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65th Special Operations Squadron660th Bombardment Squadron660th Radar Squadron
6615th Ranger Force661st Bombardment Squadron661st Radar Squadron
662 Squadron667th Air Control Squadron667th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery (Hampshire) TA
668th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron668th Bomb Squadron669th Radar Squadron
66 Division (Sri Lanka)66th (Berkshire) Regiment of Foot66th Air Base Group
66th Air Base Wing66th Armor Regiment66th Armor Regiment (United States)
66th Armoured Regiment (India)66th Army (People's Republic of China)66th Army (Soviet Union)
66th Battalion (Edmonton Guards), CEF66th Cavalry Division (United States)66th Corps (German Empire)
66th Corps (People's Republic of China)66th Division66th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
66th Division (Spain)66th Division (United Kingdom)66th Fighter Wing
66th Illinois Infantry Regiment66th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment66th Indiana Infantry Regiment
66th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)66th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)66th Infantry Division (United States)
66th Infantry Regiment66th Infantry Regiment (Imperial Japanese Army)66th Infantry Regiment (United States)
66th Military Intelligence Brigade66th Missile Squadron66th New York Volunteer Infantry
66th Ohio Infantry66th Punjabis66th Regiment
66th Rescue Squadron66th Rifle Corps66th Theater Aviation Command
66th Troop Carrier Squadron66th Weapons Squadron670th Bombardment Squadron
670th Radar Squadron671st Bombardment Squadron671st Radar Squadron
672d Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron672d Technical Training Squadron673d Air Base Wing
673d Bombardment Squadron674th Airborne Field Artillery Battalion674th Bombardment Squadron
675th Bombardment Squadron676th Bombardment Squadron676th Transport Aviation Squadron
677th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron677th Bombardment Squadron678th Air Defense Artillery Brigade (United States)
678th Air Defense Group678th Transport Aviation Squadron679th Bombardment Squadron
679th Radar Squadron67 Armoured Regiment (India)67 Squadron
67th (2nd Home Counties) Division67th (South Hampshire) Regiment of Foot67th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division (Soviet Union)
67th Armor Regiment67th Armor Regiment (United States)67th Armored Regiment
67th Armoured Regiment (India)67th Army (Soviet Union)67th Battalion (Western Scots), CEF
67th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade67th Brigade (United Kingdom)67th Combat Support Hospital (United States)
67th Corps (German Empire)67th Cyberspace Operations Group67th Cyberspace Wing
67th Division67th Expeditionary Signal Battalion67th Fighter Squadron
67th Fighter Wing67th Group Army67th Guards Rifle Division
67th Illinois Infantry Regiment67th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment67th Indiana Infantry Regiment
67th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)67th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade67th Medical Group (United States)
67th Missile Squadron67th Network Warfare Group67th Network Warfare Wing
67th New York Infantry67th Ohio Infantry67th Punjabis
67th Regiment67th Rifle Corps67th Rifle Division
67th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery67th Special Operations Squadron67th Tactical Airlift Squadron
67th Troop Carrier Squadron68-Pounder Lancaster gun68-pounder (disambiguation)
68-pounder Lancaster gun68-pounder gun680th Radar Squadron
681st Bombardment Squadron682 Direct Air Support Operations Squadron683d Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
685th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron686th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion
688th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron688th Cyberspace Wing688th Information Operations Wing
689th Combat Communications Wing689th Radar Squadron68W
68 Signal Squadron68 Squadron68th (2nd Welsh) Division
68th (Durham) Regiment of Foot (Light Infantry)68th Air Refueling Squadron68th Airlift Squadron
68th Armor Regiment68th Armoured Regiment (India)68th Army (Soviet Union)
68th Army Corps (Russia)68th Battalion (Regina), CEF68th Brigade (United Kingdom)
68th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion (United States)68th Composite Wing68th Corps (German Empire)
68th Division68th Division (1st Formation)(People's Republic of China)68th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
68th Fighter Squadron68th Illinois Infantry Regiment68th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
68th Indiana Infantry Regiment68th Infantry Division (France)68th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)
68th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)68th Missile Squadron68th Network Warfare Squadron
68th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment68th Ohio Infantry68th Pennsylvania Infantry
68th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment68th Regiment68th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery
68th Special Forces Brigade (Bulgaria)68th Strategic Missile Squadron68th Аrmy (Soviet Union)
690th Cyberspace Operations Group690th Network Support Group691st Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group
692d Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group6933d Electronic Security Squadron693d Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group
693d Radar Squadron
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