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501st Infantry Regiment (United States)501st Military Intelligence Battalion (United States)501st Military Intelligence Brigade (United States)
501st Sustainment Brigade (United States)501st Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron (JASDF)502 Squadron
502 Squadron (Portugal)502d Air Base Wing502d Air Defense Group
502d Air Operations Group502d Bombardment Group502nd
502nd (MAYNILAD) Water Service Battalion (Reserve)502nd Heavy Panzer Battalion502nd Infantry Regiment (United States)
502nd SS Jäger Battalion502nd Tactical Control Group503d Air Defense Group
503d Aircraft Control and Warning Group503e Régiment de chars de combat503rd
503rd (MANILA WATER) Water Service Battalion (Reserve)503rd Heavy Panzer Battalion503rd Infantry Regiment (United States)
504 Squadron (Portugal)504th504th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade
504th Bombardment Group504th Expeditionary Air Support Operations Group504th Infantry Regiment (United States)
504th Military Intelligence Brigade505th505th Bombardment Group
505th Brigade505th Bužim Brigade505th Command and Control Wing
505th Infantry Regiment (United States)506th506th Air Expeditionary Group
506th Air Refueling Squadron506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Association506th Bombardment Squadron
506th Infantry Regiment (United States)5070th Air Defense Wing507th
507th Air Refueling Wing507th Bombardment Squadron507th Maintenance Company
507th Parachute Infantry Regiment (United States)508th508th Aerospace Sustainment Wing
508th Air Refueling Squadron508th Fighter Squadron508th Heavy Panzer Battalion
508th Infantry Regiment (United States)508th Missile Squadron509th Bomb Wing
509th Composite Group509th Heavy Panzer Battalion509th Infantry Regiment (United States)
509th Missile Squadron509th Operations Group509th Security Forces Squadron
509th Tactical Fighter Squadron509th Weapons Squadron50 Let Pobedy
50 Missile Regiment Royal Artillery50 Squadron50 Squadron SAAF
50th (Northumbrian) Division50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division50th (Northumbrian) Signal Regiment
50th (Queen's Own) Regiment of Foot50th Air Division50th Air Refueling Squadron
50th Air Transport Squadron50th Airlift Squadron50th Alabama Infantry Regiment
50th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment (Romania)50th Armored Division (United States)50th Armoured Regiment (India)
50th Army50th Army (People's Republic of China)50th Army (Soviet Union)
50th Army Corps (Russian Empire)50th Attack Squadron50th Battalion, CEF
50th Battalion (Australia)50th Battalion (Calgary), CEF50th Brigade
50th Brigade (United Kingdom)50th Coast Artillery (United States)50th Division
50th Division (1st Formation)(People's Republic of China)50th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)50th Education Squadron
50th Expeditionary Signal Battalion50th Field Artillery Regiment (The Prince of Wales Rangers), RCA50th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
50th Flying Training Squadron50th Georgia Volunteer Infantry50th Illinois Infantry Regiment
50th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment50th Independence Anniversary Commemoration Medal50th Indian Brigade
50th Indian Tank Brigade50th Indiana Infantry Regiment50th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (United States)
50th Infantry Division (German Empire)50th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)50th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
50th Infantry Division Regina50th Infantry Regiment (United States)50th Light Anti-Aircraft Brigade (United Kingdom)
50th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Greece)50th Military Airlift Squadron50th Network Operations Group
50th North Carolina Infantry50th Ohio Infantry50th Operations Group
50th Parachute Brigade (India)50th Pennsylvania Infantry50th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
50th Regiment50th Regiment Royal Artillery50th Regiment of Foot (disambiguation)
50th Reserve Division (German Empire)50th Rifle Corps50th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
50th Rocket Army50th Royal Tank Regiment50th Space Communications Squadron
50th Space Wing50th United States Colored Infantry Regiment50th Virginia Infantry
50th Wing50th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment510th
510th Fighter Squadron510th Heavy Panzer Battalion510th Missile Squadron
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