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33d Troop Carrier Squadron33rd (East Prussian) Fusiliers "Count Roon"33rd (Western) Anti-Aircraft Brigade
33rd Air Base33rd Air Division (United States)33rd Al-Mahdi Division
33rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment33rd Armor Regiment33rd Armor Regiment (United States)
33rd Armoured Brigade (United Kingdom)33rd Armoured Division33rd Army
33rd Army (Soviet Union)33rd Army Corps (Russian Empire)33rd Army Division (2nd Formation)(People's Republic of China)
33rd Battalion33rd Battalion, CEF33rd Battalion (Australia)
33rd Bengal Native Infantry33rd Brigade33rd Brigade (Australia)
33rd Division33rd Division (German Empire)33rd Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
33rd Division (United Kingdom)33rd Field Artillery Regiment33rd Field Artillery Regiment (United States)
33rd Guards Rocket Army33rd Illinois Infantry Regiment33rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
33rd Indian Brigade33rd Indian Infantry Brigade33rd Indian Mountain Regiment, Royal Indian Artillery
33rd Indiana Infantry Regiment33rd Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)33rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team (United States)
33rd Infantry Division (France)33rd Infantry Division (Poland)33rd Infantry Division (Russian Empire)
33rd Infantry Division (United States)33rd Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)33rd Infantry Division Acqui
33rd Infantry Regiment (United States)33rd Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment33rd Kuban Rifle Division
33rd Light Dragoons33rd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry33rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Greece)
33rd Missouri Volunteer Infantry33rd Mixed Brigade (Imperial Japanese Army)33rd Motor Rifle Division
33rd Mountain Infantry Division Acqui33rd New Jersey Volunteer Infantry33rd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
33rd Ohio Infantry33rd Panzergrenadier Battalion (Germany)33rd Punjabis
33rd Regiment33rd Regiment (Vietnam People's Army)33rd Regiment Alabama Infantry
33rd Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Infantry33rd Reserve Division (German Empire)33rd Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
33rd Tank Brigade33rd Tennessee Infantry Regiment33rd U-boat Flotilla
33rd United States Colored Infantry Regiment33rd Virginia Infantry33rd Waffen Cavalry Division of the SS (3rd Hungarian)
33rd Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS Charlemagne (1st French)33rd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment33rd infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
340mm/28 Modèle 1881 gun340mm/45 Modèle 1912 gun340th Division (Israel)
340th Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron340th Fighter Squadron340th Flying Training Group
340th Infantry Regiment (United States)340th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)340th Volksgrenadier Division (Wehrmacht)
340th Weapons Squadron341st Air Refueling Squadron341st Anti-Aircraft Rocket Regiment
341st Bombardment Squadron341st Division (Vietnam)341st Engineer General Service Regiment
341st Fighter Squadron341st Missile Wing341st Missile Wing LGM-30 Minuteman Missile Launch Sites
341st Rifle Division (Soviet Union)342d Bombardment Squadron342d Fighter-Day Wing
342d Fighter Day Group342nd Fighter-Day Wing342nd Fighter Day Group
342nd Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)343d Bomb Squadron343d Reconnaissance Squadron
343d Training Squadron343d Wing343rd Naval Air Group
343rd Rifle Division (Soviet Union)344th Air Refueling Squadron344th Fighter Squadron
344th Military Intelligence Battalion344th Moonlight Battery, Royal Artillery344th Rifle Division
345th Airlift Squadron345th Bomb Squadron345th Bombardment Squadron
345th Bombardment Wing345th Fighter Squadron345th Independent Guards Airborne Regiment
345th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)346th Bombardment Group346th Bombardment Squadron
346th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)346th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)346th Rocket Brigade
346th Tactical Airlift Squadron346th Test Squadron347th Bombardment Squadron
347th Fighter Squadron347th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)347th Rescue Group
347th Rescue Wing347th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)347th Tactical Airlift Squadron
348th Brigade Support Battalion (United States)348th Cavalry Regiment (United States)348th Fighter Group
348th Night Fighter Squadron348th ReconnaissanceSquadron348th Reconnaissance Squadron
348th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)348th Tactical Airlift Squadron348th Tactical Electronics Group
349th Air Mobility Wing349th Air Refueling Squadron349th Civil Engineer Squadron
349th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)349th Infantry Regiment (United States)349th Night Fighter Squadron
349th Operations Group349th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)349th Squadron (Belgium)
34 (Northern) Signal Regiment34 Battalion (SWATF)34 Canadian Brigade Group
34 Combat Engineer Regiment34 Squadron34 Squadron SAAF
34th (Cumberland) Regiment of Foot34th (South Midland) Anti-Aircraft Brigade34th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
34th Air Division34th Arkansas Infantry Regiment34th Armor Regiment
34th Armor Regiment (United States)34th Armored Battalion34th Armoured Brigade (United Kingdom)
34th Army34th Army (Soviet Union)34th Army Corps (Russian Empire)
34th Aviation Brigade (United States)34th Battalion34th Battalion, CEF
34th Battalion (Australia)34th Battalion (New Zealand)34th Battalion Virginia Cavalry
34th Bomb Squadron34th Brigade34th Brigade (Australia)
34th Brigade (United Kingdom)34th Brigade Royal Field Artillery34th Combat Aviation Brigade
34th Combat Communications Squadron34th Division34th Division (German Empire)
34th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)34th Division (United Kingdom)34th Field Artillery Regiment
34th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)34th Fighter Squadron34th Flying Training Wing (World War II)
34th Guards Artillery Division34th Guards Rifle Division34th Guards Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
34th Illinois Infantry Regiment34th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment34th Indian Brigade
34th Indian States Forces Infantry Brigade34th Indiana Infantry Regiment34th Infantry Division (India)
34th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)34th Infantry Division (United States)34th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
34th Infantry Division Band34th Infantry Regiment (United States)34th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment
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