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362nd Rifle Division (Soviet Union)362nd Signal Company363d Air Expeditionary Operations Group
363d Expeditionary Operations Group363d Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Group363d Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing
363d Training Group363rd363rd Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing
363rd Rifle Division (Soviet Union)363rd Volksgrenadier Division (Wehrmacht)364th
364th Bombardment Squadron364th Rifle Division365th
365th Bombardment Squadron365th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group365th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
366th366th Bombardment Squadron366th Division
366th Division (IDF)366th Fighter Squadron366th Fighter Wing
366th Infantry Regiment (United States)366th Operations Group366th Rifle Division
367th367th Fighter Group367th Fighter Squadron
367th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)367th Training Support Squadron368th
368th Bombardment Squadron368th Expeditionary Air Support Operations Group368th Infantry Regiment (United States)
368th Military Intelligence Battalion (United States)368th Rifle Division368th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
368th Training Squadron369th369th (Croatian) Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
369th Bombardment Squadron369th Croatian Reinforced Infantry Regiment (Wehrmacht)369th Fighter Group
369th Infantry Regiment (United States)369th Regiment Armory369th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
369th Signal Battalion (United States)369th Sustainment Brigade (United States)36 (Eastern) Signal Regiment
36 (Essex Yeomanry) Signal Squadron36 Battalion (SWATF)36 Canadian Brigade Group
36 Combat Engineer Regiment36 Engineer Regiment (United Kingdom)36 Signal Regiment
36 Signal Regiment (Canada)36 Squadron36 meter-class floating pile driver
36th (Herefordshire) Regiment of Foot36th (Middlesex) Searchlight Regiment, Royal Artillery36th (Scottish) Anti-Aircraft Brigade
36th (Ulster) Division36th Air Assault Brigade (Kazakhstan)36th Air Division
36th Airborne Brigade (Russia)36th Airborne Brigade (United States)36th Airlift Squadron
36th Arkansas Infantry Regiment36th Army36th Army (Russia)
36th Army (Soviet Union)36th Army Corps (France)36th Army Corps (Russian Empire)
36th Battalion36th Battalion, CEF36th Battalion (Australia)
36th Battalion (New Zealand)36th Battalion Virginia Cavalry36th Bombardment Squadron
36th Bomber Aviation Division36th Brigade36th Brigade Royal Field Artillery
36th Cavalry Division (Soviet Union)36th Combined Arms Army36th Division
36th Division (German Empire)36th Division (IDF)36th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
36th Division (Israel)36th Division (National Revolutionary Army)36th Division (Yugoslav Partisans)
36th Electronic Warfare Squadron36th Engineer Brigade (United States)36th Escort Group (Royal Navy)
36th Estonian Police Battalion36th Field Artillery Regiment36th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)
36th Fighter Squadron36th Flying Training Wing (U.S. Army Air Forces)36th Flying Training Wing (World War II)
36th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade36th Illinois Infantry Regiment36th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
36th Indian Brigade36th Indian Infantry Brigade36th Indiana Infantry Regiment
36th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)36th Infantry Division (Poland)36th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)
36th Infantry Division (United Kingdom)36th Infantry Division (United States)36th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
36th Infantry Division Forlì36th Infantry Regiment (Poland)36th Infantry Regiment (United States)
36th Intelligence Squadron36th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment36th Jacob's Horse
36th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry36th Motor Rifle Division36th Motor Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
36th Mountain Infantry Division Forlì36th New York Infantry36th Ohio Infantry
36th Operations Group36th Reconnaissance Squadron36th Regiment
36th Regiment Alabama Infantry36th Rescue Flight36th Rescue Squadron
36th Reserve Division (German Empire)36th Sikhs36th Special Aviation Regiment
36th Tank Brigade (United Kingdom)36th United States Colored Infantry36th Virginia Cavalry Battalion
36th Virginia Infantry36th Vojvodina Division36th Vojvodina Division (Yugoslav Partisans)
36th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS36th Wing36th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment
370th370th Air Expeditionary Wing370th Fighter Squadron
370th Flight Test Squadron370th Infantry Regiment (United States)370th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
371st371st Bombardment Squadron371st Engineer Construction Battalion
371st Infantry Regiment (United States)371st Rifle Division (Soviet Union)371st Sustainment Brigade (United States)
372d Bombardment Squadron372nd372nd Engineer Brigade (United States)
372nd Fighter-Bomber Aviation Regiment372nd Infantry Regiment (United States)372nd Military Police Company (United States)
372nd Rifle Division373d Fighter Group373d Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group
373d Strategic Missile Squadron373rd373rd (Croatian) Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
373rd Rifle Division373rd Rifle Division (Soviet Union)374th
374th Airlift Wing374th Operations Group374th Strategic Missile Squadron
375th375th Air Mobility Wing375th Bombardment Squadron
375th Operations Group376th376th Air Expeditionary Wing
376th Air Refueling Squadron376th Aviation Regiment (United States)376th Expeditionary Operations Group
376th Fighter Squadron376th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)376th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion
376th Troop Carrier Squadron377th377th Air Base Wing
377th Bombardment Group377th Field Artillery Regiment377th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)
377th Fighter Squadron377th Theater Sustainment Command377th Theater Sustainment Command (United States)
377th Troop Carrier Squadron378th
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