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1895 Wilcox rebellion1896 Defense of Van1896 Manila mutiny
1897 Pattern British Infantry Officer's Sword1897 pattern British infantry officer's sword1898 Baloch uprising
189 Squadron189th189th (2nd York and Durham) Brigade
189th (Canadien-Français) Battalion, CEF189th Airlift Squadron189th Airlift Wing
189th Aviation Regiment (United States)189th Division (2nd Formation)(People's Republic of China)189th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)
189th Infantry Brigade (United States)189th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)189th Motorized Infantry Brigade (People's Republic of China)
189th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment189th Ohio Infantry18 (UKSF) Signal Regiment
18 April 2007 Baghdad bombings18 February 2007 Baghdad bombings18 Field Ambulance
18 July 2012 Damascus bombing18 Light Regiment18 March Division
18 May 1811 Medal18 Squadron18 cm kurze Kanone M 80
18 of the Copacabana Fort revolt18th (Croatian) Eastern Bosnian Brigade18th (Eastern) Division
18th Aggressor Squadron18th Air Refueling Squadron18th Air Support Operations Group
18th Airlift Squadron18th Alabama Infantry18th Alpini Regiment
18th Arkansas Infantry Regiment18th Arkansas Infantry Regiment (Carroll's)18th Arkansas Infantry Regiment (Marmaduke's)
18th Armoured Division (Syria)18th Army18th Army (German Empire)
18th Army (Soviet Union)18th Army (Wehrmacht)18th Army Corps (France)
18th Army Corps (Russian Empire)18th Army Group18th Artillery Division
18th Artillery Division (Wehrmacht)18th Aviation Brigade (United States)18th Battalion
18th Battalion (Australia)18th Battalion (New Zealand)18th Battalion (Western Ontario), CEF
18th Brigade18th Brigade (Australia)18th Cavalry Division (Soviet Union)
18th Cavalry Regiment18th Cavalry Regiment (United States)18th Coast Artillery (United States)
18th Connecticut Infantry Regiment18th Corps (France)18th Corps (People's Republic of China)
18th Cruiser Division18th Cruiser Division (Imperial Japanese Navy)18th Cruiser Squadron
18th Division18th Division (German Empire)18th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
18th Division (North Korea)18th Division (South Vietnam)18th Division (United States)
18th Dragoons18th Engineer Brigade (United States)18th Field Artillery Brigade
18th Field Artillery Regiment18th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)18th Fires Brigade
18th Flight Test Squadron18th Georgia Volunteer Infantry18th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade
18th Guards Motor Rifle Division18th Howitzer Artillery Division18th Illinois Infantry Regiment
18th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment18th Independent Battery Indiana Light Artillery18th Independent Mixed Brigade (Imperial Japanese Army)
18th Indian Division18th Indian Infantry Brigade18th Indiana Infantry Regiment
18th Infantry18th Infantry (British Indian Army)18th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
18th Infantry Division (France)18th Infantry Division (Poland)18th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)
18th Infantry Division (United Kingdom)18th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)18th Infantry Division Messina
18th Infantry Regiment (Imperial Japanese Army)18th Infantry Regiment (Poland)18th Infantry Regiment (United States)
18th Intelligence Squadron18th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment18th Kansas Militia Infantry Regiment
18th King Edward's Own Cavalry18th Landwehr Division (German Empire)18th Light Horse Regiment
18th Logistics Battalion18th Logistics Battalion (Belgium)18th Machine Gun Artillery Division
18th Marine Regiment (United States)18th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment18th Military Police Brigade (United States)
18th Missouri Volunteer Infantry18th Motor Rifle Brigade (Russia)18th Mounted Brigade
18th Mounted Brigade (United Kingdom)18th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry18th New York Volunteer Infantry
18th North Carolina Infantry18th Ohio Battery18th Ohio Infantry
18th Operations Group18th Panzer Division (Wehrmacht)18th Pomeranian Uhlan Regiment
18th Reconnaissance Regiment18th Reconnaissance Squadron18th Reconnaissance Squadron (disambiguation)
18th Regiment18th Regiment Alabama Infantry18th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
18th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry18th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry18th Reserve Division (German Empire)
18th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)18th Royal Garhwal Rifles18th Royal Hussars
18th SS-Standarte18th SS Mountain Police Regiment18th SS Volunteer Panzergrenadier Division Horst Wessel
18th Sapper Battalion (Russian Empire)18th Separate Company Armory18th Space Control Squadron
18th Squadron (Belgium)18th Strategic Aerospace Division18th U-boat Flotilla
18th U.S. Colored Infantry18th Vermont Volunteer Infantry Regiment18th Virginia Cavalry
18th Virginia Infantry18th Volksgrenadier Division (Wehrmacht)18th Wing
18th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment1901 China expedition commemorative medal1904 Sasun uprising
1905 Russian Revolution1905 Tibetan Rebellion1907 Romanian Peasants' Revolt
1907 Romanian Peasants' revolt1908 Dutch–Venezuelan crisis1908 Pattern Webbing
1908 bombardment of the Majlis190 Squadron (Israel)190th (2nd Durham Light Infantry) Brigade
190th Air Refueling Wing190th Battalion (Winnipeg Rifles), CEF190th Brigade (United Kingdom)
190th Division (2nd Formation)(People's Republic of China)190th Division (2nd Formation) (People's Republic of China)190th Fighter Squadron
190th Fighter Squadron, Blues and Royals friendly fire incident190th Mechanized Infantry Brigade190th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (People's Republic of China)
190th Ochakov Infantry Regiment190th Pennsylvania Infantry190th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
1911 Russian invasion of Tabriz1911 Tripoli massacre1912 Army Cadets football team
1912 British Military Aeroplane Competition1913 Gettysburg reunion1913 Ottoman coup d'état
1914 Star1914 in aviation1914 pattern Webbing
1914–15 Star1914–1917 African Campaigns Commemorative Medal1914–1918 Commemorative War Medal
1914–1918 Commemorative war medal (France)1914–1918 Inter-Allied Victory medal (France)1915 German phosgene attack
1915 Singapore Mutiny1915 Vanceboro international bridge bombing1915 in aviation
1916 Centenary Commemorative Medal1916 Cochinchina uprising1916 Medal
1916 in aviation1917 French Army mutinies1917 United States declaration of war on Germany
1917 in aviation
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