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38th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment38th Independent Mixed Brigade (Imperial Japanese Army)38th Indian Infantry Brigade
38th Indiana Infantry Regiment38th Infantry Battalion (Cadre)38th Infantry Division (Poland)
38th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)38th Infantry Division (United States)38th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
38th Infantry Division Dravska38th Infantry Division Puglie38th Infantry Regiment (United States)
38th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment38th Light Anti-Aircraft Brigade (United Kingdom)38th Ohio Infantry
38th Reconnaissance Squadron38th Reconnaissance Squadron (disambiguation)38th Regiment
38th Regiment Alabama Infantry38th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry38th Rescue Squadron
38th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)38th SS Division Nibelungen38th Signal Battalion
38th Sustainment Brigade38th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron38th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
38th Troop Carrier Squadron38th United States Colored Infantry Regiment38th Virginia Infantry
38th Wing38th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment3903rd Radar Bomb Scoring Group
390th390th Bombardment Squadron390th Electronic Combat Squadron
390th Fighter Squadron390th Rifle Division390th Strategic Missile Wing
3918th Strategic Wing391st391st Fighter Squadron
3920th Strategic Wing392d Air Expeditionary Group392d Strategic Missile Wing
392d Training Squadron392nd (Croatian) Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)392nd District Training Centre
393d393d Bomb Squadron393d Bombardment Group
393rd Infantry Regiment (United States)394th394th Combat Training Squadron
394th Fighter Squadron394th Infantry Regiment394th Infantry Regiment (United States)
394th Strategic Missile Squadron395 Air Despatch Troop395 Air Despatch Troop RLC
395th395th Bombardment Group395th Infantry Regiment (United States)
395th Strategic Missile Squadron396th396th Bombardment Group
3973d Strategic Wing397th397th Bombardment Squadron
397th Bombardment Wing397th Engineer Battalion (United States)397th Fighter Squadron
398th398th Air Expeditionary Group398th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
399th399th Bombardment Group399th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
39M Csaba39 (Skinners) Signal Regiment39 Canadian Brigade Group
39 Combat Engineer Regiment39 Engineer Regiment (United Kingdom)39 Pattern Webbing
39 Regiment Royal Artillery39 Service Battalion39 Signal Regiment (Canada)
39 Squadron39th (Dorsetshire) Regiment of Foot39th (Personnel Support) Battalion
39th Air Base Wing39th Air Division39th Airlift Squadron
39th Anti-Aircraft Brigade (United Kingdom)39th Arkansas Infantry Regiment39th Army
39th Army (People's Republic of China)39th Army (Soviet Union)39th Army Corps (Russian Empire)
39th Aviation Division39th Battalion39th Battalion, CEF
39th Battalion (Australia)39th Bavarian Reserve Division39th Bavarian Reserve Division (German Empire)
39th Brigade39th Brigade Royal Field Artillery39th Brigade Special Troops Battalion (United States)
39th Brigade Support Battalion (United States)39th Division39th Division (German Empire)
39th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)39th Division (United Kingdom)39th Evacuation Hospital (United States)
39th Field Artillery Regiment39th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)39th Flying Training Squadron
39th G8 summit39th Garhwal Rifles39th Group Army
39th Guards Airborne Corps39th Guards Motor Rifle Division39th Illinois Infantry Regiment
39th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment39th Indian Infantry Brigade39th Indiana Infantry Regiment
39th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (United States)39th Infantry Division (India)
39th Infantry Division (Poland)39th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)39th Infantry Division (Turkey)
39th Infantry Division (United States)39th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)39th Infantry Regiment (United States)
39th Infantry Regiment (War of 1812)39th Information Operations Squadron39th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment
39th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry39th Military Airlift Squadron39th Motorized Infantry Battalion (Ukraine)
39th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry39th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment39th Ohio Infantry
39th Operational Support Battalion39th Regiment39th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
39th Regiment Royal Artillery39th Rescue Squadron39th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
39th Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron39th United States Colored Infantry39th Virginia Infantry
39th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment3D printed firearms3M-51 Alfa
3M-54 Kalibr3M-54 Klub3M11 Falanga
3M22 Zircon3M6 Shmel3 (Chalmer's Company) Battery, Royal Artillery
3 Anti-Aircraft Corps (United Kingdom)3 April 2010 Baghdad shootings3 Armoured Personnel Carrier Squadron
3 Canadian Forces Flying Training School3 Close Support Regiment RLC3 Commando Brigade
3 Commando Brigade Air Squadron3 Divisional Signal Regiment (United Kingdom)3 February 2007 Baghdad market bombing
3 Field Engineer Regiment3 Gorkha Rifles3 Intelligence Company
3 Medical Battalion Group3 Military Police Regiment (Canada)3 Parachute Battalion
3 Reconnaissance Commando (South Africa)3 Regiment Army Air Corps3 September 1843 Revolution
3 Signals Squadron Royal New Zealand Corps of Signals3 South African Infantry Battalion3 Squadron
3 Squadron SAAF3 mm caliber
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