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301st Operations Group301st Rescue Squadron301st Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
301st Tactical Fighter Squadron (JASDF)302 Squadron302 Squadron (Portugal)
302d Air Division302d Airlift Wing302d Fighter Squadron
302d Maneuver Enhancement Brigade302d Operations Group302d Tactical Electronic Warfare Training Squadron
302d Tactical Missile Squadron302d Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron302d Troop Carrier Squadron
302nd Armored Cavalry Regiment302nd Cavalry Regiment (United States)302nd Division (German Empire)
302nd Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)302nd Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)302nd Military Intelligence Battalion (United States)
302nd Rifle Division (Soviet Union)302nd Static Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)302nd Tactical Fighter Squadron (JASDF)
3030th AAF Base Unit303 Squadron RNLAF303d Aeronautical Systems Wing
303d Air Expeditionary Group303d Air Refueling Squadron303d Bombardment Group
303d Expeditionary Rescue Squadron303d Fighter Squadron303d Fighter Wing
303d Intelligence Squadron303d Rescue Squadron303d Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
303rd Armored Cavalry Regiment303rd Cavalry Regiment (United States)303rd Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
303rd Maneuver Enhancement Brigade303rd Military Intelligence Battalion303rd Rifle Division
303rd Rifle Division (Soviet Union)303rd Tactical Fighter Squadron (JASDF)304 Division (Vietnam)
304 Squadron304 Squadron (Portugal)304th Air Division
304th Armored Cavalry Regiment304th Bombardment Group304th Cavalry Regiment
304th Division (Vietnam)304th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron304th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
304th Infantry Regiment (United States)304th Rescue Squadron304th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
304th Special Operations Squadron304th Sustainment Brigade (United States)304th Tactical Fighter Squadron (JASDF)
305 mm /46 Model 1909305 mm howitzer M1915305 mm howitzer M1939 (Br-18)
305mm/45 Modèle 1906 gun305th Air Division305th Air Mobility Wing
305th Air Refueling Squadron305th Armored Cavalry Regiment305th Cavalry Regiment (United States)
305th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron305th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)305th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
305th Military Intelligence Battalion (United States)305th Operations Group305th Rescue Squadron
305th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)305th Tactical Fighter Squadron (JASDF)306th Air Refueling Squadron
306th Armored Cavalry Regiment306th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron306th Fighter Wing
306th Flying Training Group306th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)306th Infantry Regiment (United States)
306th Intelligence Squadron306th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)306th Strategic Wing
306th Tactical Fighter Squadron306th Tactical Fighter Squadron (JASDF)3079th Aviation Depot Wing
307 Hospital307th Air Division307th Air Refueling Squadron
307th Bomb Wing307th Cavalry Regiment (United States)307th Fighter Squadron
307th Hospital of Chinese People’s Liberation Army307th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)307th Infantry Regiment (United States)
307th Operations Group307th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)308 Division (Vietnam)
308th Air Refueling Squadron308th Armament Systems Group308th Armament Systems Wing
308th Armored Cavalry Regiment308th Bombardment Wing (U.S. Army Air Forces)308th Bombardment Wing (World War II)
308th Brigade Support Battalion308th Cavalry Regiment (United States)308th Division
308th Fighter Squadron308th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)308th Infantry Division (Vietnam)
308th Infantry Regiment (United States)308th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)309th
309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group309th Air Division309th Airlift Squadron
309th Armored Cavalry Regiment309th Artillery Division (Wehrmacht)309th Cavalry Regiment (United States)
309th Fighter Squadron309th Maintenance Wing309th Military Intelligence Battalion (United States)
309th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)30 Battery (Rogers's Company) Royal Artillery30 Commando Information Exploitation Group
30 June 2016 Afghanistan bombings30 September 2004 Baghdad bombing30 September Movement
30 Squadron30 Squadron SAAF30 cm Nebelwerfer 42
30 cm Raketenwerfer 5630 mm Breda-Mauser30 mm automatic cannon 2A42
30 mm caliber30e Escadre de Chasse30mm DS30M Mark 2 Automated Small Calibre Gun
30th (Cambridgeshire) Regiment of Foot30th (Howitzer) Brigade Royal Field Artillery30th (Northumbrian) Anti-Aircraft Brigade
30th (Surrey) Searchlight Regiment, Royal Artillery30th Air Division30th Aircraft Carrier Squadron
30th Airlift Squadron30th Arkansas Infantry Regiment30th Armored Brigade Combat Team
30th Armored Division30th Armored Division (United States)30th Armoured Brigade
30th Army30th Army (People's Republic of China)30th Army (Soviet Union)
30th Army Corps (Russian Empire)30th Army Division (3rd Formation)(People's Republic of China)30th Battalion
30th Battalion, CEF30th Battalion (Australia)30th Battalion (New Zealand)
30th Bavarian Reserve Division30th Bavarian Reserve Division (German Empire)30th Bombardment Squadron
30th Brigade30th Brigade (Australia)30th Brigade (United Kingdom)
30th Central Scientific Research Institute, Ministry of Defence (Russia)30th Connecticut Infantry Regiment (Colored)30th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry Regiment
30th Division30th Division (1st Formation)(People's Republic of China)30th Division (German Empire)
30th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)30th Division (United Kingdom)30th Field Artillery Regiment
30th Field Artillery Regiment, RCA30th Field Artillery Regiment (Canada)30th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)
30th Fighter-Bomber Squadron30th Fighter Division (Germany)30th Flying Training Wing (U.S. Army Air Forces)
30th Flying Training Wing (World War II)30th Georgia Volunteer Infantry30th Guards Army Corps
30th Heavy Brigade Combat Team30th Illinois Infantry Regiment30th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
30th Indian Brigade30th Indian Infantry Brigade30th Indiana Infantry Regiment
30th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)30th Infantry Division30th Infantry Division (2nd Formation)(People's Republic of China)
30th Infantry Division (Poland)30th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)30th Infantry Division (United States)
30th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)30th Infantry Division Sabauda30th Infantry Regiment (United States)
30th Intelligence Squadron30th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment
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