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4 bore4 mm caliber4cm kanón vz. 36
4e Division cuirassée4e Escadre de Chasse4e Régiment de dragons
4e régiment de hussards4th/19th Prince of Wales's Light Horse4th/3rd Battalion, Royal New South Wales Regiment
4th/6th Battalion, Ulster Defence Regiment4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards4th "Ali Demi" Battalion
4th (City of London) Battalion, London Regiment4th (Commando) Battalion4th (Glasgow, 1st Northern) Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteer Corps
4th (Queen Augusta) Guards Grenadiers4th (Quetta) Division4th (Secunderabad) Cavalry Brigade
4th (Waikato) Mounted Rifles4th (Westphalian) Cuirassiers "von Driesen"4th Advance Guard Regiment
4th Air Army4th Air Corps (Germany)4th Air Defense Artillery Regiment
4th Air Defense Artillery Regiment (United States)4th Air Division4th Air Division (Germany)
4th Air Group4th Air Support Operations Squadron4th Air Wing (JASDF)
4th Air and Air Defence Forces Army4th Air and Air Defence Forces Command4th Airborne Corps (Soviet Union)
4th Airlift Squadron4th Airmobile Brigade (France)4th Alabama Infantry Regiment (Colored)
4th Alabama Volunteer Infantry Regiment (African Descent)4th Alpine Division Cuneense4th Alpini Parachutist Regiment
4th Alpini Paratroopers Regiment4th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division (Soviet Union)4th Anti-Aircraft Brigade (United Kingdom)
4th Anti-Aircraft Division (United Kingdom)4th Antiaircraft Missile Division (People's Republic of China)4th Arkansas Cavalry Regiment
4th Arkansas Cavalry Regiment (Union)4th Arkansas Field Battery4th Arkansas Infantry Battalion
4th Arkansas Infantry Regiment4th Arkansas Infantry Regiment (Union)4th Armored Brigade (People's Republic of China)
4th Armored Division (France, 1940)4th Armored Division (United States)4th Armoured Brigade
4th Armoured Brigade (Australia)4th Armoured Division (Egypt)4th Armoured Division (France)
4th Armoured Division (France, 1964)4th Armoured Division (Syria)4th Armoured Division Headquarters and Signal Regiment
4th Army (Austria-Hungary)4th Army (Czechoslovakia)4th Army (France)
4th Army (German Empire)4th Army (Kingdom of Yugoslavia)4th Army (Russian Empire)
4th Army (Soviet Union)4th Army (Wehrmacht)4th Army (Yugoslavia)
4th Army Corps (France)4th Army Corps (Russian Empire)4th Army Division
4th Artillery Regiment (Portugal)4th Assault Amphibian Battalion4th Aviation Regiment
4th Aviation Regiment (United States)4th Battalion, 10th Marines4th Battalion, 14th Marines
4th Battalion, 227th Aviation Regiment4th Battalion, 319th Field Artillery Regiment4th Battalion, 320th Field Artillery Regiment
4th Battalion, Canadian Mounted Rifles4th Battalion, Parachute Regiment4th Battalion, Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey)
4th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment4th Battalion, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry4th Battalion, Ulster Defence Regiment
4th Battalion (Australia)4th Battalion (Central Ontario), CEF4th Battalion 14th Marines
4th Battalion 17th Infantry Regiment4th Battalion 27th Field Artillery Regiment (United States Army)4th Battalion 42nd Field Artillery Regiment (United States)
4th Battalion The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment4th Battle Squadron4th Battle Squadron (United Kingdom)
4th Bengal European Cavalry4th Bengal European Regiment4th Blackshirt Division (3 January)
4th Bombardment Squadron4th Bombay Grenadiers4th Bombay Native Infantry
4th Brigade4th Brigade, 104th Division (United States)4th Brigade (Australia)
4th Brigade Combat Team4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division
4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division (United States)4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division4th Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division
4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division (United States)4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division
4th Brigade Royal Field Artillery4th California Infantry4th California Infantry Regiment
4th Canadian Armoured Brigade4th Canadian Division4th Canadian Division Support Group
4th Canadian Engineers4th Canadian Infantry Brigade4th Carabinier Regiment
4th Carabinier Regiment (France)4th Carabinieri Battalion "Veneto"4th Carnatic Battalion
4th Cavalry4th Cavalry (India)4th Cavalry (Indian Army)
4th Cavalry Brigade4th Cavalry Brigade (Australia)4th Cavalry Brigade (Imperial Japanese Army)
4th Cavalry Brigade (Poland)4th Cavalry Brigade (United Kingdom)4th Cavalry Brigade (United States)
4th Cavalry Corps (Russian Empire)4th Cavalry Corps (Soviet Union)4th Cavalry Division (British Indian Army)
4th Cavalry Division (German Empire)4th Cavalry Division (India)4th Cavalry Division (Russian Empire)
4th Cavalry Regiment4th Cavalry Regiment (United States)4th Centre for Combat Employment and Retraining of Personnel
4th Civil Affairs Group4th Combat Cargo Group4th Combat Engineer Battalion
4th Combat Engineer Regiment (Australia)4th Commando Battalion (Belgium)4th Composite Group
4th Connecticut Infantry Regiment4th Connecticut Regiment4th Continental Artillery Regiment
4th Continental Light Dragoons4th Corps (Turkey)4th Corps (Vietnam People's Army)
4th Corps of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina4th Cruiser Squadron4th Delaware Infantry Regiment
4th Delaware Volunteer Infantry4th Destroyer Flotilla4th Destroyer Squadron (United Kingdom)
4th Division4th Division (Australia)4th Division (German Empire)
4th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)4th Division (Iraq)4th Division (Japan)
4th Division (New Zealand)4th Division (North Korea)4th Division (Reichswehr)
4th Dragoon Regiment (France)4th Duke of Cambridge's Own Hodson's Horse4th East Anglian Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
4th Eastern Siberian Corps4th Engineer Battalion4th Engineer Battalion (Belgium)
4th Engineer Battalion (United States)4th Engineer Brigade (Romania)4th Ersatz Division (German Empire)
4th Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron4th Field Artillery Regiment4th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)
4th Fighter Aviation Division4th Fighter Aviation Division (People's Liberation Army Air Force)4th Fighter Division (China)
4th Fighter Division (Germany)4th Fighter Division (People's Republic of China)
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