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429th Bombardment Squadron429th Electronic Combat Squadron42S6 Morfey
42 (City of Manchester) Signal Squadron42 (East Lancashire) Signal Regiment42 (Geographic) Engineer Regiment (United Kingdom)
42 Armoured Regiment (India)42 Brigade Reconnaissance Squadron42 Commando
42 Radar Squadron42 Squadron42 Squadron SAAF
42 cm Gamma Mörser42 cm Haubitze M. 14/1642 line gun M1877
42d Air Base Wing42d Air Division42d Air Refueling Squadron
42d Attack Squadron42d Electronic Combat Squadron42d Expeditionary Airlift Squadron
42d Flying Training Squadron42d Mississippi Infantry Regiment42d Tactical Missile Squadron
42nd (East Lancashire) Infantry Division42nd (North West) Brigade and Headquarters North West42nd Anti-Aircraft Brigade (United Kingdom)
42nd Armoured Division (United Kingdom)42nd Armoured Regiment (India)42nd Army (People's Republic of China)
42nd Army (Soviet Union)42nd Army Corps (Russian Empire)42nd Battalion
42nd Battalion, Singapore Armoured Regiment42nd Battalion (Australia)42nd Battalion (Royal Highlanders of Canada), CEF
42nd Battalion Virginia Cavalry42nd Brigade42nd Brigade Royal Field Artillery
42nd Combat Aviation Brigade42nd Deoli Regiment42nd Division
42nd Division (German Empire)42nd Division (Imperial Japanese Army)42nd Division (Spain)
42nd Field Artillery Regiment42nd Field Artillery Regiment (Lanark and Renfrew Scottish), RCA42nd Group
42nd Group Army42nd Guards Motor Rifle Division42nd Guards Tank Division
42nd Home Guard Infantry Division42nd Illinois Infantry Regiment42nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
42nd Indian Brigade42nd Indiana Infantry Regiment42nd Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
42nd Infantry Division (Russian Empire)42nd Infantry Division (United States)42nd Infantry Division Murska
42nd Infantry Regiment (France)42nd Infantry Regiment (United States)42nd Jäger Division (Wehrmacht)
42nd Kentucky Infantry Regiment42nd Military Police Battalion42nd Military Police Brigade (United States)
42nd Missouri Volunteer Infantry42nd Motor Rifle Division42nd Motorized Infantry Battalion (Ukraine)
42nd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment42nd Ohio Infantry42nd Regiment
42nd Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry42nd Regiment Royal Artillery42nd Regiment of Foot
42nd Rifle Corps42nd Rifle Corps (Soviet Union)42nd Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
42nd Rocket Division42nd Royal Tank Regiment42nd United States Colored Infantry
42nd Virginia Infantry42nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment430 Tactical Helicopter Squadron
430th Bombardment Squadron430th Electronic Combat Squadron430th Expeditionary Electronic Combat Squadron
4310th Air Division431st Air Refueling Squadron431st Test and Evaluation Squadron
432d Attack Squadron432d Bombardment Squadron432d Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
432d Operations Group432d Wing433 Tactical Fighter Squadron
433d Airlift Wing433d Operations Group433d Weapons Squadron
433rd Security Forces Squadron434th434th Air Refueling Wing
434th Bombardment Squadron434th Field Artillery Brigade434th Fighter Training Squadron
434th Operations Group435 Transport and Rescue Squadron435th
435th Air Ground Operations Wing435th Bombardment Squadron435th Fighter Training Squadron
435th Operations Group435th Security Forces Squadron436 Transport Squadron
436th436th Airlift Wing436th Operations Group
436th Operations Support Squadron436th Tactical Fighter Training Squadron436th Training Squadron
437 Transport Squadron437th Airlift Wing437th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
437th Operations Group438 Tactical Helicopter Squadron438th
438th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group438th Air Expeditionary Wing438th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
4397th Air Refueling Wing (Training)439 Combat Support Squadron439th Airlift Wing
439th Operations Group43M Zrínyi43 (Wessex and County and City of Bristol) Signal Squadron
43 Commando Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines43 Gemechaniseerde (Mechanized) Brigade43 Group
43 SA Brigade43 South African Brigade43 Squadron
43d Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron43d Air Division
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