadron17 Squadron SAAF
17 cm K (E)17 cm Kanone 1817 cm SK L/40 gun
17 cm SK L/40 i.R.L. auf Eisenbahnwagen17 cm mittlerer Minenwerfer17pdr SP Achilles
17th/21st Lancers
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