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612th Tactical Fighter Squadron612th Tank Destroyer Battalion613th Tactical Fighter Squadron
6147th Tactical Control Group614 VGS614th
614th Air and Space Operations Center614th Radar Squadron614th Space Intelligence Squadron
614th Space Operations Squadron614th Tactical Fighter Squadron614th Tank Destroyer Battalion
615th Contingency Response Wing615th Tactical Fighter Squadron6167th Air Base Group
616th Bombardment Squadron617th Bombardment Squadron61889 Regiment
618th Air and Space Operations Center (Tanker Airlift Control Center)618th Bombardment Squadron61 (City of Edinburgh) Signal Regiment
61 Division (Sri Lanka)61 Mechanised Battalion Group61 Mechanised Infantry Battalion Group
61 cm Type 90 torpedo61 pattern webbing61st (2nd South Midland) Division
61st (City of Edinburgh) Signal Regiment61st (South Gloucestershire) Regiment of Foot61st Air Base Group
61st Air Base Wing61st Air Defense Artillery Regiment61st Air Defense Artillery Regiment (United States)
61st Airlift Squadron61st Alabama Infantry Regiment61st Anti-aircraft Missiles Regiment (Romania)
61st Army (Soviet Union)61st Battalion (Australia)61st Battalion (Winnipeg), CEF
61st Battery Royal Field Artillery Boer War Memorial61st Bombardment Squadron61st Cavalry (India)
61st Cavalry Division (Soviet Union)61st Cavalry Division (United States)61st Cavalry Regiment
61st Cavalry Regiment (India)61st Cavalry Regiment (United States)61st Corps (German Empire)
61st Division61st Division (Imperial Japanese Army)61st Division (Philippines)
61st Fighter Squadron61st Fighter Wing61st Georgia Volunteer Infantry
61st Guards Fighter Aviation Corps61st Illinois Infantry Regiment61st Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
61st Indiana Infantry Regiment61st Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)61st Infantry Division (France)
61st Infantry Division (Russian Empire)61st Infantry Division (United Kingdom)61st Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
61st Infantry Division Sirte61st Infantry Regiment61st Infantry Regiment (Finland)
61st Infantry Regiment (United States)61st Mountain Troops Brigade (Romania)61st Naval Infantry Brigade (Russia)
61st New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment61st Ohio Infantry61st Pennsylvania Infantry
61st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment61st Pioneers61st Regiment
61st Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry61st Regiment United States Colored Infantry61st Regiment of Foot (disambiguation)
61st Rifle Corps61st Stryamska Mechanized Brigade61st Virginia Infantry
6204th Photo Mapping Flight620th Engineer General Service Company621st Contingency Response Wing
622d Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron622nd (7th Battalion The Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery623d Air Control Flight
623d Air Control Squadron624th Operations Center624th Regional Support Group
625th Strategic Operations Squadron627th Radar Squadron628th Air Base Wing
628th Tank Battalion (United States)628th Tank Destroyer Battalion62 Cavalry (India)
62 Division (Sri Lanka)62 Mechanised Battalion Group62 Res CIS Company
62 Reserve Cavalry Squadron62 Reserve Infantry Battalion (Ireland)62 Signal Battalion
62d Airlift Squadron62d Airlift Wing62d Bombardment Squadron
62d Expeditionary Attack Squadron62d Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron62d Fighter Squadron
62d Fighter Wing62d Operations Group62nd (2nd West Riding) Division
62nd (Wiltshire) Regiment of Foot62nd Air Defense Artillery Regiment62nd Air Defense Artillery Regiment (United States)
62nd Armored Field Artillery Battalion62nd Army (Soviet Union)62nd Battalion (Australia)
62nd Battalion (British Columbia), CEF62nd Brigade (United Kingdom)62nd Cavalry Division (United States)
62nd Cavalry Regiment (India)62nd Corps (German Empire)62nd Division
62nd Division (Imperial Japanese Army)62nd Expeditionary Signal Battalion62nd Field Artillery Regiment, RCA
62nd Illinois Infantry Regiment62nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment62nd Indian Infantry Brigade
62nd Indiana Infantry Regiment62nd Infantry Division (Russian Empire)62nd Infantry Division Marmarica
62nd Infantry Regiment (United States)62nd Medical Brigade (United States)62nd Motor Rifle Division
62nd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment62nd Ohio Infantry62nd Pennsylvania Infantry
62nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment62nd Punjabis62nd Regiment
62nd Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry62nd Regiment of Foot (disambiguation)62nd Reserve Artillery Regiment (Ireland)
62nd Rifle Corps62nd Rifle Corps (Soviet Union)62nd Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
62nd Rocket Division62nd Tennessee Infantry62nd Virginia Mounted Infantry
62nd Volksgrenadier Division (Wehrmacht)630th Radar Squadron631st Maintenance Company
631st Tank Destroyer Battalion632nd Armor Regiment633d Air Base Wing
633d Special Operations Wing633rd Tank Destroyer Battalion634th Naval Air Group
634th Radar Squadron635th Bombardment Squadron635th Radar Squadron
635th Supply Chain Management Wing635th Supply Chain Operations Wing637th Radar Squadron
638th (Brecknock) Light Antiaircraft Regiment Royal Artillery638th Aero Squadron638th Aviation Support Battalion
639th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
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