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4th Fighter Squadron4th Fighter Squadron (Commando)4th Fighter Wing
4th Fires Brigade (United States)4th Fleet (Imperial Japanese Navy)4th Foot Guards (German Empire)
4th Force Reconnaissance Company4th Foreign Regiment4th Foreign Regiment (France)
4th Frigate Squadron (United Kingdom)4th Garrison Division of Fuzhou Military Region4th General Hospital (United States Army)
4th Georgia Regiment4th Gorkha Rifles4th Group CIS
4th Guards Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division4th Guards Army4th Guards Brigade
4th Guards Brigade (Croatia)4th Guards Brigade (United Kingdom)4th Guards Cavalry Corps
4th Guards Infantry Division (German Empire)4th Guards Kantemirovskaya Tank Division4th Guards Motor Rifle Division
4th Guards Rifle Division4th Guards Tank Division4th Hazara Pioneers
4th Home Counties Brigade, Royal Field Artillery4th Horse (Hodson's Horse)4th Hussar Regiment (France)
4th Illinois Cavalry Regiment4th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment4th Independent Air Defence Army
4th Independent Battery Indiana Light Artillery4th Independent Battery Wisconsin Light Artillery4th Indian Cavalry Brigade
4th Indian Infantry Brigade4th Infantry4th Infantry Brigade
4th Infantry Brigade (Canada)4th Infantry Brigade (Greece)4th Infantry Brigade (Lebanon)
4th Infantry Brigade (New Zealand)4th Infantry Brigade (South Africa)4th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division (United States)4th Infantry Brigade and HQ North East (United Kingdom)4th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters North East
4th Infantry Division (Belgium)4th Infantry Division (Greece)4th Infantry Division (India)
4th Infantry Division (Philippines)4th Infantry Division (Poland)4th Infantry Division (Romania)
4th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)4th Infantry Division (United Kingdom)4th Infantry Division (United States)
4th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)4th Infantry Division Artillery (United States)4th Infantry Division Littorio
4th Infantry Division Livorno4th Infantry Regiment (France)4th Infantry Regiment (Imperial Japanese Army)
4th Infantry Regiment (United States)4th Iowa Independent Battery Light Artillery4th Iowa Volunteer Cavalry Regiment
4th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment4th Kansas Militia Infantry Regiment4th Kansas Volunteer Infantry Regiment
4th Kentucky Infantry4th Lancashire Artillery Volunteers4th Land Force Brigade
4th Landing Support Battalion4th Landwehr Division (German Empire)4th Law Enforcement Battalion
4th Legion Tercio "Alejandro Farnesio"4th Legions' Infantry Regiment4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion
4th Light Cavalry Division (France)4th Light Cruiser Squadron (United Kingdom)4th Light Horse Brigade
4th Light Horse Regiment (Australia)4th Logistics Battalion (Belgium)4th Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion
4th Luftwaffe Field Division (Germany)4th Machine Gun Battalion (Australia)4th Madras Native Infantry
4th Maine Battery4th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment4th Maintenance Battalion
4th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade4th Marching Regiment of the 1st Foreign Regiment4th Marine Aircraft Wing
4th Marine Battalion (South Vietnam)4th Marine Brigade (Iran)4th Marine Division (United States)
4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade4th Marine Infantry Regiment4th Marine Logistics Group
4th Marine Regiment (United States)4th Maryland Regiment4th Maryland Volunteer Infantry
4th Massachusetts Regiment4th Massachusetts Volunteer Cavalry4th Mechanized Brigade (Kazakhstan)
4th Mechanized Brigade (United Kingdom)4th Mechanized Cavalry Brigade (Brazil)4th Mechanized Corps (Soviet Union)
4th Medical Battalion4th Medical Battalion (United States Marine Corps)4th Michigan Cavalry
4th Michigan Volunteer Cavalry Regiment4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Reorganized)
4th Military District (Australia)4th Military Information Support Group4th Military Region (Vietnam People's Army)
