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17th (Northern) Division17th Aero Squadron17th Air Army
17th Air Division17th Airborne Division (United States)17th Airborne Division Artillery
17th Airlift Squadron17th Alabama Infantry17th Ali ibn Abi Taleb Division
17th Arkansas Infantry17th Arkansas Infantry Regiment (Griffith's)17th Arkansas Infantry Regiment (Lemoyne's)
17th Armored Engineer Battalion17th Army17th Army (German Empire)
17th Army (Soviet Union)17th Army (Wehrmacht)17th Army Corps (France)
17th Army Corps (Russian Empire)17th Attack Squadron17th Aviation Brigade (United States)
17th Battalion (Australia)17th Battalion (Nova Scotia Highlanders), CEF17th Bombardment Squadron
17th Brigade17th Brigade (Australia)17th Cavalry Regiment
17th Cavalry Regiment (United States)17th Combat Service Support Brigade (Australia)17th Connecticut Infantry Regiment
17th Construction Squadron (Australia)17th Continental Regiment17th Corps (China)
17th Defense Systems Evaluation Squadron17th Division17th Division (German Empire)
17th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)17th Division (Iraq)17th Division (Syria)
17th Dogra Regiment17th Expeditionary Space Control Squadron17th Field Artillery Brigade (United States)
17th Field Artillery Regiment17th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)17th Fires Brigade (United States)
17th Frigate Squadron (United Kingdom)17th Georgia Infantry17th Greater Poland Uhlan Regiment
17th Guards Rifle Division17th Guards Tank Brigade17th Gurkha Division
17th Illinois Cavalry Regiment17th Illinois Infantry Regiment17th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
17th Independent Battery Indiana Light Artillery17th Indian Division17th Indian Infantry Brigade
17th Indiana Infantry Regiment17th Infantry (The Loyal Regiment)17th Infantry Battalion
17th Infantry Battalion (Philippines)17th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)17th Infantry Division (Bangladesh)
17th Infantry Division (India)17th Infantry Division (Poland)17th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)
17th Infantry Division (United States)17th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)17th Infantry Division Pavia
17th Infantry Regiment (France)17th Infantry Regiment (Poland)17th Infantry Regiment (United States)
17th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment17th Kansas Militia Infantry Regiment17th Kansas Volunteer Infantry Regiment
17th Lancers17th Landwehr Division (German Empire)17th Light Horse Regiment
17th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment17th Marine Regiment (United States)17th Mechanized Corps (Soviet Union)
17th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment17th Missouri Volunteer Infantry17th Mixed Brigade
17th Mounted Brigade (United Kingdom)17th New York Veteran Volunteer Infantry Regiment17th New York Volunteer Infantry
17th North Carolina Infantry17th Ohio Battery17th Ohio Infantry
17th Operational Weather Squadron17th Panzer Division (Wehrmacht)17th Parachute Battalion (United Kingdom)
17th Parachute Engineer Regiment17th Pennsylvania Cavalry17th Prince of Wales's Light Horse
17th Reconnaissance Squadron17th Reconnaissance Squadron (disambiguation)17th Regiment
17th Regiment Alabama Infantry17th Regiment Illinois Volunteer Cavalry17th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Infantry
17th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry17th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Infantry17th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
17th Regiment of Light Dragoons17th Regiment of Light Dragoons (1759)17th Reserve Division (German Empire)
17th Rifle Corps17th Rifle Division17th SS-Standarte
17th SS Panzergrenadier Division Götz von Berlichingen17th SS Police Regiment17th Signal Battalion (United States)
17th Space Surveillance Squadron17th Special Operations Squadron17th Special Tactics Squadron
17th Sustainment Brigade (United States)17th Tank Brigade (Ukraine)17th Test Squadron
17th Training Group17th Training Squadron17th Training Wing
17th Turkestan Rifle Battalion (Russian Empire)17th United States Colored Infantry17th Vermont Infantry
17th Virginia Cavalry17th Virginia Infantry17th Weapons Squadron
17th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment17th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment17th parallel
17th parallel north17º Stormo Incursori18"/48 caliber Mark 1 gun
18" Mark 30 torpedo18-pounder long gun18-pounder short gun
18.05.20091804 Mtiuleti rebellion1805 Club
1809 Gottscheer Rebellion1809 Gottscheer rebellion180 mm gun S-23
180mm Pattern 1931-1933180th (2/5th London) Brigade180th Airlift Squadron
180th Battalion (Sportsmen), CEF180th Cavalry Regiment180th Division (1st Formation)(People's Republic of China)
180th Division (People's Republic of China)180th Fighter Wing180th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO
180th Ohio Infantry180th Rifle Division180th Tunnelling Company
1811 German Coast uprising1811 Independence Movement1814 campaign in France
1814 campaign in north-east France181st (2/6th London) Brigade181st (Airlanding) Field Ambulance
181st Airlift Squadron181st Armed Mobile Police Division181st Battalion (Brandon), CEF
181st Field Regiment, Royal Artillery181st Infantry Brigade (United States)181st Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
181st Infantry Regiment (United States)181st Intelligence Wing181st Mixed Brigade
181st Ohio Infantry181st Rifle Division181st Tunnelling Company
1820 Naval Air Squadron182d Airlift Wing182d Fighter Squadron
182nd (2nd Warwickshire) Brigade182nd Battalion (Ontario County), CEF182nd Infantry Regiment (United States)
182nd Mixed Brigade182nd New York Volunteer Infantry182nd Ohio Infantry
182nd Tunnelling Company1830 Naval Air Squadron1830 Volunteers' Commemorative Cross
1831 Naval Air Squadron1832 Naval Air Squadron1833 Naval Air Squadron
1834 Arab revolt in Palestine1834 Naval Air Squadron1835 Naval Air Squadron
1835–58 revolt in Ottoman Tripolitania1836 Naval Air Squadron1837 Naval Air Squadron
1838 Druze revolt1838 Mormon War1838 Naval Air Squadron
1839 Naval Air Squadron183d Airlift Squadron183d Aviation Regiment (United States)
183d Fighter Wing183rd (2nd Gloucester and Worcester) Brigade183rd Aviation Regiment (United States)
183rd Battalion (Manitoba Beavers), CEF183rd Cavalry Regiment (United States)183rd Division (People's Republic of China)
183rd Field Artillery Battalion (United States)183rd Fighter Wing183rd Infantry Division (German Empire)
183rd Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)183rd Ohio Infantry183rd Pennsylvania Infantry
183rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment183rd Tunnelling Company
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