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63 Cavalry63 Mechanised Battalion Group63d Air Expeditionary Wing
63d Air Refueling Squadron63d Airlift Wing63d Bombardment Squadron
63d Fighter Squadron63d Fighter Wing63d Operations Group
63d Troop Carrier Group63rd (2nd Northumbrian) Division63rd (Royal Naval) Division
63rd (West Suffolk) Regiment of Foot63rd Armor Regiment63rd Armor Regiment (United States)
63rd Army (Soviet Union)63rd Army Air Forces Contract Pilot School63rd Aviation Brigade (United States)
63rd Battalion (Edmonton), CEF63rd Brigade (United Kingdom)63rd Brigade Support Battalion
63rd Cavalry63rd Cavalry (India)63rd Cavalry Division (United States)
63rd Coast Artillery (United States)63rd Corps (German Empire)63rd Division
63rd Division (Imperial Japanese Army)63rd Expeditionary Signal Battalion63rd Group Army
63rd Guards Rifle Division63rd Illinois Infantry Regiment63rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
63rd Indian Infantry Brigade63rd Indiana Infantry Regiment63rd Infantry Division (Russian Empire)
63rd Infantry Division (United States)63rd Infantry Division Cirene63rd Infantry Regiment (United States)
63rd New York Infantry63rd Ohio Infantry63rd Palamcottah Light Infantry
63rd Parachute Battalion63rd Pennsylvania Infantry63rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
63rd Regiment63rd Regiment United States Colored Infantry63rd Regiment of Foot (disambiguation)
63rd Rifle Corps63rd United States Colored Infantry Regiment63rd Virginia Infantry
63rd brigade support battalion640th Bombardment Squadron641st Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
641st Aviation Regiment (United States)642d Bombardment Squadron642nd Engineer Support Company (ESC)
643d Bombardment Squadron643rd Tank Destroyer Battalion643rd Transportation Detachment
644th Bomb Squadron644th Radar Squadron644th Regional Support Group
645th Bombardment Squadron645th Radar Squadron645th Regional Support Group
646th Aircraft Control Squadron646th Bombardment Squadron647th Bombardment Squadron
647th Regional Support Group648th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade648th Tank Destroyer Battalion
64 Baker Street64 Squadron64th (2nd Highland) Division
64th (2nd Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot64th Aggressor Squadron64th Air Division
64th Air Expeditionary Group64th Air Refueling Squadron64th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division (Soviet Union)
64th Armor Regiment64th Armor Regiment (United States)64th Battalion, CEF
64th Bombardment Squadron64th Brigade (United Kingdom)64th Brigade Support Battalion (United States)
64th Cavalry64th Cavalry (India)64th Cavalry Division (United States)
64th Coast Artillery (United States)64th Corps (German Empire)64th Division
64th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)64th Field Battery, RCA64th Fighter Aviation Corps
64th Flying Training Wing64th Group Army64th Guards Rifle Division
64th Illinois Infantry Regiment64th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment64th Indian Infantry Brigade
64th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)64th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)64th Infantry Division Catanzaro
64th Infantry Division of Urmia64th Infantry Regiment (United States)64th Motor Rifle Brigade
64th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment64th Ohio Infantry64th Pioneers
64th Regiment64th Regiment of Foot (disambiguation)64th Transportation Company
64th United States Colored Infantry Regiment64th Virginia Mounted Infantry650th Regional Support Group
652d Bombardment Squadron653d Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron653d Bombardment Squadron
653d Electronic Systems Wing653rd Heavy Panzerjäger Battalion653rd Regional Support Group
654th Tank Destroyer Battalion6555th Aerospace Test Group655 Squadron (V) The Scottish Horse
656th Bombardment Squadron657 Squadron657th Bombardment Squadron
658th Bombardment Squadron658th Eastern Battalion6593d Test Squadron
6594th Test Group6595th Aerospace Test Wing659th Bombardment Squadron
659th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group65 Division (Sri Lanka)65 Squadron
65th (2nd Lowland) Division65th (2nd Yorkshire, North Riding) Regiment of Foot65th Aggressor Squadron
65th Air Army65th Air Base Group65th Air Base Wing
65th Air Defense Artillery Regiment65th Air Defense Artillery Regiment (United States)65th Air Division
65th Airborne Special Forces Brigade65th Airborne Special Forces Brigade (Iran)65th Airlift Squadron
65th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division (Soviet Union)65th Armoured Regiment65th Armoured Regiment (India)
65th Army (People's Republic of China)65th Army (Soviet Union)65th Battalion (Saskatchewan), CEF
65th Bombardment Squadron65th Brigade (United Kingdom)65th Brigade Engineer Battalion
65th Carnatic Infantry65th Cavalry Division (United States)65th Division
65th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)65th Field Artillery Brigade (United States)65th Fires Brigade (United States)
65th Group Army65th Illinois Infantry Regiment65th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
65th Indiana Infantry Regiment65th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)65th Infantry Division (United States)
65th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)65th Infantry Division Granatieri di Savoia65th Infantry Regiment (United States)
65th Medical Brigade (United States)65th Military Airlift Support Group65th New York Volunteer Infantry
65th Ohio Infantry65th Regiment65th Reserve Infantry Battalion (Ireland)
65th Rifle Division
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