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46th New York Volunteer Infantry46th North Carolina Infantry46th Ohio Infantry
46th Operations Group46th Pennsylvania Infantry46th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
46th Punjabis46th Reconnaissance Squadron46th Regiment
46th Regiment United States Colored Infantry46th Reserve Division (German Empire)46th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
46th Rocket Division46th Tactical Missile Squadron46th Test Group
46th Test Wing46th United States Colored Infantry46th Virginia Infantry
46th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment47-foot Motor Lifeboat4700th Air Defense Group
4702d Defense Wing4703d Defense Wing4704th Defense Wing
4706th Air Defense Wing4707th Air Defense Wing4708th Air Defense Wing
4709th Air Defense Wing470th Bombardment Group470th Bombardment Squadron
470th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment470th Military Intelligence Brigade (United States)470th Tactical Fighter Squadron
4710th Air Defense Wing4711th Air Defense Wing4713th Defense Systems Evaluation Squadron
471st Special Operations Wing471st Tactical Electronic Warfare Training Squadron4721st Air Defense Group
4722d Air Defense Group4722d Defense Group4727th Air Defense Group
4728th Air Defense Group4729th Air Defense Group472d Bombardment Group
472d Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron472nd Fighter Aviation Regiment4730th Air Defense Group
4731st Air Defense Group4732d Air Defense Group4733d Air Defense Group
4734th Air Defense Group4735th Air Defense Group473d Bombardment Squadron
473d Fighter Group473rd District Training Centre473rd Infantry Regiment (United States)
474th474th Air Expeditionary Group474th Bombardment Squadron
474th Searchlight Battery, Royal Artillery474th Tactical Fighter Squadron474th Tactical Fighter Wing
4750th Air Defense Wing4751st Air Defense Squadron4756th Air Defense Group
4756th Air Defense Wing4758th Defense Systems Evaluation Squadron475th
475th Air Base Wing475th Bombardment Squadron475th Test Squadron
476 BC476th476th Bombardment Squadron
476th Fighter Group476th Tactical Fighter Squadron477th
477th Bombardment Squadron477th Fighter Group477th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
477th Tactical Fighter Squadron4780th Air Defense Wing478th
478th Aeronautical Systems Wing478th Bombardment Squadron478th Tactical Fighter Squadron
479th479th Antisubmarine Group479th Bombardment Squadron
479th Field Artillery Brigade (United States)479th Flying Training Group479th Tactical Training Wing
47 Squadron47 mm APX anti-tank gun47 mm Model 1931 anti-tank gun
47 mm kanon P.U.V. vz. 3647 mm kanon P.U.V. vz. 36 (Škoda A6)47th (1/2nd London) Division
47th (Lancashire) Regiment of Foot47th (London) Infantry Division47th (Oldham) Royal Tank Regiment
47th Air Division47th Airlift Flight47th Arkansas Infantry (Mounted)
47th Army47th Army Corps (Russian Empire)47th Battalion (Australia)
47th Battalion (British Columbia), CEF47th Battalion Virginia Cavalry47th Bombardment Squadron
47th Brigade (United Kingdom)47th Cavalry Division (Soviet Union)47th Division
47th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)47th Fighter Squadron47th Flying Training Wing
47th Georgia Volunteer Infantry47th Group Army47th Guards Tank Division
47th Illinois Infantry Regiment47th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment47th Indian Infantry Brigade
47th Indiana Infantry Regiment47th Infantry Battalion (Brazil)47th Infantry Division (People's Republic of China)
47th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)47th Infantry Division (United States)47th Infantry Division Bari
47th Infantry Regiment "Palma"47th Infantry Regiment (United States)47th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment
47th Liaison Squadron47th Missouri Volunteer Infantry47th Motor Rifle Division
47th New York Volunteer Infantry47th Ohio Infantry47th Operations Group
47th Palma Light Infantry Regiment47th Pennsylvania Infantry47th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
47th Regiment47th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Mounted Infantry47th Regiment Royal Artillery
47th Reserve Division (German Empire)47th Rifle Corps47th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
47th Sikhs47th Tactical Airlift Squadron47th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
47th United States Colored Infantry Regiment47th Virginia Infantry47th Volksgrenadier Division (Wehrmacht)
47th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment480th480th Fighter Squadron
480th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing481st481st Bombardment Squadron
481st Night Fighter Operational Training Group481st Tactical Fighter Squadron482d Attack Squadron
482d Bombardment Squadron482d Fighter-Interceptor Squadron482d Fighter Wing
482d Operations Group482nd483d Airlift Group
483d Tactical Airlift Wing483d Troop Carrier Group483rd
484th484th Air Expeditionary Wing484th Bombardment Squadron
484th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron485th485th Air Expeditionary Wing
485th Bombardment Squadron485th Fighter Squadron485th Intelligence Squadron
486th486th Air Expeditionary Wing486th Bombardment Squadron
486th Fighter Aviation Regiment486th Fighter Squadron
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