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1940 Dunkirk Veterans' Association1940 Field Marshal Ceremony1940 Soviet ultimatum to Lithuania
1940 in Germany1940 in aviation1940–1945 African War Medal
1940–1945 Colonial War Effort Medal1940–1945 Military Combatant's Medal1940–44 insurgency in Chechnya
1941 Bila Tserkva massacre1941 Harvard–Navy lacrosse game1941 Historical Aircraft Group Museum
1941 Iraqi coup d'état1941 Odessa massacre1942 Design Light Fleet Carrier
1942 Luxembourgish general strike1942 Montenegro offensive1942 Qantas Short Empire shootdown
1942 Ruislip Wellington accident1943 Argentine coup d'état1943 BRUSA Agreement
1943 Barzani revolt1943 Cairo Declaration1943 Filipstad explosion
1943 Gibraltar B-24 crash1943 Naples post-office bombing1943 Pinsk Prison raid
1943 RAF Hudson crash1943 Saint-Donat RCAF Liberator III crash1943–1944 Italian campaign medal
1944 Army Cadets football team1944 Greek naval mutiny1945 Anti-Jewish riots in Egypt
1945 Anti-Jewish riots in Tripolitania1945 Army Cadets football team1945 Bombing of Prague
1945 Japan–Washington flight1945 Katsuyama killing incident1945 New Guinea Gremlin Special rescue
1945 Venezuelan coup d'état1945 in Japan1945 in aviation
1946 Antarctica PBM Mariner crash1946 Army Cadets football team1946 Army vs. Notre Dame football game
1946 Georgia lynching1946 New Year Honours (British Empire Medal)1946 pacification of villages by PAS NZW
1947 Army Cadets football team1947 Coup Group (Thailand)1947 Jerusalem riots
1947 Manama riots1947 Poonch rebellion1947 Royal New Zealand Navy mutinies
1947 anti-Jewish riots in Aleppo1947–1948 civil war in Mandatory Palestine1947–1949 Palestine war
1947–48 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine1948 Anti-Jewish riots in Oujda and Jerada1948 Arab–Israeli War
1948 Army Cadets football team1948 Cairo bombings1948 Czechoslovak coup d'état
1948 Gatow air disaster1948 Lake Mead Boeing B-29 crash1948 Northwood mid-air collision
1948 Palestine war1948 Palestinian exodus1948 Palestinian exodus from Lydda and Ramle
1948 Tinker Air Force Base tornadoes1948 Venezuelan coup d'état1948 War
1948 Waycross B-29 crash1949 Armistice Agreements1949 Army Cadets football team
1949 Menarsha synagogue attack1949 anti-NATO riot in Iceland1949–51 Soviet nuclear tests
194th194th (2/1st South Scottish) Brigade194th (2nd South Scottish) Brigade
194th Armor Regiment (United States)194th Armored Brigade (United States)194th Battalion (Edmonton Highlanders), CEF
194th Brigade194th Engineer Brigade194th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)
194th Fighter Squadron194th Glider Infantry Regiment (United States)194th Intelligence Squadron
194th Motorized Infantry Brigade (People's Republic of China)194th Ohio Infantry194th Regional Support Wing
194th Wing1950 Army Cadets football team1950 British Army of the Rhine Structure
1950 British Columbia B-36 crash1950 Douglas C-54D disappearance1950 Rivière-du-Loup B-50 nuclear weapon loss incident
1950 USS Missouri grounding incident1951 Army Cadets football team1951 Atlantic C-124 disappearance
1951 USAF resolution test chart1952 Farnborough Airshow crash1952 Inter-Camp P.O.W. Olympics
1952 Moses Lake C-124 crash1952 Mount Gannett C-124 crash1952 Washington, D.C. UFO incident
1953 Army Cadets football team1953 Avro Lincoln shootdown incident1953 Colombian coup d'état
1953 Iranian coup d'état1953 Lahore riots1953 Mediterranean Sea mid-air collision
1953 Soviet nuclear tests1954 Geneva Conference1954 Guatemalan coup d'état
1954 Paraguayan coup d'état1954 Soviet nuclear tests1954 Syrian coup d'état
1954 interceptor1955 Hawaii R6D-1 crash1955 Poonch Uprising
1955 Poonch uprising1955 Soviet nuclear tests1955 in the Vietnam War
1956 Atlantic R6D-1 disappearance1956 B-47 disappearance1956 Eilat bus ambush
1956 Hawker Hunter multiple aircraft accident1956 Soviet nuclear tests1956 United States Army aircraft designation system
