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44th Medical Brigade44th Merwara Infantry44th Mharwara Regiment
44th Military Airlift Squadron44th Missile Wing44th Missile Wing LGM-30 Minuteman Missile Launch Sites
44th New York Monument44th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment44th North Carolina Infantry
44th Ohio Infantry44th Parachute Brigade (V)44th Reconnai8ssance Squadron
44th Reconnaissance Squadron44th Regiment44th Reserve Division (German Empire)
44th Rifle Corps44th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)44th Royal Tank Regiment
44th Tennessee Infantry Regiment44th United States Colored Infantry44th Virginia Infantry
44th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment45/854504th Missile Training Wing
4505th Air Refueling Wing450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron450th
450th Bombardment Group450th Bombardment Wing450th Expeditionary Flying Training Squadron
450th Fighter Squadron450th Intelligence Squadron451st
451st Air Expeditionary Group451st Air Expeditionary Wing451st Expeditionary Sustainment Command
451st Flying Training Squadron451st Intelligence Squadron452d Air Mobility Wing
452d Flight Test Squadron452d Operations Group452nd
452nd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion (United States)453d Electronic Warfare Squadron453d Operations Group
453rd453rd Operations Group454th
454th Bombardment Group454th Bombardment Wing454th Flying Training Squadron
454th Security Division (Wehrmacht)455th455th Air Expeditionary Wing
455th Chemical Brigade (United States)455th Flying Training Squadron456th
456th Bombardment Group456th Bombardment Squadron456th Bombardment Wing
456th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron457th457th Air Expeditionary Group
457th Airlift Squadron457th Fighter Squadron458th
458th Air Expeditionary Group458th Airlift Squadron458th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion
458th Tactical Fighter Squadron459th459th Air Refueling Wing
459th Airlift Squadron459th Flying Training Squadron459th Operations Group
45 Cavalry45 Commando45 Grupo de Fuerzas Aéreas
45 Squadron45 mm anti-aircraft gun (21-K)45 mm anti-tank gun M1932 (19-K)
45 mm anti-tank gun M1937 (53-K)45 mm anti-tank gun M1942 (M-42)45th (Leeds Rifles) Royal Tank Regiment
45th (Nottinghamshire) (Sherwood Foresters) Regiment of Foot45th Air Assault Brigade (Ukraine)45th Air Division
45th Airborne Division (PRC)45th Airlift Squadron45th Anti-Aircraft Brigade (United Kingdom)
45th Arkansas Infantry (Mounted)45th Army45th Army (People's Republic of China)
45th Army (Soviet Union)45th Army Corps (Russian Empire)45th Battalion (Australia)
45th Battalion (Manitoba), CEF45th Bombardment Squadron45th Brigade
45th Brigade (United Kingdom)45th Brigade Special Troops Battalion45th Cavalry (India)
45th Cavalry (Indian Army)45th Cavalry Regiment45th Detached Reconnaissance Regiment
45th Division45th Division (Spain)45th Field Artillery Brigade
45th Fighter Squadron45th Fires Brigade (United States)45th Guards Independent Reconnaissance Brigade
45th Illinois Infantry Regiment45th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment45th Indian Infantry Brigade
45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (United States)45th Infantry Division45th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)
45th Infantry Division (United Kingdom)45th Infantry Division (United States)45th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
45th Infantry Regiment (Imperial Japanese Army)45th Infantry Regiment (United States)45th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment
45th Launch Group45th Launch Support Squadron45th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery
45th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment45th North Carolina Infantry45th Ohio Infantry
45th Operations Group45th Pennsylvania Infantry45th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
45th Portable Surgical Hospital45th Rattray's Sikhs45th Reconnaissance Squadron
45th Regiment45th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Mounted Infantry45th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
45th Regiment Royal Artillery45th Regiment of Foot45th Reserve Division (German Empire)
45th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)45th Space Wing45th Sustainment Brigade
45th Tennessee Infantry Regiment45th United States Colored Infantry Regiment45th Virginia Infantry
45th Virginia Infantry Battalion45th Weather Squadron45th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment
4604th Support Squadron460th Bombardment Squadron460th Brigade (IDF)
460th Fighter-Interceptor Training Squadron460th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion (United States)460th Space Wing
461st Air Control Wing461st Bombardment Squadron461st Flight Test Squadron
461st Light Combat Aviation Squadron461st Operations Group4620th Air Defense Wing
462d Air Expeditionary Group462d Bombardment Squadron462d Tactical Fighter Squadron
462nd Light Combat Aviation Squadron462nd Volksgrenadier Division (Wehrmacht)463d Airlift Group
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