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4th Sustainment Brigade4th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary)4th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
4th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron (Photographic)4th Tank Battalion4th Tank Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
4th Tank Regiment4th Tank Regiment (Japan)4th Technical & Administrative Services Brigade (Reserve)
4th Tennessee Infantry Regiment4th Territorial Army Corps (Romania)4th Troop of Horse Guards
4th Tunisian Tirailleurs Regiment4th U-boat Flotilla4th U.S. Light Artillery, Battery A
4th U.S. Light Artillery, Battery B4th U.S. Light Artillery, Battery C4th U.S. Light Artillery, Battery G
4th U.S. Light Artillery, Battery H4th U.S. Light Artillery, Battery I4th U.S. Light Artillery, Battery K
4th U.S. Light Artillery, Battery M4th Ukrainian Front4th United States Army Field Artillery Detachment
4th United States Colored Infantry Regiment4th Vermont Infantry4th Virginia Cavalry
4th Virginia Infantry4th Virginia Regiment4th Volunteers Battalion, Royal Scots
4th West India Regiment4th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment4th Wisconsin Volunteer Cavalry Regiment
4th Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment4th battle of Gao4th of August Regime
4ème Régiment des Carabinier5"/25 caliber gun5"/25 caliber gun (United States)
5"/31 caliber gun5"/38 caliber gun5"/40 caliber gun
5"/50 caliber gun5"/51 caliber gun5"/54 caliber Mark 16 gun
5"/54 caliber Mark 42 gun5"/54 caliber Mark 45 gun5-Inch Forward Firing Aircraft Rocket
5-in-1 blank cartridge5-in-1 ration5-inch gun
5-inch gun M18975-ton 6x6 truck5.2 cm SK L/55 naval gun
5.45×18mm5.45×39mm5.56×21mm PINDAD
5.56×30mm MINSAS5.56×45mm NATO5.6×50mm Magnum
5.6×61mm VHSE5.7 cm Maxim-Nordenfelt5.8×21mm
5.8×21mm DAP925.8×42mm5.8×42mm DBP87
5. Luftwaffendivision5/16 inch star5/42 Evzone Regiment
500-ton Oil Fuel Lighter5001st Composite Wing500 cubic meter class barge
500th (RESCUE 5) Search and Rescue Group (Reserve)500th Air Defense Group500th Air Expeditionary Group
500th Anniversary of the Zaporozhian Cossacks500th Bombardment Squadron500th Brigade
500th Fighter-Bomber Squadron500th Military Intelligence Brigade (United States)500th SS Parachute Battalion
5010th Air Base Wing5010th Combat Support Group501 Squadron
501 Squadron (Portugal)501e-503e Régiment de chars de combat501e Régiment de chars de combat
501st501st-503rd Tank Regiment501st (LWUA) Water Battalion (Reserve)
501st Aviation Regiment (United States)501st Bombardment Squadron501st Combat Support Group
501st Combat Support Wing501st Heavy Panzer Battalion501st Infantry Regiment (United States)
501st Military Intelligence Battalion (United States)501st Military Intelligence Brigade (United States)501st Sustainment Brigade (United States)
501st Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron (JASDF)502 Squadron502 Squadron (Portugal)
502d Air Base Wing502d Air Defense Group502d Air Operations Group
502d Bombardment Group502nd502nd (MAYNILAD) Water Service Battalion (Reserve)
502nd Heavy Panzer Battalion502nd Infantry Regiment (United States)502nd SS Jäger Battalion
502nd Tactical Control Group503d Air Defense Group503d Aircraft Control and Warning Group
503e Régiment de chars de combat503rd503rd (MANILA WATER) Water Service Battalion (Reserve)
503rd Heavy Panzer Battalion503rd Infantry Regiment (United States)504 Squadron (Portugal)
504th504th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade504th Bombardment Group
504th Expeditionary Air Support Operations Group504th Infantry Regiment (United States)504th Military Intelligence Brigade
505th505th Bombardment Group505th Brigade
505th Bužim Brigade505th Command and Control Wing505th Infantry Regiment (United States)
506th506th Air Expeditionary Group506th Air Refueling Squadron
506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Association506th Bombardment Squadron506th Infantry Regiment (United States)
5070th Air Defense Wing507th507th Air Refueling Wing
507th Bombardment Squadron507th Maintenance Company507th Parachute Infantry Regiment (United States)
508th508th Aerospace Sustainment Wing508th Air Refueling Squadron
508th Fighter Squadron508th Heavy Panzer Battalion508th Infantry Regiment (United States)
508th Missile Squadron509th Bomb Wing
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