1956 in the Vietnam War1957 Cebu Douglas C-47 crash1957 Defence White Paper
1957 Soviet nuclear tests1957 alleged Jordanian military coup attempt1957 in the Vietnam War
1958 Army Cadets football team1958 C-130 shootdown incident1958 Lebanon crisis
1958 Mars Bluff B-47 nuclear weapon loss incident1958 Pakistani coup d'état1958 Soviet nuclear tests
1958 Tybee Island mid-air collision1958 US–UK Mutual Defence Agreement1958 Venezuelan coup d'état
1958 in the Vietnam War1959 Mosul uprising1959 Okinawa F-100 crash
1959 Tibetan uprising1959 in the Vietnam War195 (disambiguation)
195th195th (2/1st Scottish Rifles) Brigade195th (2nd Scottish Rifles) Brigade
195th (Airlanding) Field Ambulance195th (City of Regina) Battalion, CEF195th Combined Arms Brigade (People's Republic of China)
195th Division (People's Republic of China)195th Fighter Squadron195th Infantry Division (German Empire)
195th Infantry Regiment (United States)195th Ohio Infantry195th Wing
1960 Ethiopian coup attempt1960 Laotian coups1960 Rio de Janeiro air crash
1960 Rio de Janeiro mid-air collision1960 South Vietnamese coup attempt1960 Turkish coup d'état
1960 U-2 incident1960 in aviation1960 in the Vietnam War
1960–61 campaign at the China–Burma border1961 F-84 Thunderstreak incident1961 Goldsboro B-52 crash
1961 Indian annexation of Goa1961 Soviet nuclear tests1961 Syrian coup d'état
1961 Vitry-Le-François train bombing1961 Yuba City B-52 crash1961 in the Vietnam War
1962 Burmese coup d'état1962 Ceylonese coup d'état attempt1962 South Vietnamese Independence Palace bombing
1962 Soviet nuclear tests1962 Szczecin military parade1962 United States Tri-Service aircraft designation system
1962 United States Tri-Service missile and drone designation system1962 in the Vietnam War1963 Argentine Navy Revolt
1963 Argentine Navy revolt1963 Elephant Mountain B-52 crash1963 Honduran coup d'état
1963 South Vietnamese coup1963 Syrian coup d'état1963 Togolese coup d'état
1963 United States Tri-Service missile and drone designation system1963 in the Vietnam War1964 Bolivian coup d'état
1964 Brazilian coup d'état1964 Brinks Hotel bombing1964 Ethiopian-Somali Border War
1964 Gabon coup d'état1964 Gabonese coup d'état1964 Hama riot
1964 Laotian coups1964 Machida F-8 crash1964 Savage Mountain B-52 crash
1964 South Vietnamese coup1964 Soviet nuclear tests1964 T-39 shootdown incident
1964 United States Embassy in Libreville bombings1964 in the Vietnam War1965 Burundian coup d'état
1965 Burundian coup d'état attempt1965 Laotian coups1965 Moscow Victory Day Parade
1965 Philippine Sea A-4 incident1965 Qui Nhơn hotel bombing1965 Saigon bombing
1965 South Vietnamese coup1965 Soviet nuclear tests1965 in the Vietnam War
1966 Defence White Paper1966 Laotian coup1966 NASA T-38 crash
1966 Nigerian counter-coup1966 Nigerian coup d'état1966 Palomares B-52 crash
1966 Republic of the Congo coup d'état attempt1966 Soviet nuclear tests1966 Soviet submarine global circumnavigation
1966 Syrian coup d'état1966 Upper Voltan coup d'état1966 alleged Ceylonese coup d'état attempt
1966 anti-Igbo pogrom1966 in the Vietnam War1967 Detroit riot
1967 Greek coup d'état1967 Kurdish revolt in Iran1967 Opium War
1967 Soviet nuclear tests1967 USS Forrestal fire1967 in the Vietnam War
1967 war1968 Israeli raid on Lebanon1968 Kadena Air Base B-52 crash
1968 Kham Duc C-130 shootdown1968 Republic of the Congo coup d'état1968 Soviet nuclear tests
1968 Thule Air Base B-52 crash1968 in the Vietnam War1969 Army Cadets football team
1969 EC-121 shootdown incident1969 Greensboro uprising1969 Libyan coup d'état
1969 Mass uprising in East Pakistan1969 Northern Ireland riots1969 Saudi Arabian coup d'état plot
1969 Somali coup d'état1969 Soviet nuclear tests1969 Sudanese coup d'état
1969 in the Vietnam War196 (disambiguation)196 BC
196th196th (2/1st Highland Light Infantry) Brigade
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