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43d Air Mobility Operations Group43d Air Refueling Squadron43d Airlift Group
43d Airlift Wing43d Electronic Combat Squadron43d Fighter Squadron
43d Flying Training Squadron43d Intelligence Squadron43d Operations Group
43d Tactical Missile Squadron43d Troop Carrier Squadron43rd (Howitzer) Brigade Royal Field Artillery
43rd (Monmouthshire) Regiment of Foot43rd (Wessex) Infantry Division43rd (Wessex) Reconnaissance Regiment
43rd Air Defense Artillery Regiment43rd Air Defense Artillery Regiment (United States)43rd Airborne Division (People's Republic of China)
43rd Anti-Aircraft Brigade (United Kingdom)43rd Armoured Division (India)43rd Army (Soviet Union)
43rd Army Corps (Russian Empire)43rd Army Corps (Soviet Union)43rd Battalion
43rd Battalion, Virginia Cavalry43rd Battalion (Australia)43rd Battalion (Cameron Highlanders of Canada), CEF
43rd Battalion Virginia Cavalry43rd Brigade43rd Cavalry Division (Soviet Union)
43rd Division43rd Division (Imperial Japanese Army)43rd Division (North Korea)
43rd Division (People's Republic of China)43rd Engineer Battalion (United States)43rd Erinpura Regiment
43rd Field Artillery (United States)43rd Field Artillery Battalion (United States)43rd Georgia Volunteer Infantry
43rd Group43rd Heavy Artillery Brigade (Ukraine)43rd Illinois Infantry Regiment
43rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment43rd Independent Gurkha Infantry Brigade43rd Indian Brigade
43rd Indiana Infantry Regiment43rd Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)43rd Infantry Division (Russian Empire)
43rd Infantry Division (United States)43rd Infantry Regiment (France)43rd Infantry Regiment (United States)
43rd Mechanized Brigade (Netherlands)43rd Military Police Brigade (United States)43rd Mississippi Infantry
43rd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment43rd North Carolina Infantry43rd Ohio Infantry
43rd Regiment43rd Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry43rd Reserve Division (German Empire)
43rd Rifle Division (Soviet Union)43rd Rocket Army43rd Royal Tank Regiment
43rd Sustainment Brigade43rd United States Colored Infantry43rd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment
44-foot motor lifeboat4404th Wing (Provisional)440 Transport Squadron
440th Airlift Wing440th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron440th Operations Group
440th Signal Battalion (United States)4416th Test Squadron441 Tactical Fighter Squadron
441st Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron441st Air Expeditionary Squadron441st Ordnance Battalion
441st Troop Carrier Wing442 Transport and Rescue Squadron442d Air Expeditionary Squadron
442d Bombardment Squadron442d Fighter Wing442d Operations Group
442d Tactical Fighter Training Squadron442nd Fighter Wing442nd Infantry Regiment (United States)
442nd Rocket Brigade443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron443d Air Expeditionary Squadron
443d Airlift Wing443d Bombardment Squadron443d Fighter Squadron
443d Operations Group443d Troop Carrier Group4440th Aircraft Delivery Group
444 Combat Support Squadron444th Air Expeditionary Squadron444th Air Expeditionary Wing
444th Bombardment Squadron444th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron444th Security Division (Wehrmacht)
4450th Tactical Group445th Air Expeditionary Squadron445th Airlift Wing
445th Bombardment Squadron445th Flight Test Squadron445th Operations Group
446th Airlift Wing446th Missile Squadron446th Operations Group
4477th Test and Evaluation Squadron447th Air Expeditionary Group447th Missile Squadron
448th Fighter-Bomber Group448th Fighter-Bomber Wing448th Missile Squadron
448th Rocket Brigade448th Supply Chain Management Group448th Supply Chain Management Wing
449th Air Expeditionary Group449th Expeditionary Flying Training Squadron449th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
449th Fighter Interceptor Squadron449th Rocket Brigade44M Tas
44M Tas Rohamloveg44M Tas Rohamlöveg44M Tas heavy tank
44 (Cinque Ports) Signal Squadron44 Headquarters and Support Squadron44 Medical Task Group
44 Parachute Anti-Aircraft Regiment44 Parachute Brigade (South Africa)44 Parachute Regiment (South Africa)
44 Pathfinder Platoon44 Squadron44 Squadron SAAF
44th (East Essex) Regiment of Foot44th (Ferozepore) Brigade44th (Home Counties) Division
44th (Howitzer) Brigade Royal Field Artillery44th Air Defense Artillery Regiment44th Air Defense Artillery Regiment (United States)
44th Air Division44th Airborne Division (India)44th Airborne Division (PRC)
44th Anti-Aircraft Brigade (United Kingdom)44th Arkansas Infantry (Mounted)44th Armoured Division (India)
44th Army44th Army (Soviet Union)44th Army Corps (Russian Empire)
44th Artillery Brigade (Ukraine)44th Aviation Division44th Battalion (Australia)
44th Battalion (Manitoba), CEF44th Bombardment Squadron44th Brigade
44th Chemical Battalion44th Division44th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
44th Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron44th Fighter Group44th Fighter Squadron
44th Georgia Volunteer Infantry44th Illinois Infantry Regiment44th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
44th Indian Infantry Brigade44th Indiana Infantry Regiment44th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
44th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (United States)44th Infantry Division (Poland)44th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)
44th Infantry Division (United States)44th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)44th Infantry Division Cremona
44th Infantry Regiment (United States)44th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment
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