4th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment4th Missouri Regiment of Colored Infantry4th Missouri Volunteer Cavalry
4th Missouri Volunteer Infantry4th Missouri Volunteer Infantry (3 months, 1861)4th Mixed Brigade (Imperial Japanese Army)
4th Motor Brigade (Australia)4th Motorized Infantry Division (People's Republic of China)4th Mountain Artillery Regiment (Italy)
4th Mountain Division (Wehrmacht)4th Mountain Infantry Division Livorno4th Mounted Brigade
4th Mounted Brigade (United Kingdom)4th Mounted Division4th Mounted Rifles
4th Naval Armaments Supplement Programme4th Naval Construction Battalion (Reserve)4th Naval Warfare Flotilla (Sweden)
4th New Guinea Infantry Battalion4th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry4th New Jersey Regiment
4th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry4th New York Heavy Artillery Regiment4th New York Regiment
4th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment4th New Zealand Armoured Brigade4th New Zealand Contingent
4th Niemen Uhlan Regiment4th North African Infantry Division4th North Carolina Infantry
4th North Carolina Regiment4th North Midland Brigade, Royal Field Artillery4th Ohio Battery
4th Ohio Cavalry4th Ohio Infantry4th Operations Group
4th Panzer Army4th Panzer Division (Wehrmacht)4th Panzergrenadier Division (Bundeswehr)
4th Parachute Brigade (Argentina)4th Parachute Brigade (United Kingdom)4th Parachute Division (Germany)
4th Pennsylvania Cavalry4th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment4th Pennsylvania Infantry
4th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment4th Pennsylvania Regiment4th Pennsylvania Reserve Regiment
4th Pioneer Battalion4th Pioneer Battalion (Australia)4th Portuguese India Armada (Gama, 1502)
4th Prince Albert Victor's Rajputs4th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards4th Punjab Infantry Regiment
4th Pursuit Group4th Queen's Own Hussars4th Ranger Battalion (United States)
4th Ranger Infantry Company (United States)4th Rapid Deployment Brigade (Czech Republic)4th Rapid Reaction Brigade (Ukraine)
4th Reconnaissance Battalion4th Reconnaissance Group4th Regiment
4th Regiment, Arkansas State Troops4th Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery4th Regiment Arkansas Volunteer Cavalry (Union)
4th Regiment Arkansas Volunteer Infantry4th Regiment Illinois Volunteer Cavalry4th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Cavalry
4th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Infantry4th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry4th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
4th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Heavy Artillery4th Regiment New York Provisional Cavalry4th Regiment Royal Artillery
4th Regiment South Carolina Cavalry4th Regiment South Carolina Volunteer Infantry (African Descent)4th Regiment Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry
4th Regiment West Virginia Cavalry4th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry4th Regiment of Front Guard
4th Regiment of Line Infantry4th Regiment of Marines (British Army)4th Regiment of Niemen Uhlans
4th Regiment of Riflemen4th Regiment of Riflemen (United States)4th Reserve Division (People's Republic of China)
4th Reserve Officers' Training Corps Brigade4th Rhode Island Infantry4th Rifle Corps (Soviet Union)
4th Rifle Division (Poland)4th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)4th Rocket Brigade
4th Royal Bavarian Chevau-légers "King"4th Royal Bavarian Division4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards
4th Royal Tank Regiment4th SA Infantry Regiment4th SS Police Regiment
4th SS Polizei Panzergrenadier Division4th Shock Army4th Shock Police Battalion
4th Siberian Army Corps4th Siberian Rifle Division (Russian Empire)4th Signal Group (United Kingdom)
4th South Carolina Regiment4th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Colored)4th Space Control Squadron
4th Space Launch Squadron4th Space Operations Squadron4th Space Warning Squadron
4th Special Forces Helicopter Regiment4th Special Operations Squadron4th Special Service Brigade
4th Squadron (JASDF)4th Summit of the Americas4th Supply Battalion
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