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486th Flight Test Squadron487th487th Air Expeditionary Wing
487th Bombardment Squadron487th Fighter Squadron488 (disambiguation)
488th488th Bombardment Squadron488th Tactical Missile Wing
489th489th Attack Squadron489th Bomb Group
489th Bombardment Group489th Reconnaissance Squadron48th (Northamptonshire) Regiment of Foot
48th (South Midland) Division48th (South Midland) Divisional Engineers48th Air Transport Squadron
48th Airlift Squadron48th Arkansas Infantry (Mounted)48th Armored Division
48th Armored Division (United States)48th Armored Medical Battalion48th Army (Soviet Union)
48th Army Corps (Russian Empire)48th Battalion48th Battalion (Australia)
48th Battalion (British Columbia), CEF48th Battalion Iowa Volunteer Infantry48th Bombardment Squadron
48th Brigade48th Brigade (United Kingdom)48th Chemical Brigade (United States)
48th Division48th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)48th Field Battery, Royal Australian Artillery
48th Fighter Wing48th Flying Training Squadron48th Highlanders of Canada
48th Illinois Infantry Regiment48th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment48th Indian Infantry Brigade
48th Indiana Infantry Regiment48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (United States)48th Infantry Division (1st Formation)(People's Republic of China)
48th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)48th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)48th Infantry Division Taro
48th Infantry Regiment (United States)48th Intelligence Squadron48th New York Volunteer Infantry
48th Ohio Infantry48th Operations Group48th Pennsylvania Infantry
48th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment48th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment48th Pioneers
48th Regiment48th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Mounted Infantry48th Rescue Squadron
48th Reserve Division (German Empire)48th Royal Tank Regiment48th Squadron (disambiguation)
48th United States Colored Infantry Regiment48th Virginia Infantry48th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment
4900th Flight Test Group490th490th Bombardment Group
490th Civil Affairs Battalion490th Missile Squadron491st
491st Bombardment Group491st Bombardment Squadron491st Fighter-Bomber Squadron
4925th Test Group492d Bombardment Group492d Bombardment Squadron
492d Fighter Squadron492d Special Operations Wing492nd
493d Bombardment Group493d Fighter Squadron493rd
494th494th Air Expeditionary Group494th Bombardment Squadron
494th Fighter Squadron4950th Test Group4950th Test Wing
495th495th Bombardment Squadron495th Fighter Group
495th Tactical Fighter Squadron496th496th Air Base Squadron
496th Bombardment Squadron496th Fighter Training Group496th Tactical Fighter Squadron
497th497th Air Expeditionary Group497th Bombardment Group
497th Bombardment Squadron497th Combat Training Flight497th Combat Training Squadron
497th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group498th498th Bombardment Squadron
498th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron498th Nuclear Systems Wing499th
499th Air Refueling Wing499th Bombardment Squadron499th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
49 Squadron49th (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) (Hertfordshire) Regiment of Foot49th (West Riding) Infantry Division
49th Aero Squadron49th Air Division49th Air Transport Squadron
49th Anti-Aircraft Rocket Brigade49th Armored Division (United States)49th Army
49th Army Corps (Russian Empire)49th Battalion (Australia)49th Battalion (Edmonton Regiment), CEF
49th Brigade49th Brigade (United Kingdom)49th Combined Arms Army
49th Division49th Division (1st Formation)(People's Republic of China)49th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
49th Field Artillery Battalion (United States)49th Field Artillery Regiment, RCA49th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)
49th Fighter Training Squadron49th Garhwal Rifles49th Guards Rifle Division
49th Hutsul Rifle Regiment49th Illinois Infantry Regiment49th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
49th Indian Brigade49th Indian Infantry Brigade49th Indiana Infantry Regiment
49th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)49th Infantry Division49th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)
49th Infantry Division (United States)49th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)49th Infantry Division Parma
49th Infantry Regiment (United States)49th Military Police Brigade (United States)49th Mixed Brigade
49th New York Volunteer Infantry49th North Carolina Infantry49th Ohio Infantry
49th Operations Group49th Pennsylvania Infantry49th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
49th Quartermaster Group49th Quartermaster Group (United States)49th Regiment
49th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Mounted Infantry49th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry49th Reserve Division (German Empire)
49th Rifle Division (RSFSR)49th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)49th Royal Tank Regiment
49th Test and Evaluation Squadron49th Troop Carrier Squadron49th Virginia Infantry
49th Wing49th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment4TP
4 April 2010 Baghdad bombings4 Artillery Brigade (Namibia)4 Artillery Regiment
4 Artillery Regiment (South Africa)4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group4 Close Support Regiment RLC
4 December 2013 Iraq attacks4 Engineer Support Regiment4 Flotille
4 Gorkha Rifles4 Intelligence Company4 Reconnaissance Commando (South Africa)
4 Regiment Army Air Corps4 South African Infantry Battalion4 Squadron
4 Squadron SAAF
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